July 5, 2015
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Explore Scripting in Java

Look into some nooks and corners and key aspects of scripting in Java in general.

Implement User Authentication in Ruby with Sinatra

Adding user authentication to your Ruby apps is simple with the Sinatra framework.

Meet DataMapper ORM, the Unified Ruby Interface for Data Stores

The DataMapper ORM library lets Ruby developers effortlessly plug into a wide variety of data stores. Get a demo of this powerful tool.

Building an Ajax-friendly REST API with Sinatra

Sinatra uses a compact syntax, allowing you to create succinct yet immediately understandable APIs in Ruby.

Rails 3.1 Nears Delivery

Rails 3.1 is now at the RC stage. What's new in the open source Ruby framework, and why should developers be excited?

Open Source Languages in 2010: Developer Year in Review

Open source language and tool development ramped up in 2010, a big year for Java and Ruby while PHP, Perl and Python also advanced.

Top 5 Rails Frameworks for Building Social Networks
These five Rails-based frameworks will help you get your social network built -- even with a modest budget and tight deadlines.

Mining Amazon.com Catalog Data with Ruby
The Ruby/AWS library lets you integrate Amazon's Product Advertising API -- an interface for mining Amazon's enormous product catalog -- into your Web applications.

Add Activity Feeds and Media to a Rails-based Social Network
Using Ruby on Rails and plugins, you can generate activity feeds and enable users to add photo and video media to a social network.

Test article: Rails 3

Rails 3: First Impressions from a Veteran Ruby on Rails Guy
Get a quick overview of the new features in Rails 3 from an experienced Ruby on Rails developer who just took the plunge.

Create User Profiles and Admin Panel on a Rails-based Social Networking Application
Learn how to implement user profile creation and an administrator panel for a Ruby on Rails-based social network.

Create User Profiles and Admin Panel to a Rails-based Social Networking Application
Learn how to implement user profile creation and an administrator panel for a Ruby on Rails-based social network.

Add Authentication and Facebook Connect to a Rails-based Social Networking Application
Learn how to set up authentication for signup, login and Facebook Connect on a Ruby on Rails-based social network.

Ruby 1.9.2 Boasts 'Production Ready' Update as Rails 3.0 Approaches
New version of the open source Ruby language release brings stability and features to the 1.9.x cycle. But is it a gem?

Generating Open Flash Charts from Rails Application Data
Use an Open Flash Charts plugin for Rails that uses JSON to convert values from a database into Flash objects.

Ruby on Rails 3 Release Candidate Coming Soon
RoR version 3 has some great features slated for your Ruby on Rails development, but when will it finally be released -- and why has it taken so long?

Automate Rails Application Deployment with Capistrano
When you're ready to deploy your Ruby on Rails application, Capistrano can make the process much easier.

Using Phusion Passenger to Deploy a Rails Application on Apache
Ready to deploy your Rails app? Learn how to set up Phusion Passenger, configure Apache Web Server, and deploy multiple Rails applications on Apache.

Apply Behavior Driven Development to Ruby on Rails with Rspec
Learn how to do apply Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to your Rails projects with the Ruby-based BDD framework RSpec.

A Rails Cloud Implementation Using CouchDB and Heroku
CouchDB is a schema-less data store built on top of HTTP and REST. Learn how to use it on the backend of a Heroku-deployed Rails app.

A Rails Cloud Implementation Using MongoDB and Heroku
Learn how to use the non-relational MongoDB datastore as the backend for your Heroku-deployed Rails application. More importantly, learn why you would choose it over the likes of PostgreSQL.

Take Rails to the Cloud: Deploying a Rails Application to Heroku
Learn how to use the Heroku cloud computing platform by following the development and deployment of a simple database-backed Rails application.

Testing Views and Integration in Ruby on Rails
Learn how to test views in a Rails application, as well as how to test how well the different parts of the application are integrated.

Parsing XML with Hpricot, a Gem of a Ruby Gem
Take heart XML-weary Ruby developers, Ruby's powerful Hpricot library can parse and manipulate XML with amazing flexibility and ease.

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