July 2, 2015
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Using HTML5 Drag and Drop in ASP.NET

HTML5 comes with inbuilt support for drag and drop, allowing developers to use these features to drag one HTML element and drop it onto another. Learn how to use HTML5 drag and drop features in creating an ASP.NET website.

Top 7 Features of HTML5

HTML5 supports new features required by modern websites. Arun Karthic lists his top 7 favorites, and did we mention they are backwards compatible?

Creating a Complete Web Page With HTML5

In this article we shall make a web page using the features of HTML5 and CSS. It is assumed that reader is more or less conversant with CSS in general and HTML tags in particular. You do not have to be a professional but you should at least have an idea of what goes where.

HTML5 and Video Players: A Comparative Analysis

A comparative analysis of - HTML5 native player, VideoJS and Flash on performance, features, advantages and disadvantages for the developer.

Facebook App Development 101: The Facebook Platform

The Facebook platform hosts over 550,000 apps and nearly any developer can create a Facebook app and deploy it for free. Learn all about the platform that makes this possible.

Shopify for Simplified E-Commerce Web Projects

Shopify, a hosted e-commerce application, greatly simplifies creating and launching an online store that integrates into a business' existing infrastructure.

Zen Coding and the Art of Rapid HTML Authoring
The powerful new Zen Coding IDE plugin allows developers to write HTML with blazing speed.

A Degree Program Can Take a Developer's Career to the Next Level
Get the facts you need to make the type of educational and career-related decisions that could take you to the next level.

ActiveState Debuts Support for Python, Perl, Tcl
Need support for dynamic languages? You don't have to rely on just the community.

Anatomy of a Google Go Program
Get an introduction to a concurrent, file-processing program written in Google's Go language.

On Programmer Laziness & Anonymous Types
Programmers should look for the lazy way to solve a problem. Laziness is an unquantifiable myth.

Forms Processing with the Zend Framework
Processing user-supplied form data can be fraught with errors. Not so with the Zend Framework! This tutorial shows you how to use the Zend Framework's Zend_Validate component to easily and conveniently validate complex form data.

Agile, a Different Methodology
If you wonder why you are hearing so much about the chaotic Agile methods lately, this is the article for you. We'll show you how to put the Agile method to work for you.

Improved COM Interoperability
Learn about the COM Interoperability improvements comingwith the next release of the .NET Framework and how theywill make your COM Interop such as Office applications mucheasier.

Build your own MVC Framework: Getting your Framework Up And Running
In the last part of Marc's series we put all the pieces together and write a simple Hello World Application.

Real World REST Using Jersey, AJAX and JSON
In this article Bob Reselman gives us a brief overview of REST, and explains the basic operational concepts behind Jersey.

Build your own MVC Framework: Making Headway
Marc Plotz takes us further into his custom, lightweight MVC Framework.

Catch Errors at Compile Time with Java Generics
Using generics in your Java development can help you detect issues during compile time rather than being confronted by them at run time.

Performance Improvement: Understanding
The results you get out of any performance prediction exercise are bound to be wrong. The goal is to make them as least wrong as possible. Rob Bogue will help you understand how to avoid getting them too wrong.

Hardware's Dirty Little Secret, or Why Software Can be Mass Produced
OP-ED: Unlike the Illuminati, the IEEE exists, and they have a secret. This secret helps them turn out shiny MP3 players, phones, and computers with processing power than we programmers can figure out how to use. This is how they do it. When will developers learn the same truths?

On the Road with the Google Maps API
Create sophisticated route finding features using the Google Maps API's powerful GDirections class!

Iteration or Recursion?
Did you ever get stuck having to choose between a recursive or iterative implementation? Get the answers to whether one is better than the other or whether it really matter?

Charting Your Course Using the Google Maps API
Create compelling location-based web sites by providing users with the ability to calculate distances between points on a Google Map!

Creating RSS Feeds with the Zend Framework for Fun and Profit
Build RSS feeds with the Zend Framework and profit from their publication using Google AdSense for Feeds!

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