September 1, 2014
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DHTML Section Index

So, You Want Info On... CSS and Backgrounds, Huh?
Colors, images, full and partial page backgrounds, background-repeat, and the watermark -- all here!

So, You Want Info On CSS and Lists, Huh?
Add some style to your lists!

Color Changing Button Flips
Get a button to change colors like the text link above! Here's how.

Color Changing Links Flips
Pass a mouse over a link and it changes colors! Here's how to do it.

DHTML Example #8-- Toggling with Netscape
Make a division appear and disappear at will! It's a great effect.

Make a division appear and disappear at will! It's a great effect. Separate pages for MSIE and Netscape.

Moving Note Cards
These note cards move back to front when you click on the tabs. It's a great way to supply your viewers with multiple levels of information!

Folder Trees
Create a folder tree and allow your viewers to open and close links in a frames format.

Power Point Transistions
So, You Want Transitions, Huh?

So, You Don't Want Links Underlined, Huh?
Want to lose the underline on your links? Here's how.

A Video Game
Here's a video game where it's you against a UFO...

In style: Cascading Style Sheets
You've probably heard a lot about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) lately and even if you haven't, there's a good chance you've been using numerous Web sites that make use of this new technology. Here you'll find a step-by-step guide to CSS, and how you can u

Non-Dithering Colors
Non-dithering colors are the colors that always look smooth, without the appearance of dots. Here we present a chart of all 216 non-dithering colors.

A Quick Color Explanation
This tutorial is a brief introduction to color theory and hexadecimal color codes

Cascading Style Sheet Property Reference
Use cascading style sheets to enhance your web pages.

So You Want to Add Your Page to Favorites, Huh?
Create buttons and links so viewers can bookmark your page with one click!

So, You Want to Get Them All the Same, Huh?
Cross-Platform Tips for HTML Artists

Making behaviors work for you
If there's one thing almost all content sites want, it's for the Web coders to do their work once and then vanish, leaving behind a site which is easily maintainable by non-technical people.

Introduction to IE5 DHTML Behaviors
Dynamic HTML behaviors are an exciting addition to Internet Explorer 5. Behaviors are an outgrowth of scriptlets from Internet Explorer 4. Both are an attempt to separate scripting code from HTML.

HTML 4.0: New Commands
Here's a summary of the new commands for HTML 4.0.

HTML 4.0: New Subcommands
Here's a summary of the new subcommands for HTML 4.0.

HTML Quick Reference V 1.2
Here's a full list of all HTML tags and commands.

So You Want A Transparent Image, Huh?
Create an transparent image that blends perfectly with your background.

So, You Don't Want .html, Huh?
Learn to use directories to eliminate the .html suffix.

So, You Want A 404 Error Page, Huh?
Impress those who can't find what they want on your pages.

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