April 18, 2014
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A Project Management Office is More Powerful Than a Locomotive
Project success is often won or lost in the planning stages, that why having a project management office can be a boon to your success rate. Michelle LaBrosse will now extol the virtues of adding a PMO to your operation.

Performance Impact of Using Spring.NET Dependency Injection
Looking to start using Spring.NET to provide Dependency Injection in your next project? In this article I will show the performance impact of Spring.NET Dependency Injection and compare it to performing the same functions natively.

Performance Improvement: Bigger and Better
What do you do when a system or application performance problem just can't seem to be fixed?

Must-Have Business Rules for Today's Economy
Rules keep the business world moving forward so today we share Michelle LaBrosse's top ten rules for a successful business.

Performance Improvements: Caching
Caching can greatly improve performance but it can also lull you into a false sense of security. In some cases it can even make the performance worse. If you haven't already, then now is the time to learn the issues and limitations of caching so that you can truly improve performance.

Assembling "New" Service Based Solutions from Existing Services
This article demonstrates how an enterprise can improve time to market without sacrificing quality when offering new services: by leveraging investments made in existing services, incorporating best practices, and adopting a level of standardization.

Performance Improvement: Session State
Performance is critical to today's successful applications and web sites. If you design with an awareness of the session state management challenges you can always change your strategies to match your performance needs.

The Rules of the Project Management Game
How can you keep a project moving smoothly? Here are a guidelines for constructing rules to keep your projects moving forward.

A Two-Way Requirements Verification Process during Design Phase
This article will demonstrate a simple technique, "A Two-Way Requirements verification process", which reinforces the most critical connection point of any methodology: the transition between functional design or requirement sign off and the beginning of the technical design by the technical team.

Performance Improvement: Understanding
The results you get out of any performance prediction exercise are bound to be wrong. The goal is to make them as least wrong as possible. Rob Bogue will help you understand how to avoid getting them too wrong.

Getting Along Within a Team or on a Project
There are many factors which can contribute to conflicts: differing personalities, styles, and working long hours together can all add up to a blow up. If it’s your team who is at each other’s throats and you are the project manager; getting involved can be disastrous if you aren't careful!

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This
10 ways to use project management to survive and succeed even during adverse times.

Don't Forget About Software Licensing
Is your company developing software for sale or distribution? If yes, your company needs a sales policy and a flexible, commercially feasible licensing model.

Look Before You Leap and Other Crucial Steps in Project Planning
Before jumping into a project, it is worth taking a short bit of time to evaluate the deliverables expected in a project.

How a Portal Factory Simplifies Development
Does your organization have a variety of ways to develop and maintain customer, partner, and employee websites? Perhaps you should consider how a portal development factory can simplify development through an efficient and consistent set of people, processes, and platforms.

Using DMAIC Methodology to Enhance Information Portals
Discover how to enhance your website's revenue and traffic from an end-to-end perspective by applying DMAIC (Six Sigma) methodology to your website. Learn about the key metrics, fundamentals of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Ad Words, and how to increase your site traffic all in one place.

How Portal Standards Enable Reuse
As an IT professional, it is likely that you have heard portal buzz words including JSR 168 and WSRP. But if you are like many, you may not understand the differences or the benefits of these complementary portal standards.

Recovering from Disaster Through Project Management
When disaster strikes, don't leave home without Project Management. Explore seven Project Management rules to help you when you find yourself looking for a magic wand to turn disaster into recovery.

OP-ED: Software Development from Core to Cosmetics
Few projects end up having too much time. Successfully completing a project often depends on tackling core, significant, and risky aspects of any custom solution first—like the long hard march up hill—and finishing with the trim, or cosmetic work, last.

Why Agile Projects Fail
Agile methodologies can deliver more functionality and better quality in less time. When they don't, is it the process, the people, or the project?

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