July 2, 2015
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Building Killer Android Tablet Apps: Design and Development Tips

Android tablets are coming. Luckily, many design principles for writing great Android tablet apps really apply to all device targets.

Using Location-Enabled MIDlets for Mobile Navigation
Learn how to combine the Location API for J2ME and Scalable Vector Graphics to provide navigation for a GPS-enabled mobile device.

The Dos and Don'ts of a Java Position Interview
If you've looked for a Java position or if you are on the other side and are looking to fill a Java position in your company, then here are a few tips that will come in handy.

Introducing a Lightweight UI Toolkit: Shake Your User Interface
Flash Lite developers aren't the only ones who can make animated user interfaces easily; Java ME developers also can benefit with the aid of the Lightweight UI Toolkit. Shake your Forms, baby!

Images, Drawn Graphics, and Event Handling in a MIDlet
Learn how to paint images, draw graphics, and do event handling on a cell phone screen.

Building a Simple BlackBerry Application Interface
Building applications for the BlackBerry involves a few interesting wrinkles. Explore some of these challenges in building a front end for a new BlackBerry unit testing framework.

Android: A Brief Introduction
Discover Android, an open source mobile platform being developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance.

A Unit Testing Framework for the BlackBerry
What do you do when there's no effective unit testing framework for your programming environment? Why, build your own, of course! Building a simple unit testing framework for the BlackBerry provides some interesting insights into the BlackBerry programming environment.

Introducing a Lightweight UI Toolkit: Bringing Desktop Development into Java ME
Are you a JavaME developer bored of Forms and Lists? Do you want to create mobile apps with user interfaces of the 21st Century? Try to do it with the LWUIT library.

Programming MIDlets for Interactive Behavior
Discover how to add commands to a MIDlet and how those commands are presented to the user in the Sun cell phone emulator. You will also learn how to produce interactive behavior within a MIDlet.

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