August 30, 2014
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Silverlight - What Makes It Special
Silverlight has now been around for a while. In fact, the beta for Silverlight 3 has now been released. Get the answers to common questions being asked by Users, business people, and Developers in regard to why Silverlight is important.

Web 2.0 Effects and Rich Client Applications
Learn about new Web 2.0 effects and the technologies behind them. Follow the evolution of the Web UI effects and Rich Client Applications and see how to implement the latest Glass Shadow Web 2.0 effect.

Nominations for Product of the Year Begin October 15
Help choose the best of the best for the upcoming year.

The Twelve Days of AJAX
AJAX has been jingling all over the place over the last year or so. Vlad takes a look at twelve AJAX frameworks that might be worth more than a day of your time. Product of the Year 2003 Results
The votes have been counted. See what you chose as the Product of the Year 2003.

IBM Delivers New WebSphere Studio Tools
Company offers Eclipse-based tools for Linux and Web services, as well as plug-ins for wireless, portal, and voice.

Web Services: The Next Revolution
There have been two events that have impacted software development more than anything else. The first was the release of the PC. The second was the graphical user interface (GUI). Are Web Service the next great revolution?

JavaScripts: Prevent a User from Entering Non-numeric Characters
This Javascript function prevents a user from being able to enter non-numeric data into a text field in an HTML form.

CSS and the Scrollbar
Jazz up your scrollbar with a few CSS color commands.

Font Properties
Cascading Style Sheet Property Reference

So You Want ME As Your Homepage, Huh?
With the click of a button, anyone can make your home page their startup page.

So You Want to Move A Layer, Huh?
Use JavaScript to get a Layer to scroll across, or onto, your screen. It picks up where Layers Part II leaves off.

So, You Don't Want Clicks, Huh?
It won't stop clever criminals, but by stopping a user's right click you have a better chance keeping your images. Learn how to disable a user's right or left mouse button or to disable the mouse altogether!

So, You Want A Menu, Huh?
If you've ever had trouble writing code for frames, like I do, then this is the script for you.

So, You Want to Layer, Huh?
Here's the basic introduction to layering images (NN 4.0+ required).

So, You Want to Layer, Huh? Part II
Add motion to those layered images (NN 4.0+ required)!

What exactly is this thing and how can you use it?

So, You Want DHTML, Huh?
Dynamic HTML is a combination of Style Sheets, Layering, JavaScripts, Divisions, and Positioning that creates movement and interactivity. Get ready for the future!

Background Properties
Cascading Style Sheet Property Reference

Box Properties
Cascading Style Sheet Property Reference

Classification Properties
Cascading Style Sheet Property Reference

Text Properties
Cascading Style Sheet Property Reference

So, You Want CSS Classes and IDs, Huh?
The down-and-dirty use of Style Sheets to set up text style classes. It's fast and it works.

So, You Want CSS Commands With Forms, Huh?
Put all the commands together and you can create some pretty great forms in MSIE.

So, You Want Info On CSS and Borders, Huh?
If you can put it on your HTML page, you can get any type of border around it!

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