July 6, 2015
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Adding Email Support to Your Java Applications

You can add the benefit of mail and messaging support even to a bare bone, standalone Java application.

Understanding Interceptors for Java EE

The Interceptor class is the object-oriented way to handle issues in which "system outcasts" need to be handled. Learn how to use this class here.

Demystifying CDI for Java EE

Learn about CDI, that not only promotes re-usability but also glues together various layers of an enterprises application in a Java EE framework.

Getting Started with MOM in JMS

JMS is the Java EE API that deals with the concept of MOM and helps in creating the enterprise messaging system to produce and consume asynchronous messages. Manoj Debnath shows you how.

Java Automation Using Core Java

Automating Java Applications doesn't adhere to one solution fits all. Learn how to consolidate the process of coming up with an API that can be easily used to automate any Java application.

Using Second Level Caching in a JPA Application

Learn how to improve the performance of an application that uses the Java Persistence API, by modifying the second level cache mode settings.

Integrating JPA, JSF and EJB in Java EE7 Applications

Java EE7 brought EJB container managed transactions to the platform using CDI interceptors, so that these can be used by CDI managed beans and other Java EE components. The improvements make JSF, EJB and JPA integration simple.

Combining JavaFX and Java Enterprise Modules

The focus of javaFX as a tool is on the client rich interactive visualization of content; it can be a suitable candidate to interface your next enterprise application when merged with JavaEE modules. Read on to learn more.

CDI and EJB 3.1: Complementary Technologies in the Java EE 6 Platform

CDI and EJB 3.1 are complementary technologies for building powerful Web applications on the Java EE 6 platform. Find out how their synergy works. 

Define Factories in Spring XML Using Method Injection

Use the power of ServiceLocatorFactoryBean to define conditional factories in Spring XML without any of the usual method injection limitations.

Java EE 7 Specification Request Approved

The Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee votes in favor of JSR 342 for Java EE 7, clearing the way for the more cloud-optimized spec.

End Ambiguous Dependencies Errors with CDI Qualifiers

The CDI qualifiers in Java EE 6 allow you to qualify an injection point to specify exactly which bean must be injected.

Spring WS 2.0: New Integration Test Support

Spring WS 2.0 introduces a new integration testing module, spring-ws-test, which makes writing integration tests for both client- and server-side code very easy.

Java Tip: Spice Up Your GlassFish Authentication Form

You don't have to settle for the standard GlassFish authentication form. Using JSF and PrimeFaces, you can add some style to those forms.

Spring Web Services 2.0: Best Java Stack for SOAP-based Web Services

What makes the new Spring Web Service 2.0 release the best Java stack for SOAP-based Web services?

Java EE 6 Deployment Flexibility with CDI and the @Alternative Annotation

Using the CDI @Alternative annotation, you can configure your Java EE 6 application for different deployments.

Dynamically Configure Log4j Properties in a Clustered Environment

Learn how to configure the log4j-related properties of a Java application deployed in a clustered environment.

Getting Started with EclipseLink and JPA 2

This comprehensive guide introduces EclipseLink, the reference implementation of JPA, and shows you how to use it in JPA 2 applications.

Application-centric Cloud Management for J2EE Apps

Find out what application-centric management is and how to apply it to J2EE applications in the cloud.

The ABCs of JPA: An Introduction to the Java Persistence API

Learn the benefits and architecture of the Java Persistence API (JPA), and then find out how it works and how to implement it.

A JMX Timer MBean Solution in 6 Easy Steps

Build a JMX timer MBean solution using this six-step approach. You'll rapidly implement an enterprise-level system that delivers scalability and reliability on par with SOA.

Extend Spring Security to Protect Multi-tenant SaaS Applications

Learn how to extend the Spring Security framework to address multi-tenant SaaS requirements for authentication and authorization.

The JPA 2 Enhancements Every Java Developer Should Know

Get to know the major advancements that JPA 2 introduced in its API, the Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL) and the persistence.xml configuration file.

Querying in JPA 2: Typesafe and Object Oriented
JPA 2.0 introduced criteria queries, which are typesafe and more object oriented than JPQL queries.

The Top 5 New Annotations in JPA 2
Get a cheat sheet for the five most important Java annotations introduced in the JPA 2.0 release, compete with code examples.

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