February 13, 2016
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Going Parallel with the Task Parallel Library and PLINQ
With more and more computers using a multi-core processor, the free lunch of increased …

Introducing the Entity Framework
The Entity Framework provides a .NET class-based model of a data store, letting you query …

RESTing with the Microsoft REST Starter Kit
Tap the Starter Kit for your next REST Web Service.

Getting started with Apache NMS Framework and Apache ActiveMQ
Looking to incorporate ActiveMQ into your next project, but don't want to use …

Tip: Detecting Defects in C# Programs
You can use the System.Diagnostics Namespace to help find and eliminate defects in your C# …

Is There Anybody Out There? Which Ports on Your Computers Are Listening?
Determine which ports on a computer have an application listening.

.NET Tip: Are Your Computers Up and Running? Are You Sure?
Programmatically make sure all your computer systems are at least powered on and available …

Tapping Into Microsoft Live Services with C#
Microsoft offers developers a large selection of application programming interfaces. Using …

Silverlight - What Makes It Special
Silverlight has now been around for a while. In fact, the beta for Silverlight 3 has now …

Creating Flexible Constant Fields
Discover how to use constant fields without having to hard code the values into the class.

.NET Tip: Avoiding Boolean Overload
Reduce your boolean logic to keep you program readable.

Asynchronously Download Content In Silverlight 2
Downloading content on demand is a valuable runtime feature. Downloading application …

C# Tips and Tricks
Learn some tips and tricks with the C# 3.0 language features along with exploring some …

.NET Tip: Searching for a Needle in a Haystack, or an Entry in an Event Log
Simplify finding the entry you need from an event log.

Take the Pain out of Creating Word Documents by Using C# and XML
Learn how to create Word documents in your application without using Office Interop or …

Is Azure the New Silver Lining?
By now, you have heard of Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform. But, what …

Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) with Spring.Net
Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) allows developers to achieve greater modularity in their …

Adding Standard Deviation to LINQ
Learn how to implement a simple Standard Deviation function for LINQ (Language Integrated …

Accepting Input and Manipulating Data in ASP.NET MVC
ASP.NET MVC applications provide interesting possibilities to accept input and work with …

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