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  • February 3, 2004
  • By Staff
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. NET Tool/Add-in of the Year

With a new release, it is no surprise that the 2003 release of Visual Studio .NET won this category.

An honorable mention to Borland C#Builder is also deserved. Borland's release of C#Builder was the leading .NET Tool/Add-in after Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. Borland's C#Builder is a complete integrated development environment for doing .NET development.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 receives the Product of the Year 2003- .NET Tool/Add-in.

The .NET Tool/Add-in of the Year finalists were:

  • Borland C#Builder (top, non-Microsoft .NET Tool/Add-in)
  • ActiveState''s VisualXSLT
  • Crystal Decisions Crystal Reports 9
  • Dundas Chart for .NET
  • InstallShield DevStudio Version 9

Java Tool/Add-in of the Year

It was the NetBeans IDE that was chosen as the Java Tool or Add-in for this year. NetBeans began as a student project. It was purchased and further developed by Sun and then released to the Open Source community.

There have been over 1.8 million downloads since the June 2003 release of the 3.5 version. NetBeans IDE 3.5.1 was released in August of 2003. Sun is still a sponsor of NetBeans, which explains part of its popularity. The IDE's tie to the NetBeans Platform and the Sun Java Studio products. Today, NetBeans has a strong base of 100 partners and over 24,000 registered developers contributing to its development.

NetBeans IDE 3.5.1 receives the Product of the Year 2003- Java Tool/Add-in.

The Java Tool/Add-in of the Year finalists were:

  • BEA WebLogic
  • Borland Together ControlCenter
  • Compuware OptimalJ
  • Eclipse
  • ej-technologies Jprofiler
  • IBM WebSphere Application Developer
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Oracle9i JDeveloper
  • Parasoft Jtest 5.0

Open Source Tool of the Year

This was a new category for the Product of the Year. The winner of this category is a platform that has caught on big with Java developers. Eclipse is an Open Source platform originally funded by IBM to replace Visual Age for Java. Eclipse is now overseen by, which is currently comprised of 49 companies working together to growth the Eclipse platform. While IBM is still involved with Eclipse, the product is about to transition to an independence status.

The Eclipse platform uses the Plug-in Development Environment (PDE). It is this ability for the IDE and platform architecture to allow developers to employ plug-ins to extend the platform's capabilities that make it so popular. There are currently over six hundred plug-ins available to developers. As a rich development environment with such a multitude of plug-ins, it is not a surprise that it is the favorite of many developers.

Eclipse receives the Product of the Year 2003- Open Source Tool.

The Open Source Tool of the Year finalists were:

  • Apache Tomcat 4.1.2x
  • Hibernate
  • Mono Project
  • NetBeans IDE 3.5.1
  • PHP

In Conclusion

The staff at would like to thank all the readers for their nominations, feedback, votes, and other support. There are a number of great products available to developers. is proud to be able to continue to provide its readers with information on the products and technologies that are impacting developers. Following is a table summarizing the winner in each category.

Once again, congratulations to all of the finalists as well as to the winners.

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