August 28, 2014
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How to Move, Resize, and Reconfigure Objects in the Working Applications
By Sergey Andreyev - An algorithm to make any object moveable and resizable by users and applications.

Building a Twitter Application in .NET / C#
By DevelopMentor - Learn to build a Twitter Application with .NET C#.

Facelift to Forms; Part 1: TextBox
By Jay Thakar - This is the first article in the 'Facelift to Forms' series. Discover various options to make beautiful, easy to implement and easy to use web forms.

Modeling for System Integration
By Sajad Deyargaroo - System Integration that was one of the least considered areas in IT is now receiving a lot of attention. Learn about the types of integration and as well as about formats and modeling.

[Updated] A Personal Virtual Keyboard for (nearly) Every Keyboard
By David Kelvin - Generate multiple (on-screen)Virtual Keyboards to include into your portable application via a DLL, so that your users can take theirlanguage/keyboard with them on their travels, even if the PC they use does not have their home keyboard installed.

WPF - Custom Window Styles
By Andersen - Customize window styles with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

[Updated] Five Cents on Arithmetic Encoding
By Aliaksei Sanko - Learn about a classical arithmetic compression implementation (CACM) optimization.

Table Width or No Table Width: That is the Question
By Jay Thakar - Some situation where to use and where not to use the HTML TABLE width element.

By Brian Aberle - An Object Oriented approach to handling XML.

Tip: HTTP Content Disposition
By Wong Shao Voon - Use HTTP content disposition to find out the name of the file you are downloading.

How to Read and Write ODF/ODS Files (OpenDocument Spreadsheets)
By JosipKr - Understand the basics of the ODF format, and specifically its implementation in spreadsheet applications ( Calc and Microsoft Office Excel 2007 SP2). Presented is a demo application that writes/reads tabular data to/from .ODS files.

[Updated] ListView Loading Images BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, WMF, ICO, and EMF Files Natively (pure WINAPI)
By Ali Imran - Learn about the possibilites and extra functionality that a simple ListView provides for loading images, either from an external image file, an Internet URL, application resources, and from external EXE, DLL, OCS, or CPL files.

[Updated] std::sort Comparison Function
By Wong Shao Voon - How to write a comparison function for STL sort.

An Introduction to the MForm Web Controls
By Michal Wozniak - Discover a set of controls that provides a very productive and flexible way of creating ASP.NET web forms. [Updated] ListView Loading

By Mugunth Kumar - What order should the OK and Cancel buttons appear? Should it be like Windows or like the Mac? Are there any "rule of thumb" as to when certain standard should be followed or is it just a matter of taste?

[Updated] TIP: Using Unions for Manipulating Bits
By bat_lubo2001 - See how to set up a single bit!

BOOST Multi-Index Container and Transaction Storage
By Constantin Fishkin - Learn how to implement s multi-index collection.

Code Contracts in .NET
By Marius Bancila - This article introduces code contracts that specify statements in .NET programs that must prove valid.

Saving Bandwidth Using UpdatePanel Triggers
By Sajad Deyargaroo - Reduce the payload from the client to the server using AJAX and the UpdatePanel triggers.

STL and BOOST Parsing Iterators
By Constantin Fishkin - Discover an example of a parsing iterator. You'll find that the BOOST library provides convenient tools for an efficient iterator implementation, specifically, the boost::iterator_facade class.

[Updated] Determine Windows Version and Edition
By Marius Bancila - Learn about a comprehensive method of getting the Windows version and differentiate among the various editions.

Cross-Platform IPC Event Manager for Interaction with Service Providers
By JeromeWiz - Event-driven programming or event-based programming is a programming paradigm in which the flow of the program is determined by events - i.e., sensor outputs or user actions (mouse clicks, key presses) or messages from other programs or threads. Event-driven applications usually are organized as in state machine modes due to complicated event interaction. An IPC event queue manager is required to support event-based programming.

Windows Imaging Component
By Wong Shao Voon - Use Windows Imaging Component(WIC), the new Imaging library from Microsoft to open and save images, including HD Photo format images.

Per Thread Singleton
By Wong Shao Voon - How to write per thread singleton instance to avoid thread contention.

Seven Steps of Migrating a Program to a 64-bit System
By Andrey Karpov - The article describes the main steps which should be performed to correctly port 32-bit Windows applications on 64-bit Windows systems. Although the article is meant for developers using C/C++ in Visual Studio 2005/2008 environment, it will be also useful for other developers who plan to port their applications on 64-bit systems.

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