September 2, 2014
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JavaScript/Jscript Section Index

Top 10 JavaScript Solutions for Converting Dull Data Sets into Slick Charts
These 10 powerful JavaScript-based solutions can transform your boring data sets into colorful, interactive charts.

Creating a Cloud Client with Adobe AIR, JavaScript, and Google Health
Learn how to develop a simple AIR/JavaScript client that communicates with Google's cloud-based solution for personal health information management, Google Health.

JavaScript Security
See how you can tighten security gaps using JavaScript and practices such as the Same Origin Policy, Data Tainting, and Signed Scripts.

Implementing AJAX Components in the JWL Framework
Learn how to implement all types of JWL AJAX Components into your projects. (JWL is IBM's JavaScript-based Widget Library.)

Fun with Auto-Complete Widgets
Have you ever wanted to implement auto-suggest text fields? Take a look at the new Ajax-based web widgets to auto-complete user queries.

10 Cool Things You Can Do with JavaScript and YUI
The Yahoo user interface (YUI) library allows you to easily develop cool web tricks with less code. Discover how you can create a faux lightbox, create transition effects on page elements, add widgets to your pages, and easily make AJAX requests using a single JavaScript library set.

Web 2.0 Effects and Rich Client Applications
Learn about new Web 2.0 effects and the technologies behind them. Follow the evolution of the Web UI effects and Rich Client Applications and see how to implement the latest Glass Shadow Web 2.0 effect.

Nominations for Product of the Year Begin October 15
Help choose the best of the best for the upcoming year.

A Better Fixed GridView Header for ASP.NET
Learn how object-based JavaScript can be used to clone and fix the position of a grid header, handling runtime changes in the associated grid's appearance.

Introducing the Google AJAX APIs
Get the scoop on Google's powerful JavaScript AJAX APIs, AJAX Search, and AJAX Feed. Learn how to easily embed rich Internet search and Feed content gathered by Google into your Web pages with just a few lines of JavaScript.

Talking Web Clients with JavaScript and the Speech API
See how to make your web clients read or play content to its users. You will experiment with JavaScript from the command line, learn a JavaScript debugging technique that might be useful, and see how to load the Speech API and ask it to read the ALT (text) attribute of HTML controls.

Implementing Dynamic Scroll with Ajax, JavaScript, and XML
Implement an Ajax-enabled scrollable table, in which rows are dynamically fetched from the server, as the user scrolls, without the whole page refreshing. This technique is unique and very convenient for implementing pages with a lot of dynamic content in a readable form; for instance, a live news feed.

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