July 6, 2015
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Test Better, Deploy Faster with Laravel

Learn about more advanced features Laravel has to offer, such as application testing and deployment.

Develop Faster with the Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel is an increasingly popular PHP framework that can help you develop better, more sustainable code for a shorter amount of time. Read on to see what features it has to offer.

Migrating PHP Applications to Run on Windows Azure

Learn the basics of migrating PHP applications to Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure.

The State of PHP in 2014

PHP has come a long way from humble beginnings: it started out being a collection of tools and has risen to being a fully (almost) object oriented language. It has become the leading language on the web... Read on to learn more.

Implementing User Authentication in CodeIgniter

Voja Janjic shows you how to use CodeIgniter to set up user authentication for your website.

Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website in PHP

Learn how to create a mobile-friendly website, their advantages and how to apply them.

PHP Cloud Development on Red Hat's OpenShift PaaS

Learn how to build, test, deploy and run your PHP applications on the OpenShift cloud platform.

Lithium PHP Framework Now Fueled by Engine Yard

The PHP 5.3-based Lithium Framework lands financial and promotional backing from Rails platform provider Engine Yard.

My Automated PHP Scripts for Creating FTP Connections to a Remote Server

An explanation of my automated PHP scripts for creating a FTP connection to a remote server and streaming data back for processing.

5 Cool PHP Image Manipulation Tricks

Learn five cool PHP image manipulation tricks using the popular ImageMagick utility.

CodeIgniter: Create Your Own PHP Registration System

Step-by-step instructions for creating a registration and login process with the CodeIgniter PHP Web application framework.

Creating a Custom ACL in PHP

Utilizing an access control list in your PHP application can greatly increase security. Here's how it's done.

Using PHP and Java in the Same App with PHP/Java Bridge

Learn how to use PHP and Java in the same application, where Java behaves as a pure business logic component and PHP behaves as an interrogator component.

WordPress as CMS: Implement Custom Authentication

Need to customize your WordPress site's authentication but can't find a plugin? Learn how to implement custom authentication in WordPress.

Creating Neural Networks in PHP

Artificial intelligence is not just for C/C++ rockstars.  With PHP, you can implement neural networks in your Web applications.

PHP 5.4 and Zend Framework 2.0 Gearing up for Release

Beta releases of PHP 5.4 and Zend Framework 2.0 show developers what to expect in major updates set to debut in 2012.

Top 10 Free PHP Shopping Carts: Pros and Cons

There's no shortage of PHP shopping carts, but determining which one is right for your ecommerce project isn't easy. Here's a list of reviews for the 10 most popular.

Zend Server 5.5 Beta Advances PHP Automation

The dev release of Zend Server previews cloud automation capabilities for the PHP middleware server.

W3af Open Source App Vulnerability Testing Hits 1.0

Application vulnerability testing toolkit finally stabilizes with new PHP static analysis tools.

Zend Advances PHP Development for the Cloud

Zend partners with RightScale in new PHP development effort for the cloud.

Adobe Extends Flash Builder for Mobile and PHP

Adobe updates Flex and Flash Builder with new releases that enable developers to develop for multiple mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry and even iOS.

DooPHP: Lightweight PHP Framework, Powerful Tool

Learn how to leverage the DooPHP PHP framework to create a simple yet dynamic, database-integrated website.

FPDF: PDF Creation and Manipulation in PHP

FPDF provides PDF manipulation capabilities in PHP at open source prices. Find out how to use this single-class PHP enhancement.

10 Powerful PDT Tools, Tips and Tricks for PHP Developers

If you're a PHP Developer Tools (PDT) user, these 10 tips will make you a much more efficient PHP developer on Eclipse.

Managing Persistent Data with Doctrine 2 PHP ORM

The PHP object-relational mapper Doctrine 2 offers expansive capabilities for effectively managing data and relations.

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