June 29, 2015
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Developing Mobile Applications in .NET with Xamarin

Learn how to develop cross-platform applications with Xamarin and Visual Studio.

Top 10 C# 6.0 Language Features

Explore the new features coming with the release of C# 6.

Making Pull Requests in GitHub

Want to start contributing to the various open source projects on GitHub? Learn how to fork, clone, commit, push, and make pull requests.

Creating Your First GitHub Project

Even if you’re a complete beginner who doesn't have a GitHub account, you can learn how to create a GitHub repository, and make your very first commit.

How to Start Contributing to Open Source

Want to give back to the open source community, but unsure where to start? Learn how to make your first contribution to the world of open source.

Start Using Java Lambda Expressions

Constantin Marian Alin explores the power of Lambda expressions and streams, from simple to complex examples.

Asynchronous Programming in C#

Overcome the delay of synchronous programming with asynchronous execution, where multiple threads can continue to execute without waiting for an operation to complete. Tapas Pal shows you a simplified approach of asynchronous programming introduced in Visual Studio 2012.

Cartoon of the Week: Starting a Career in Game Development

Starting a career in video game development can sound great...

Building a Windows Phone 8.0 Lens Application

Microsoft has introduced the capability of allowing application developers to build their own camera applications, called Lens, in Windows Phone 8.0. This articles walks a Windows Phone application developer through the process of building a camera application that integrates directly with the built-in camera application.

Building Windows Phone Applications using Direct3D

With the release of Windows Phone 8.0, Microsoft introduced support for Direct3D, which is part of Microsoft’s DirectX application programming interface. Join Vipul Patel to learn more about the platform support for Direc3D in Windows Phone 8.

Adding an Auto-Upload Feature to Your Windows Phone 8 Application

Windows 8 lets you build the auto-upload feature into your mobile application. This article walks a Windows Phone 8 application developer through the steps to build the auto-upload feature into their Windows Phone 8 application.

How to Build a Navigation App for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 offers new APIs for maps and navigation. This article walks the user through the steps involved in building a navigation application for the Windows Phone 8 platform.

Understanding and Using the Wallet in Your Windows Phone 8 Application

Wallet, Windows Phone 8's new functionality lets you manage payment instruments, store coupons, credit and loyalty cards in a central place, and lets you link these items to Windows Phone 8 applications. Vipul Patel shows you how.

Exploring the Windows Azure Marketplace

Cloud developers are excited about the business opportunities the Microsoft Windows Azure platform presents. This article discusses the business opportunities Windows Azure offers to developers in the form of the Windows Azure Marketplace.

How to Debug Microsoft Windows Azure Applications

It is imperative that cloud developers using Windows Azure familiarize themselves with the practice of debugging applications which are not hosted in-premise. Learn about the debugging methodologies that can be used for cloud application debugging. 

Microsoft Windows Azure Development Primer: Getting the Tools Ready

Azure, the cloud computing platform from Microsoft, is garnering a lot of developer interest. To start developing Microsoft Windows Azure applications, you need to have a toolset ready. This article describes how to get the development tools you'll need to get started.

Deploying your Azure application to the Cloud

Visual Studio Development tools for the Microsoft Windows Azure platform provide an emulator to test our cloud application. Deploying the application to the cloud takes a few more steps. In this article, we learn how to deploy our Azure application to the Cloud.

Creating a Simple Windows Azure Application

To get on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing bandwagon, you need to understand how to develop applications targeting the platform. Discover how to create your first “Hello World” cloud application.

Android Is Closer to Windows Phone 7 Than Developers May Think

The differences between Android and Windows Phone 7 are mostly skin deep, so enterprising Android developers can port their current apps over to Windows Phone 7.

Take advantage of the Windows 7 TaskBar in your next project
Looking to enhance your applications support for new features in Windows 7? In this article we'll demonstrate several of the new features of the TaskBar and show you how to take advantage of them.

Improved COM Interoperability
Learn about the COM Interoperability improvements comingwith the next release of the .NET Framework and how theywill make your COM Interop such as Office applications mucheasier.

Using new location-aware data types in SQL Server 2008
Learn how leverage location based data using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 from C# applications and combine them with interactive maps.

Understanding and Benefiting from Code Contracts in .NET 4.0
One of the fundamental programming challenges is managing state. Chances are you have written dozens and dozens of methods that at the beginning check that certain conditions are met, and that another set of conditions is met when the method returns. With Code Contracts in .NET 4.0, you can make things considerably easier. Read on to learn how.

The Future of Managed Languages: C# and Visual Basic
In this installment of the .NET Nuts & Bolts column we'll be discussing three industry trends that are influencing the next releases of C# and Visual Basic.

Going Parallel with the Task Parallel Library and PLINQ
With more and more computers using a multi-core processor, the free lunch of increased clock speeds and the inherent performance gains are over. Software developers must instead make sure their applications take use of all the cores available in an efficient manner. New features in .NET 4.0 mean that managed code developers too can join the party.

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