April 23, 2014
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ASP & ASP.NET Section Index

Avoiding Annoying Mistakes in Your ASP.NET Web Applications
Learn to avoid subtle, yet common, web application design mistakes, and how to best solve them in your ASP.NET/C# web applications.

Lazy Loading the ASP.NET AJAX TabContainer Control
Learn how to avoid possible performance problems in your web applications when using the ASP.NET AJAX TabContainer by employing a technique known as lazy loading.

Client Application Services: Getting Started
Client Application Services simplifies the access to ASP.NET Application Services and thus helps in managing the user information, authentication, and authorization at a common place for both web and Windows Applications.

WebControls Versus WebParts in SharePoint
WebParts are an inheritance of WebControls with extra, enhanced features to ensure their usability in Web applications. See what they can do for you!

Using NHibernate as an ORM Solution for .NET
Try NHibernate as a great ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) solution to handle database persistence of business objects in a .NET application. With the code provided, you can walk through several examples of NHibernate in use.

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