July 5, 2015
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Windows Mobile Development with MFC
Drill deeper into Mobile Development in C++ and go through the development and debugging of a Windows Mobile 6 application with a focus on MFC.

Visual C++ Smart Device Primer
Try a no-embedded-background-needed introduction into developing Windows Mobile applications in C++. With comprehensive support for smart device development in Visual C++ and great device emulation features in the Windows Mobile SDKs, mobile development is well within the reach of all Visual C++ developers.

Two Cool Things in C++00X: Object Initialization and Move Semantics
C++0X is coming and with it are new object initialization features and better control over struct/class member alignment.

Visual C++ Class Designer
The release of Visual Studio 2008 brings support for using the Visual Studio Class Designer with Visual C++ projects. Look at the differences in how the Class Designer works with C++ compared to purely managed languages, and learn about the range of functionality available to C++ developers.

Nominations for Developer.com Product of the Year Begin October 15
Help Developer.com choose the best of the best for the upcoming year.

Peeking Further into C++00X
A smorgasbord of new C++ features is coming in C++00X: constant-expression functions, predeclared identifiers, and simpler runtime type information tools are just a few of them on the way. Based on the newest report N2336 released in July 2007.

What's New in C++00X?
Frustrated by what C++ can do for you? Find out about how the new C++00X language standard will help you: TR1, delegating constructors, template aliasing, and strongly typed enums await! Based on the newest report N2336 released in July 2007.

Visual C++ Orcas Marshaling Library
The conversion between common native types and the equivalent .NET Framework type is a common programming activity for interoperability development in C++. Visual C++ Orcas introduces a light-weight, template-based library for performing this conversion. This article will look at both the use of this library and how it can be extended to add new conversions.

Handling Multiple Processors in Your Code Using RapidMind
By Ejaz Anwer Multicore processors bring new challenges. See a solution for gaining the ability to scale to the increasing number and types of processor cores.

Windows Cryptography API: Next Generation (CNG)
For long-term Visual C++ developers, the CryptoAPI will be a familiar part of your programming toolkit. If you're developing Windows Vista applications, though, you should be applying the new Windows Cryptography API: Next Generation.

Vista User Access Control and Visual C++
Windows Vista introduces a new security concept called User Access Control (UAC), where local administrators have two access tokens—one representing the privileges of a normal user and the other holding the elevated privileges of the local administrator account. Here, you will learn how to properly implement the UAC to provide a rich user experience.

Integrate Ink into Your Application with Windows Vista
Windows Vista brings tablet-style development to the mainstream by incorporating ink functionality directly into the core operating system. The greater availability of operating system support for ink is complemented by new Vista drivers from digitizer OEMs that provide the same functionality as a full TabletPC device, greatly increasing the potential client-base for ink enabled applications. See how an existing application can work with new forms of input without a major re-design.

Simplified Thread Synchronization in Windows Vista
Within the new threading and synchronization APIs that Microsoft added to the Windows SDK for Vista, condition variables dramatically simplify the semantics of lock acquisition and management.

Vista Improves Security Through Private Object Namespaces
Windows Vista allows you to define, secure, and use custom namespaces to prevent malicious applications from denying access to kernel object functionality.

Blitz++: Fast, Accurate Numerical Computing in C++
With Blitz++, you can turbo charge C++ so that you get advanced language features but lose its poor performance.

Simplified One-Time Initialization in Windows Vista
With the rapid increase in parallel computing, correct threading, and synchronization are vitally important to programmers building scalable, high-performance solutions. Explore the new one-time object initialization APIs in Vista from a C++ programmer's perspective.

Find Simplicity and Portability in PNGwriter Graphics Library
PNGwriter is an easy-to-use open source graphics library that uses PNG as its output format. Jump right in with a demo for creating a PNG programmatically.

Handling OS Shut Down in Windows Vista
The way Vista closes applications during operating system shut down has changed from prior Windows versions' approaches. Learn how to provide your users with appropriate notification from the Vista shut down screen.

Classic Parsing with Flex and Bison
Its ease of use combined with its low footprint and high degree of portability make Bison and Flex ideal for rapidly developing useful parsers for today's challenging translation applications.

Using the .NET Fusion API to Manipulate the GAC
Fusion is the code name for the .NET Framework sub-system responsible for locating and loading assemblies. It comes in handy for C++ developers who are working with the GAC.

Flex Your Lexical Analysis Muscles
The Flex lexical analyzer generator enables you to accurately act on and react to incoming character data streams in a way that is both predictable and debuggable.

Windows Template Library: Still Alive and Kicking
Find out what's become of the Windows Template Library (WTL) since Microsoft released it as an open-source project in 2004. Examine the recent WTL releases and see where WTL fits in the C++ programmer's toolkit.

TBarCodeDLL-Board the Barcode Bandwagon
Reap great benefits from barcode integration. The TBarCode DLL component is a barcoding solution you can use to print reports or stickers that will verify inventory when scanned.

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