December 21, 2014
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Implement Java Connection Pooling with JDBC
When you keep database connection pools initialized and ready to use, you effectively can grab an object from one, use the object to get your work/task executed, and then return the object to the pool.

10 Things You Should Know About WebLogic Server 10.3
Getting ready to upgrade to WebLogic Server 10.3? The decision to upgrade should be based on the value realized. Let Scott Nelson fill you in on what you should know before you do.

The Dos and Don'ts of a Java Position Interview
If you've looked for a Java position or if you are on the other side and are looking to fill a Java position in your company, then here are a few tips that will come in handy.

Java Needs to Get a Pair (and a Triple...)
Options for returning multiple parameters in Java are limited. Discover a good way to get around this limitation.

Don't Be a Slave of the File System
Fed up with Java FileInputStream and the blocking read() method? Then perhaps it is time to do something about it and avoid the dreaded wait for a blocking read.

Hamsterdb: a Small, Fast Database That Won't Weigh You Down
Need a fast database that won't bloat your application? Try this fast b+tree record manager with a small footprint, especially good for embedded device environments.

Working with XML and Java
Learn how to load and process an XML document using only the standard Java API, and then see how to simplify matters with XPath expressions.

Application Handling of Database Timeouts and Deadlocks
Learn how to minimize the occurrence of database transaction locking and how to handle situations when your database does return error codes that constitute deadlocks and timeouts.

Simple Animation with the Java 3D API
Learn how to use the RotationInterpolator and Alpha classes of the Java 3D API, along with other necessary classes, to write simple animation programs. Also learn the rationale by which those classes are used to write animation programs.

Nominations for Developer.com Product of the Year Begin October 15
Help Developer.com choose the best of the best for the upcoming year.

JRuby on Rails with Nine Lives: Running a JRuby on Rails Application on Tomcat
See how easy it is to get your Rails application running on Tomcat with JRuby!

Q&A: The Role of BPM in an SOA Strategy
Gain a solid understanding of how BPM (Business Process Management) fits into an SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Strategy.

Working with Design Patterns: Strategy
The Strategy design pattern allows your classes to switch between various algorithms. Discover how to take advantage of this pattern in order to create a simpler, more maintainable, and more easily unit tested system.

A Final Report on JavaOne 2007
Looking for a thorough overview of what happened at JavaOne 2007? Here is a review of events and links to key areas of interest.

Copying Arrays in Java 6
The new arraycopy method supports more than just copying the entire contents of a source array into a target. It allows for a source and target start index, as well as a length that represents the number of elements to copy.

Working with Design Patterns: Flyweight
Take advantage of a design pattern that Java itself heavily depends upon.

Open Source Java Causing Tremors in San Francisco
If you are not at JavaOne this year here is your chance to learn about the opening announcements.

Using Java to Produce SVG Code in XHTML Data
Learn how to write Java code to produce XHTML files containing in-line SVG/XML code.  Also learn how to write servlets that produce XHTML output containing in-line SVG/XML code.

Object Integrity & Security: Duplicating Objects
Explore the issues pertaining to duplicating, or cloning, objects.

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