July 4, 2015
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Programming the Perl DBI
Review the architecture of Perl DBI (The Perl Database Interface Module), what DBI provides to interact with databases, then cover simple tasks such as connecting and disconnecting from databases. Finally, we'll discuss the important topic of error handling and describe some of the DBI's utility methods and functions.

Perl: Debunking the Speed Myth
How does Perl really rate in terms of speed?

Perl: Strict, Warnings, and Taint
Acquire three common tools to help Perl programmers write clean and maintainable code: the strict pragma, the warnings pragma, and taint checking.

The PerlNET Project
Interested in integrating Perl into your .NET applications? Get details on the PerlNET Project here.

Wireless Applications to Lead Corporate Development in 2002
A new survey published by industry research firm Evans Data Corporation reveals that the corporate enterprise is uniformly embracing wireless technology.

OpenGL Game Programming
Interactive entertainment has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Computer games, which used to be considered children's toys, have now grown into a multibillion-dollar market.

Term of the Week: "Beta"
In this ongoing look at different terms in the development industry, I pick an easy one -- or is it?

Diary of a Developer: Send Me Your Questions
We launch an advice column for those trying to keep up with the shock of the new in Web software development. Our columnist offers to answer inquiries on the fundamentals of working with today's wealth of Web technologies. Take him up on his offer.

Kurt Seifried discusses security with a focus on CGI scripts. Does you site--or your ISP's--have CGI scripts that are a security risk?

XML and Scripting Languages
Piroz Mohseni looks at how some of the most popular scripting languages today work with XML.

Password Protection
Create real password protection with Perl.

Personal search engine
Learn how to create a personal search engine using Perl.

Use Perl to do math
Want to perform math using Perl? Follow a few simple rules to get the correct display.

Dates and Times
This primer is dedicated to setting up a date and time script using Perl.

Writing To Another Page
The next step in the Perl Primer is learning to make the script post user comments.

Branching Method
In this primer, we'll play with the PERL branching method.

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