July 1, 2015
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Addressing Internal Apache Storm Buffers Overflowing

Learn the four options for addressing internal Apache Storm buffer overflow.

Introduction to Apiary: Overview of Apiary and How to Create APIs

With Apiary, the "design API first" approach can be implemented where the input/output parameters can be finalized and the mock up can be tested even before it is implemented.

Learn to Create Mobile Applications with Bootstrap and HTML 5

Bootstrap is a UI framework to develop responsive web designs. This article will help you learn to develop mobile friendly web applications with it.

Top 10 Best Practices for Building Responsive Web Apps

Learn about the best practices for responsive web design how to achieve a great-looking design through the use of variable style sheets.

Functional Programming - An insight

In functional programming there are no states, no variables, no for each loop, things are immutable, etc. Read on to get an essence of functional programming with the help of few F# source code samples.

IBM's Corelet Language: Programming Like the Human Brain

IBM is in the process of building out a computer language that enables programmers to build applications that work like the human brain.

7 Myths of COBOL Debunked

Analysts, programmers and reporters alike say that COBOL is old fashioned - lacks structure, compatibility and brevity. However, by debunking seven COBOL myths, it becomes apparent that COBOL will not become obsolete anytime soon.

The Clojure Tutorial for Clojure Newbies

You've heard the buzz about the Clojure programming language. Learn how to begin experimenting with this powerful Lisp dialect.

Using the New Python 3.2 Concurrent Programming Features

A new module in Python 3.2 simplifies thread and process submission, results handling, synchronization of execution and worker threads/process pooling.

Python 3.2 Improves Multithreading, Awaits 2.x Adopters

Python 3.2 is now available. Is it finally time to ditch Python 2.x?

Komodo 6 Brings HTML 5, CSS 3 to the IDE
Popular Web development IDE based on Mozilla Framework gets a major update with new Python 3, HTML5 and CSS 3 features.

Open Source R Language Shows Promise for Business Intelligence
Commercial vendors are realizing the potential that the R language has for facilitating big advances in analytics and business intelligence.

Does Python 2.7's Release Mean the End of the Line for Python 2.x?
The final Python 2.x release is now available, but does that mean developers need to jump to Python 3.x now?

Scala vs. F#, Round 2: Application Programming Features
How do Scala and F# compare when it comes to application development features such as frameworks, object orientation, and runtime properties?

Dynamic Open Source Languages Head to the Cloud
New study shows that dynamic language developers are increasingly looking to cloud-based deployments.

Groovy Code Notation: Like Java, Only Different
Find out what makes Groovy's code notation both similar to and distinct from Java at the same time.

Scala vs. F#: Comparing Functional Programming Features
Get a concise comparative review of the most essential functional programming features in F# and Scala.

Clojure's Approach to Polymorphism: Method Dispatch
The underlying mechanism that enables polymorphism in Clojure is method dispatch. Find out how it works.

Clojure: Immutability at the Language Level
At the heart of Clojure programming language is a powerful set of immutable, persistent collection types. Get a deep dive into a couple of them.

Ruby Development Gains Commercial Support on Java as New JRuby Version Looms
The JRuby language gets commercial support as a major new JRuby version approaches, promising easier integration of Ruby development and Java.

Managing User Accounts with the Zend Framework
The Zend_Auth component, part of the Zend Framework, provides a mechanism for authenticating users in your web apps. Jason Gilmore will show you how use this robust component to give users the ability to create their own accounts.

Setting Up Azure and Deploying Your First Application
Learn how to use Windows Azure to setup and deploy your first application hosted in the "cloud."

Connecting to IBM DB2 Database Source from Cognos 8
Discover the step-by-step instructions needed to connect to a DB2 database from Cognos.

The Best Continuous Integration Tools
Discover the practice of continuous integration and several of the most popular tools, including Apache's Continuum, Cruise Control (CC), and Hudson, which effectively implement this concept.

Text Transformation with MGrammar and the Oslo SDK
Learn to build a text DSL in MGrammar.

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