July 2, 2015
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Elasticsearch: Analyzing Text with the Analyze API

Using the analyze API to test an analysis process can be extremely helpful when tracking down how information is being stored in your Elasticsearch indices. Learn how to do this.

M2M: “We Cannot Stop the Rise of Machines”

We are soon going to have a social networking of devices with M2M communication protocols and the Cloud is going to enable this huge setup. Read on to learn more.

Working with Facebook SDK for JavaScript

Bipin Joshi shows you how to implement Facebook authentication, how to retrieve a user's details, and how to post on the user's wall.

7 Things You Should Know About the Geolocation API

Discover seven key things you should know about the Geolocation API in order to use it in your web applications.

Understanding the Proper Way to Lay Out a Page with HTML5

Learn how to lay out a web page using HTML5 semantic markup.

Six Tips for More Responsive Cordova Apps

Learn how you can speed up your Apache Cordova based HTML apps with these six quick tips!Learn how you can speed up your Apache Cordova based HTML apps with these six quick tips!

Getting Started Building with Intel XDK New

The Intel XDK New is quickly becoming a very popular option to create HTML5 installed apps on mobile using Apache Cordova. David Talbot shows you how easy it is to get started.

5 HTML5 Features Every Developer Should Know How to Use

As HTML5 becomes more and more common, it is important for web developers to know the main features and how to use them.

Stop Innovating UX!

When it comes to building highly usable web apps, it's time to put on the brakes and stop innovating!

HTML5 Security: Learn More about Two of Many New Attacks

HTML5 brings new opportunities – for developers and for attackers. Carsten Eilers explores two examples of how an attacker could abuse HTML5 and how you as a developer could prevent this (or not).

Why I Love WebSockets

Methods of communicating over the Web have evolved. HTTP is synchronous--the client sends a request and waits until the server responds. WebSockets are made for asynchronous communications letting you send information quickly and easily without the HTTP overhead.

Designing for Universal Portability

Chrome Packaged Apps are the perfect place to start building your app to be installed on every kind of device from Chromebooks, to Android, to iOS and more!

Using the File API Outside the Sandbox in Chrome Packaged Apps

Sure you know how to read and write files in the sandbox using a standard file API. Learn how to step outside the sandbox and work with files anywhere on the disk!

Synchronized Storage Between Multiple Computers with Chrome Sync

Share data between instances of your Chrome packaged App on multiple computers using the chrome.storage.sync api.

Toast Notifications in Chrome Packaged Apps

Learn how to grab your user's attention by adding "Toast" style notifications to your Chrome Packaged Apps!

Let's Get Dangerous: Security and Sandboxing in Chrome Packaged Apps

Chrome Packaged Apps allow you to access secure APIs that other apps can only dream of, but with that phenomenal cosmic power comes constraints. Learn how to step into the sandbox to safely get some of that power back!

Your First Chrome Packaged App

Get started in minutes creating Chrome Packaged Apps that can be installed on Chromebooks and desktop computers from the Chrome Web Store!

Chrome Packaged Apps : What are They and How can I Get on the Train?

Chromebooks are popping up everywhere! Learn how to create Chrome Packaged Apps that can be installed on the Chromium operating system and in Chrome desktop browsers.

Top 10 Things to Know about TypeScript

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that provides typed nature to your code. TypeScript can be used for cross-browser development and is an open source project. Bipin Joshi shares a quick overview of the top 10 features of this new scripting language.

Reading and Writing Files in Chrome Installed Applications

Chrome installed applications give you the ability to load and save files from anywhere on the user's disk. Unlock these new capabilities using the chrome.fileSystem API!

Now Hear This! Notifications in Chrome Installed Applications

Add pop up "Toast" notifications to your Chrome app in minutes! David Talbot shows you how.

From Web to App: Your First Chrome Installed App

David Talbot shows you how to get started in minutes creating powerful offline capable web apps that reach a huge audience on the Chrome Web Store.

Integrating HTML5 Geolocation API with Bing Maps

Geolocation API allows you to build location aware web applications that adjust themselves in some way so that the user is presented with data based on his geographical location. Bipin Joshi shows you how to use the Geolocation API to display the user's location on Bing maps.

Get To Work! Multi-Threaded Magic With Web Workers

Web applications performing heavy processing in-browser typically either prompts a script warning or causes the user interface to become sluggish. Those days are behind you thanks to the heavy multi-threaded lifting in web workers!

May I Suggest? Using HTML5 DataLists

Pick one item from a drop down list or type in a textbox? Until now you had to either pick one of these options or roll your own widget to achieve this behavior. The HTML5 DataList widget allows your users an elegant way to pick from a list of options or type their own.

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