July 6, 2015
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Video: Testing Your Web Forms with Zend_Test and PHPUnit

Learn two easy ways to begin testing your Zend Framework forms using PHPUnit and the Zend_Test component.

Video: An Exploration of PHP's Object-Oriented Features

This video introduction to PHP's object-oriented features explores creating class hierarchies through inheritance, class abstraction, and managing arrays of objects.

Video: Getting Started with Object-Oriented PHP

This screencast introduces you to PHP's object-oriented syntax, showing you how to create and populate a class and how to work with object data.

9 More Experimental PHP Projects to Check Out

These nine cutting-edge PHP development projects bring the PHP language to everything from Android to Apple's Cocoa to Ruby.

Drupal 7 Updates Open Source CMS

Popular open source content management system Drupal gets a major boost after a long development cycle. Is it now ready for the enterprise?

PHP Command Line Scripting: Run Scripts from the Shell

Run PHP and Zend Framework scripts from the command line whenever you need to run scripts from the shell.

The New Features in PHP 5 Constructors and Destructors

The new OOP features in PHP 5 offer new features for constructors and destructors. Learn how to write almost any kind of constructor for your PHP 5 classes.

Open Source Languages in 2010: Developer Year in Review

Open source language and tool development ramped up in 2010, a big year for Java and Ruby while PHP, Perl and Python also advanced.

Doing Behavior Driven Development in PHP with Behat

Behat enables PHP developers to take advantage of behavior driven development (BDD) using the familiar PHP environment and syntax.

Top 10 Associative Array Tips for PHP

Here are 10 tips and tricks for effectively manipulating arrays within PHP applications.

PHP Caching Made Easy with Zend Framework Component

The Zend Framework's Zend_Cache component is an easy way to implement PHP caching, a sure site performance booster.

10 PEAR Packages for Every PHP Developer's Toolbox

The PHP Extension and Application Repository, or PEAR, is a treasure trove of high-quality PHP libraries. These 10 are particularly powerful.

Implement the Singleton Pattern in PHP Without Taking a Performance Hit

Design patterns in PHP can lead to performance issues if improperly implemented. Learn the right way to do it.

Top 10 PHP Productivity Tools for Testing and Debugging

Check out these 10 wide-ranging testing and debugging utilities that can make any PHP developer more productive.

PHP Filter Extension: Plug the User Input Security Hole

Validate and sanitize user input in PHP applications using the Filter extension, an official part of the PHP distribution as of the 5.2.0 release.

MVC Basics for the PHP Developer

Here's everything a PHP developer needs to know about MVC -- the Model-View-Controller pattern -- in the simplest possible way.

The Fantastic Four of PHP Debugging Techniques

These four powerful PHP debugging solutions are guaranteed to have an immediate impact on any PHP developer's productivity.

Zend Studio and Framework Updates Bring PHP to the Cloud

Zend Studio 8 and Framework 1.11 debut at ZendCon, as Zend aims to bring PHP development to the cloud and to mobile developers.

Video: Developing Custom Zend Framework View Helpers
Learn how to configure, create and execute a Zend Framework custom view helper within a Zend Framework application.

Zend Takes PHP Development to the Cloud
New efforts from the commercial PHP vendor will help developers to better build PHP apps for the cloud.

Vim for PHP Development: How to Get Started
Learns the Vim command sequences that can make writing and managing PHP scripts amazingly fast.

Ten Tips for Getting the Most from the Zend Framework
The Zend Framework can ease your PHP development, but mastering its nuances can take a while. These 10 productivity tips will save you some time.

Getting Started with Memcached Distributed Memory Caching
What exactly is Memcached? When and how should you use it? Get all the answers you need to begin using this powerful distributed memory caching system.

Quercus: Bring Java's Power to Your PHP Development (and Vice Versa)
With Quercus, PHP and Java developers can mix and match the respective capabilities of both languages.

Top 10 PHP Tools for Boosting Productivity
These 10 productivity-boosting PHP development tools will free you from menial, repetitive tasks, making you more efficient.

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