June 30, 2015
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Komodo 7.0 IDE Syncs Up Development

Mozilla-powered IDE Komodo 7 gets new collaboration features and extends support to Node.js and LESS.

Perl 5.14 Improves IPv6, Unicode

Latest release of Perl open source language continues to expand features for developers.

Open Source Languages in 2010: Developer Year in Review

Open source language and tool development ramped up in 2010, a big year for Java and Ruby while PHP, Perl and Python also advanced.

Will the New Perl Development Kit Bring Developers to the New Perl?
Perl 5.12 has been out since April, and now new tools are coming to market to help developers make use of the open source language. Will it matter? Is anyone actually using Perl 5.12 yet?

Perl 5.12 Debuts as Open Source Language Progresses
Still waiting for Perl 6? It could be a while, but in the meantime developers are improving Perl 5 as the sturdy language remains popular in the enterprise.

GraphicsMagick: Image Processing Add-In as Easy as Abra Cadabra!
Need to create, update, or convert images programmatically? Look no further than GraphicsMagick for help for your C, C++, Perl, or .NET app.

Nominations for Developer.com Product of the Year Begin October 15
Help Developer.com choose the best of the best for the upcoming year.

Technology of the Year 2006
Technology is the fun stuff, especially when it is relatively new. See what our readers think is the hot technology going into 2006.

Building a Geocoding Web Service
Make a geocoding database available to the world through a Perl-driven web service. Then, to demonstrate the service, a PHP web services client talks to this Perl service to retrieve coordinates for a given mailing address, and then passes those coordinates to the Google Maps API to create the appropriate map.

Super Glue: Using Perl to Develop a Cheap Network Framework
Catch hackers, stop spyware, and be home by 5:00! Let Perl do the dirty work, and focus your time fixing problems rather than tracking down computers and users!

Shining a Light on LAMP
LAMP is the new industry buzz word, grandly promising to change the landscape of application development and improve economics in the enterprise. But what exactly is LAMP? Find out what it is, who uses it, and how it works.

Build Your Own Geocoding Solution with Geo::Coder::US
Create a database allowing you to pinpoint the vast majority of mailing addresses throughout the United States, opening up the possibility to create any number of spatial applications.

Retrieving Map Location Coordinates
Discover how to retrieve map coordinates using the geocoder.us Web services and PHP.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lines of Code...
A picture is worth a thousand words. The right picture could be worth much more. Use RRDtool (RoundRobinDatabasetool) to provide data visualization to process more data. Plus, it just looks cool..

Integrating Google Maps into Your Web Applications
Create applications that are as rich and responsive as any desktop-based application, but with the added advantage of accessibility via the ubiquitous web browser with the use of AJAX and the Google Maps API.

Automating Web-based Data Retrieval with Perl
Need a way to gather data without the help of Web Services? See how to automatically collect web-based data by utilizing page retrieval, authentication, and cookies using Perl.

Nominations for Developer.com Product of the Year Have Begun!
Here is your chance to help us determine which products should be called Developer.com Product of the Year 2005 in their respective category.

Programming Language Popularity: The TCP Index for September, 2004
Java loses the top spot! Which programming language is currently the most popular? We present the rankings according to the TIOBE Programming Community (TPC) Index.

Programming Language Popularity: The TCP Index for August, 2004
Which programming language is currently the most popular? We present the rankings according to the TIOBE Programming Community (TPC) Index.

Regular Expressions Primer
Understanding regular expressions through the eyes of the engine is the key to writing efficient regular expressions. See what it can do for you!

Thinking In Perl
Many people do not take advantage of the power behind Perl. Most instuctional Perl material only teaches enough to get an interested programmer informed enough to write shell or C programs in Perl. This new series will show you Perl's power, style, conventions, and it's unique constructs.

Developer.com Product of the Year 2003 Results
The votes have been counted. See what you chose as the Product of the Year 2003.

Searching Active Directory with Perl
Perl has long been heralded as the Swiss army knife of computer languages. Learn how to use the language to carve data out of Microsoft's Active Directory.

Perl 6 and the Parrot Project
Read about the origins of Perl 6 and the Parrot project.

Introduction to LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
If you are new to LDAP this piece will answer many of your key questions: What is LDAP? What are directory services? Who needs it? How is it used? Where do they fit in the grand scheme of things? Which ones exist? What is their relation to LDAP?

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