February 8, 2016
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Managing User Accounts with the Zend Framework
The Zend_Auth component, part of the Zend Framework, provides a mechanism for …

Setting Up Azure and Deploying Your First Application
Learn how to use Windows Azure to setup and deploy your first application hosted in the …

Connecting to IBM DB2 Database Source from Cognos 8
Discover the step-by-step instructions needed to connect to a DB2 database from Cognos.

The Best Continuous Integration Tools
Discover the practice of continuous integration and several of the most popular tools, …

Text Transformation with MGrammar and the Oslo SDK
Learn to build a text DSL in MGrammar.

Writing Excel Files with Apache POI HSSF
Learn how to create fully formatted Microsoft Excel workbooks at runtime. Just use Java …

Getting Functional with F#
Most mainstream programming languages are based on the paradigm called imperative …

Easy Concurrency with Stackless Python
Learn to write easy to understand concurrent programs with Stackless Python, an …

Introduction to the Next Generation of Source Control
Source Configuration Management (SCM) is an essential part in the Application Development …

Adobe's Emerging Rich Media Ecosystem, Part 1: Developing Social Media Applications
Discover a rich media ecosystem wherein connected participants can form communities of …

Building a Photo Gallery with Python and WSGI
Python's Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) provides a standard interface for Python web …

Creating Excel Files with Python and Django
Dumping data to Excel through a web interface saves everyone a lot of time. Find out how …

Nominations for Developer.com Product of the Year Begin October 15
Help Developer.com choose the best of the best for the upcoming year.

SQLite: The Sensible Database Solution
Take a look at SQLite, a fully featured relational database which, at just 250KB, is by …

Build Multi-lingual Websites With the Zend Framework
Would you like to broaden your site's exposure beyond an English speaking audience? See …

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