June 30, 2015
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Leverage a JavaFX Application with Nashorn Script

Explore the simplicity of integration between two very different types of languages, especially from the point of view of a JavaFX application.

Adding Map Markers and Handling Marker Events in Android Apps

Map markers make it easy to identify a location on a map. In this article, we will learn how to add map markers on Google Maps programmatically.

JavaFX 2 vs. HTML5: Media Support for RIA

How do the JavaFX 2.x media assets compare with the equivalent assets in HTML5?

5 Java Upload Applets for Your Web Applications

Get a Web developer's feature review of five leading Java file upload solutions.

Integrate ObjectDB into Your JPA-based Java Web App

Learn how to integrate ObjectDB into a Java Web application built with NetBeans.

Animation in JavaFX vs. Flash

JavaFX offers powerful animation capabilities for programmers, but lacks the advanced capabilities that Flash offers animators.

WaveMaker Review: Java RAD Tool for Web Applications

The RAD tool WaveMaker, now owned by SpringSource, helps non-programmers quickly develop Java-based Web applications.

Spring 3.0 Support for RESTful Web Services

Spring 3.0 provides Java annotations and classes for creating simple REST-based Web services.

Use the Spring 3 Formatter SPI for Custom Formatting

The Spring 3 Formatter SPI enables you to build custom formatting capabilities and annotations.

Integrating Advanced Spring Framework Features with Magnolia CMS

Learn how to integrate advanced Spring Framework features such dialogs and the form tag library with the Magnolia CMS.

Spring Framework and Magnolia CMS: Creating Complex Java-based Websites

Magnolia's Blossom module makes it easy to integrate advanced Spring Framework features with the Magnolia CMS templating architecture.

Using a PhaseListener to Debug JSF Development Defects

Troubleshooting JSF applications can be challenging, especially if you are transitioning from a servlet and JSP framework. Using a PhaseListener can help demystify JSF debugging development defects.

Jetty Continuations: Push Your Java Server Beyond Its Scalability Limits

Jetty Continuations is an innovative extension for conventional Java-based Web servers that are reaching their limits for handling concurrent requests.

Taking Apache Tomcat 7 for a Test Drive
Tomcat 7 has been available in beta for a little while. What are you waiting for? Now is the time as any to try it out.

IBM WebSphere Offers Java Web Developers Timely Options for Handling Complexity
At European technical conference, IBM WebSphere App Server team feels Java developers' pain and offers an array of "feature packs" to help them cope.

Tcat Server Improves Tomcat Performance, Supports Tomcat 7
New MuleSoft release of commercially enhanced version of Tomcat debuts with performance and security features, adding support for Tomcat 7.

Top 7 Features in Tomcat 7: The New and the Improved
Tomcat 7 introduced new features as well as enhancements to existing features. These seven will improve everything from security to performance.

AspectJ 101: Creating a Project with Eclipse AJDT
Learn how to create an AspectJ project using Eclipse AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) and the Prototype JavaScript framework.

Using Servlets and JSP to Give Users Control Over Their Presentation Locale
Most international websites allow visitors to select their preferred language and/or country. Find out how to do the same in Java Servlets and JSP.

Configuring Hibernate for a Java Servlet Application
Learn how to configure Hibernate for a Java Servlet-based application to persist a desired class.

Portlets vs. Servlets: Request Processing with Web Components
Find out how request processing in portlets is different from request processing in servlets -- and why portlets do it better.

The Django Framework's Killer Feature for Java Developers
Find out why the Python-based framework's automatic admin interface is a killer feature for Java shops.

Developing a Struts Application with the NetBeans IDE
Explore the NetBeans IDE's Struts integration by developing a simple Struts login application.

JSF 2.0 Bean Validation and Dependency Injection
Find out how the bean validation and dependency injection support in JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 simplifies Java web application development.

Spring Framework 3.0 and Annotation-driven Formatting
Learn how to use the new formatting annotations in Spring Framework 3.0 to improve the appearance of numeric, date and time information.

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