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Cost Comparison of StarOffice 9, 3.x and Microsoft Office 2007

January 14, 2010

According to a Sun white paper, a typical company with 1,000 desktops can save $885,000 over three years by migrating from Microsoft Office 2007 to StarOffice 9 or 3.x. Factors include:

  • Licensing. The cost of a StarOffice license is about 20% that of a Microsoft Office license. is free.
  • Maintenance. StarOffice and Microsoft Office are easier to maintain than The resulting 60% savings on maintenance makes up for the cost of licensing, so that the total costs for StarOffice and OpenOffice are about the same.
  • Training. The interface for Microsoft Office 2007 is very different from previous versions, so the training costs for upgrading are as high as those for migrating.
  • Support. Microsoft charges $14,499 for 30 hours of support. Sun's annual support subscription costs $13,840 and includes unlimited hours.
  • Document Conversion. For a company with 50,000 Microsoft Office documents, the cost of converting the documents to StarOffice or OpenOffice is less than $11,000.
  • Operating Systems. StarOffice and run equally well on multiple platforms, so companies can save money and improve reliability and security by replacing Windows with Solaris or Linux.

Sun's analysis was based on actual customer data. For example, Bristol City Council saved $1.9 million by migrating to StarOffice.

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