April 19, 2014
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Copying Arrays in Java 6
The new arraycopy method supports more than just copying the entire contents of a source array into a target. It allows for a source and target start index, as well as a length that represents the number of elements to copy.

Working with Design Patterns: Flyweight
Take advantage of a design pattern that Java itself heavily depends upon.

Open Source Java Causing Tremors in San Francisco
If you are not at JavaOne this year here is your chance to learn about the opening announcements.

Using Java to Produce SVG Code in XHTML Data
Learn how to write Java code to produce XHTML files containing in-line SVG/XML code.  Also learn how to write servlets that produce XHTML output containing in-line SVG/XML code.

Object Integrity & Security: Duplicating Objects
Explore the issues pertaining to duplicating, or cloning, objects.

Latest JSRs Released by the JCP
Here you can find out about the latest Java Specification Requests (JSRs) released by the Java Community Process (JCP).

Java Language Integrity & Security: Fine Tuning Bytecodes
Explore how you can process the bytecodes produced by the compiler to help you improve performance, security, intellectual property protection, and readability issues.

Four Ways to Optimize Your MySQL Database
See how you can make your MySQL database absolutely scream!

Secure Design Principles
Security doesn't start with the coding. You must understand and implement security practices in the design stage to security within your applications.

JDK 6 and JDBC 4.0 Advanced Concepts
By W. Clay Richardson - Examine the advanced JDBC concepts of annotations and transaction management.

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