July 24, 2014
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Six Features Key to Choosing a Data Validation Provider

Learn six of the most important features that a data validation service provider should offer.

Cartoon of the Week: Going Full Agile

In this week's cartoon by David Blazek, you visit Agile Valley where they are going full agile.

Cloudy with a Chance of .NET

If you're looking for a strategy to follow to cloud enlightenment; you're reading the right article. Developers are in a unique position to educate and to capitalize on cloud opportunities.

A Review of 3 Bug Capture Tools: Bonfire, qTrace, Snagit

There are several tools on the market that will capture detailed bug descriptions for QA departments and software developers. Kaushal Amin compares three of the best to see how they measure up.

Even Web Developers Need a Super Hero

Creating a website from scratch can be a daunting task for even the best of teams to accomplish on their own. This is where having a super hero comes into play.

Should Software Developers Discuss Religion at Work?

Tim Tebow isn't the only one who thinks Jesus helps him do better at his job. Is it okay for like-minded developers to proselytize in the workplace?

Explaining Cloud Computing to Your Pointy Haired Boss

Any day now your pointy-haired boss is going to ask you about this cloud stuff. Do you have a strategy? Can you even define it? Discover how easily it is to explain the cloud to your boss, and begin to start a longer discussion on all aspects of cloud computing.

Developer.com: Short Audience Survey

Complete this brief developer survey below to enable us to better satisfy your specific information needs.

Three Steps to Zen for the Overworked Developer

Any developer who survives a layoff usually faces a significant increase in workload. These three immediate steps can improve a developer's work situation after others are let go.

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