July 3, 2015
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Lessons Learned: Effective Change Management, Part 1

Change Management is often ignored by development folks and left to the likes of Project Management. Learn One Thing to avoid that fatal mistake.

Three Questions to Answer When Reporting an Error

Instead of being a helpful experience, most error messages produce anxiety, confusion, and annoyance. Learn to create better error messages and make your users happier.

Where to Start with Using Microservices?

Microservices are small, highly decoupled and focus on doing a single task. They lend themselves well to Continuous Delivery.

Becoming a SharePoint Hero Has Never Been Easier

Experts share tips on solving SharePoint pain points to optimize digital performance and keep business-critical functions running smoothly.

From Data Models to Relational Design

Database design needn't be daunting. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to create a basic database.

The Impact of Choosing Non-Reactive Tools

In this article, you learn about the extra work and extra costs of choosing a non-reactive tool.

Lessons Learned: A Craftsman's Approach to Software Development

Software architect Bob Reselman shares unexpected lessons he's learned during the last three years he's dedicated to mastering the craft of lutherie: The rules for making a great musical instrument are amazingly similar to the rules for making great software.

Akka in Action: Let it Crash

Building a Fault-Tolerant Application with plain old objects and exception handling is quite a complex task. In this article, we’ll look at how actors in Akka simplify this task.

The API Field of Dreams: Build It [Correctly] and They Will Come

You want to build an API that will make people come BACK to it again and again. Collect all the necessary pieces to do that here.

How to "Platformize" Your Product: a Guide to Building APIs

Gain insight about product owners and how they can platformize their products by building great APIs.

Machine Learning Has Big Implications for Coders

Programs should strive to incorporate machine learning into their development efforts and start to realize the benefits and robustness that machine learning can bring to most any coding project.

Getting Familiarized with the Hadoop Distribution File System

Learn more about the Hadoop Distribution File System that's designed to adhere to a traditional distributed file system and the Google File system.

Five Tips for Advancing Your Development Career

Advancing your career is hard work. Learn more about career development and leverage these five tips for moving ahead in your career.

Top Five Best Practices for Writing Unit Test Scripts

Learn to implement the best practices to be remembered and followed when writing unit tests.

The Six Aspects of Continuous Delivery Maturity

Focus on and assess on an ongoing basis these six areas as your software production process evolves and your Continuous Delivery model matures.

Three Documents that Protect IT Startup Revenue

Don't overlook the importance of "getting it in writing" when contracting with clients.

Managing People with Different Professional Backgrounds

Managing a group of similar people is difficult, but managing people with disparate backgrounds is like herding cats.

Top 10 Best Practices for Code QA

Explore the best practices to use while writing code to improve code quality and developer productivity.

Validating Software Requirements

Discover how to ensure that your software requirements are right.

Eliciting Vision through Exercises and Games

It’s certainly possible to reach a vision or get requirements through a traditional interview-based approach however it’s neither as much fun, nor as effective, as leveraging exercises and games to accelerate the process.

Eliminate Costly User Experience Mistakes

Far too many web site design projects are plagued by continuous changes to mockups, or changes to the user experience after it’s already been implemented. These changes are both costly and unnecessary. Leveraging a staged approach to development of the user experience can reduce costs, frustrations, and time.

Setting Goals with Conflicting Stakeholders

Getting everyone to agree on goals is a challenging undertaking in any organization. Achieving shared understanding through the process of Dialogue Mapping leads to the opportunity to develop an approach to change the problem. Read on to learn more.

Three Types of Interview Questions Software Developers Should Expect

There are three categories of questions that all technical job applications should be prepared to answer. Read on to learn what they are.

Introduction to Software Development with the SCRUM Model

SCRUM is a lightweight product development framework developed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. Today most top companies follow the SCRUM model for their product development. Read on to learn more about SCRUM.

Six Features Key to Choosing a Data Validation Provider

Learn six of the most important features that a data validation service provider should offer.

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