July 2, 2015
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Writing Excel Files with Apache POI HSSF
Learn how to create fully formatted Microsoft Excel workbooks at runtime. Just use Java with the help of the Apache POI projects' HSSF libraries.

Getting Functional with F#
Most mainstream programming languages are based on the paradigm called imperative programming, in which the programmer tells the computer the exact steps what to do. In contrast, there are multiple programming languages that are based on functional programming. Functional programming is making its way to the .NET world with the advent of the F# language. Discover what F# is and why it is useful.

Easy Concurrency with Stackless Python
Learn to write easy to understand concurrent programs with Stackless Python, an alternative version of Python that avoids the C call stack and simplifies writing concurrent code.

Introduction to the Next Generation of Source Control
Source Configuration Management (SCM) is an essential part in the Application Development lifecycle. Learn about a next-generation source management tool—Synergy CM.

Adobe's Emerging Rich Media Ecosystem, Part 1: Developing Social Media Applications
Discover a rich media ecosystem wherein connected participants can form communities of individuals that interact with each other for a variety of purposes.

Building a Photo Gallery with Python and WSGI
Python's Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) provides a standard interface for Python web applications to communicate with web servers. Find out how WSGI works by building a photo gallery application that can run in any WSGI enabled web server, including FastCGI, scgi, AJP, and Apache.

Creating Excel Files with Python and Django
Dumping data to Excel through a web interface saves everyone a lot of time. Find out how to do this quickly with Python and the Django web framework.

Nominations for Developer.com Product of the Year Begin October 15
Help Developer.com choose the best of the best for the upcoming year.

SQLite: The Sensible Database Solution
Take a look at SQLite, a fully featured relational database which, at just 250KB, is by itself able to easily fit on a floppy disk yet capable of managing terabyte-sized databases. You also will see how it works with PHP.

Build Multi-lingual Websites With the Zend Framework
Would you like to broaden your site's exposure beyond an English speaking audience? See how the Zend framework can help you easily complete that task.

Creating PowerShell Cmdlets in VB 2005
Windows PowerShell not only offers a powerful shell and scripting language, but also an easily extensible interface. Here, you will learn that it is relatively simple to extend the shell and language by creating custom cmdlets.

An Introduction To PowerShell
Windows PowerShell replaces the outdated batch files and Windows Scripting Host with a brand new object-oriented shell and scripting language. Learn how to retrieve directory and filenames from a specific drive.

REXML: Proccessing XML in Ruby
Take a look at the REXML library and see how you can use it to process XML within your Ruby or Rails application. REXML makes adding XML support to your application a breeze, with a quick learning curve.

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