April 20, 2014
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Java Section Index

A Categorization Scheme for All Those Java I/O Stream Classes
Try this handy technique for categorizing the potentially overwhelming number of I/O stream classes in Java.

Write More Understandable Java Tests with Matcher Objects and FEST-Assert

Have your Java unit test assertions gotten hard to read? Use the matcher objects provided by the Hamcrest and fluent FEST-Assert libraries.

Quercus: Bring Java's Power to Your PHP Development (and Vice Versa)
With Quercus, PHP and Java developers can mix and match the respective capabilities of both languages.

Google Revs App Engine for the Cloud
New version of App Engine improves multi-tenancy and adds a high-performance image serving system.

Working with Java Threads Before and After JDK 5
Despite the new features and fine-grained control of the JDK1.5 threading framework, writing multithreaded Java applications remains challenging and error prone.

Oracle Commits to Further NetBeans IDE Development
With both the Eclipse IDE and NetBeans IDE, Oracle is aiming to grow its Java developer ecosystem.

Scala vs. F#, Round 2: Application Programming Features
How do Scala and F# compare when it comes to application development features such as frameworks, object orientation, and runtime properties?

Helios Release Delivers 39 Open Source Projects for Eclipse IDE
The coordinated Helios release of Eclipse projects delivers new tools for developers to build and deploy applications with the Eclipse IDE.

Using Java 6 to Access Translatable Text in XML Files
Learn how to use the Java 6 ResourceBundle.Control object in conjunction with the properties class to access XML files.

Isolating Locale-specific Text in International Java Applications
Learn how to isolate locale-specific text in international Java applications using ResourceBundles and Properties files.

Groovy Code Notation: Like Java, Only Different
Find out what makes Groovy's code notation both similar to and distinct from Java at the same time.

Will Oracle Help Java Regain Its Status?
Oracle promises Java SE 7 release this year with increased developer productivity, modularization, and support for more than 200 languages.

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