August 28, 2014
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DHTML Section Index

So, You Want A Calendar, Huh?
Learn how to use Table commands to create a calendar to place on your page.

So, You Want A Color Code, Huh?
Learn how to change the color of text, links, and visited links.

So, You Want A Web Ring, Huh?
Learn how to make your own web ring or attach to one that's already on line.

So, You Want An Image Starting Your Form, Huh?
Instead of using the dull gray submit button, why not use a colorful image to submit your form data? Here's how.

So, You Want Colored Table Borders, Huh?
Give your tables a lift with colored borders.

So, You Want LowSrc, Huh?
Create a low-resolution image to appear until your high-resolution image loads up

So, You Want Some Color In Your Tables, Huh?
Use this tutorial to change the background color of your Netscape-based tables. You can create some really awful color combinations, let me tell you....

So, You Want Some Frames, Huh?
This is a basic introduction to frames covering the commands and what they do to the browser screen.

Style Sheets and Attributes
Check CSS commands and attributes

What With What?
The purpose of this series of charts is to give you the ability to check HTML flags, CSS commands, and Script formats against different versions of different browsers. In short, what works with what?

What With What? What About Opera?
Check Opera HTML Commands

So, You Want A Client-Side Image Map, Huh?
This map works through placing coordinates on the HTML page. Viewers must have a higher level browser to see it work.

So You Want A Dynamic Page, Huh?
Create dynamic, changeable pages with meta commands.

So, You Want An HTML Declaration, Huh?
Learn all about the use of HTML declaration statements and whether you need one or not.

So, You Want Newspaper Columns, Huh?
Make newspaper-like columns on your page.

So, You Want A Meta Command, Huh?
Meta commands don't add anything visually to your page, but they help a great deal when you submit your pages to search engines. Basically, the commands make you very easy to find.

HTML 4.0: Frames
How does HTML 4.0 affect frame creation? Here's how!

So, You Don't Want An Image Hand, Huh?
This teaches you how to create an image link that does not produce a hand image when the cursor passes over it. I don't know why you'd use it, but why not tell you about it?

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