July 4, 2015
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Leverage a JavaFX Application with Nashorn Script

Explore the simplicity of integration between two very different types of languages, especially from the point of view of a JavaFX application.

Explore Scripting in Java

Look into some nooks and corners and key aspects of scripting in Java in general.

RESTful Services - Best Practices on Consuming APIs

In this article, author Vipul Patel walks the readers through the best practices for consuming RESTful services.

Comparison Study of MongoDB, DocumentDB, & HD Insights

Study a comparison of three popular database options.

Building Microservices with Open Source Technologies

Learn how building a microservice helps remove the friction from product development and enable the speed and availability of new features.

Top 7 Open-Source JSON-Binding Providers Available Today

Learn how to convert Java objects to JSON format, save it to a file, and then convert it back to an object.

Using LinkedIn JavaScript API for User Authentication and Profile Retrieval

Learn how to ingrate LinkedIn authentication with your own website using the LinkedIn JavaScript API.

Overview of KnockoutJS

Learn how to use KnockoutJS, a standalone client-side JavaScript library that provides two-way data binding and promotes the MVVM pattern.

Working with Facebook SDK for JavaScript

Bipin Joshi shows you how to implement Facebook authentication, how to retrieve a user's details, and how to post on the user's wall.

Overview of AngularJS

AngularJS provides some of the pieces to build rich 'desktop like' applications that are missing from HTML. Dan Rigsby explains how it works.

Creating a Slide Show Using the History API and jQuery

Learn how to programmatically change the URL shown in a browser's address bar using History API.

7 Things You Need To Know About Web Workers

Web Workers allow you to run JavaScript code in the background without blocking the web page user interface. Learn the seven key aspects of web workers that you need to know if you decide to use them in your applications.

Learn to Test Your JavaScript Using QUnit

QUnit was originally used for unit testing jQuery, jQuery UI and other jQuery libraries but now it has been transformed into a unit testing framework for all JavaScript codes. Read on to learn more.

Dealing with JSON Dates in ASP.NET MVC

Learn how dates are serialized in the JSON format by ASP.NET MVC action methods and how to deal with them in your client side jQuery code.

Say Cheese! Take and Upload Pictures in Chrome 21

Learn how to take a picture and upload it to your ASP.NET web site using the exciting new getUserMedia() capabilities in Google Chrome!

Node.js vs. Opa: Web Framework Showdown

Node.js is an inventive JavaScript framework, but Opa has a lot to offer if you're willing to learn a new language.

Build Express.js Web Applications Faster with Jade and Stylus

Jade templating engine and Stylus CSS preprocessor are HTML and CSS done right, particularly for Web developers who prefer a somewhat more structured environment.

Top 8 JavaScript Projects You May Not Know

Incredible innovation and experimentation is happening in the JavaScript space. These eight cutting-edge JavaScript experiments are changing the language in profound ways.

Introducing JavaScript Templating with Handlebars.js

The JavaScript-based Handlebars.js template engine can deftly inject data stored in a JavaScript object into a template.

Testing JavaScript Code with Jasmine

Need an automated solution for running your JavaScript tests? Meet Jasmine.

Top 10 JavaScript Libraries, Frameworks and Tools for Web Developers

These 10 open source JavaScript projects vastly increase the language's capabilities while minimizing the pain of implementing complicated Web application features.

Charting Amazon Sales Ranks with the Grafico

The Grafico JavaScript charting library offers an incredibly easy way to create visually appealing charts. This tutorial shows you how to get started using this powerful solution.

Top 7 JavaScript Tools for Web Game Programming

Interested in building Web-based games? Check out these seven useful resources guaranteed to help you get started.

Object-Oriented JavaScript Demystified

Learn how to use JavaScript's prototype-based approach to object-orientation to create classes, methods and properties.

CoffeeScript: Create Optimized JavaScript Code Without Touching JavaScript

With CoffeeScript, Web developers can write programs that compile into succinct and highly optimized JavaScript.

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