April 16, 2014
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Building a Cloud Application with Data Access Using SQL Azure

Developers desiring to build cloud applications based on Azure technologies will benefit from understanding how they can leverage SQL Azure for their database needs. In this article, we will show you how to build a cloud application--with data access--using SQL Azure.

Using the ViewBox Control in Silverlight

The Viewbox control was introduced in Silverlight initially as a part of the Silverlight toolkit and now has been included with Silverlight 4.0. Read this article to learn about the Silverlight ViewBox control and how to use it in a Silverlight application.

Windows 8 Development Causes a Stir with Developers

Early previews of Windows 8 have caused quite the stir in the developer community. The uproar is mainly due to the emphasis on HTML5 and JavaScript as the “primary” way for building new applications for the Windows 8 platform. In this article we discuss Windows 8 and tell you what you can look forward to as a developer.

Understanding the SQL Azure Editions, Subscriptions Types and Pricing

Developers who are building applications for the Windows Azure platform would also be interested in the database offering, SQL Azure. This article provides an overview of the SQL Azure editions, various subscription types and pricing structure.

Introduction to SQL Azure

The cloud computing platform from Microsoft, called Azure, provides data storage and processing capabilities. This article provides an insight to SQL Azure.

Implementing AutoComplete Text Functionality in Silverlight

AutoComplete text functionality has become a popular part of application development. Read this article to learn about implementation of AutoComplete functionality in Silverlight using an AutoCompleteBox control.

How to Use MEF in Silverlight

In this article I will explain about the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) and demonstrate the its use in Silverlight. I will also provide the source code of a sample Silverlight application implementing the MEF concept.

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