August 27, 2014
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Managing Threads in J2SE: The Java2 Standard Edition Thread Container
Edward Harned Because there is no way to control a thread of execution at the operating system level, knowledgeable developers have built containers to house the elusive threads at the application level. Discover an Open Source solution (Tymeac™) for managing J2SE application threads.

Check-in Policies
By Jamil Azher - Check-in policies help enforce your organization's development methodology and ensure that the code being checked in passes the necessary quality requirements. In addition to using the pre-defined check-in policies, you can create custom ones.

TIP: Using Proxies and ChannelFactory in WCF
By mendhak - Look at the two methods of talking to WCF services and when to use them. Also see sample code to use the ChannelFactory in C#.

BLOG: What's the goal of Visual Studio 2010?
By Bradley L. Jones - Find out the answer according to Jason Zander, General Manager of Visual Studio.

TIP: Be Careful with Dummy Reference Arguments
By Ashwin Kumar - Reference (output) arguments could be disastrous sometimes. Learn how to avoid these problems.

Pause Before Exiting a Console Application
By Marc Gregoire - Learn a way to elegantly add support for pausing your console application right before exiting.

Introduction to AJAX Technologies
By Rob Foster - Get help bringing you up to speed with AJAX's place in your web development toolbox.

Using the Windows Vista/Windows 7 Built-In Buffered Animation API
By Marc Gregoire - The Buffered Animation API makes it easy to make animations without flickering. Learn how to use this Buffered Animation API.

Graphics Class Design : Shape
By Bjarne Stroustrup - Class Shape can provide you with the ability to represent things appearing in a Window. Learn about this class from an industry legend.

WinForms to Web
By Eyal.Albert - Learn about the various migration options of desktop/smart client applications to the web available using Visual WebGui.

Building an FM Radio with RDS Support
By Tamir Khason - Build a simple FM radio player with RDS support by using WPF and the USBFM library.

Asynchronously Download Content In Silverlight 2
By chad.campbell - Downloading content on demand is a valuable runtime feature. Downloading application modules when needed can enhance a user's experience through reducing load times. This powerful addition can be used when retrieving fonts, media, textual content, or collections of collections of these elements as compressed packages.

Developing a Silverlight Web Application with Visual WebGui
By Eyal.Albert - Create a full-blown Silverlight application in no time with the open source Visual WebGui framework and platform.

How to Create Your Own Visual WebGui Silverlight Theme
By Eyal.Albert - Learn how to create your own Visual WebGui Silverlight theme using a default theme.

[Updated] Using a Pair Class as Efficient Key Objects
By hankdane - Learn about a comparison that uses a class capturing individual primitive data types as against rendering the data in a String.

Developing a Smart Architecture, Part 2
By TheCPUWizard - Work through a Continuation of the series, moving from Fields to Entities and Entity Collections.

[Updated] Little Quirks in the VB.NET IDE
By Richard Newcombe - Every program has bugs; this is the way things are. Look at some of the quirky bugs found in the .NET 200# IDE.

Compile Time Data Structure Using Template Meta Programming
By Zeeshan - Learn about the link list as an example of a compile-time data structure and implement it with template meta-programming.

Developing a Smart Application Architecture
By TheCPUWizard - Learn to develop a powerful and flexible application architecture.

[Updated] Shutdown Manager
By TT(n) - The Windows "Turn off" buttons are three or more steps away from the desktop work area, depending on your personal settings. This can be not only inconvenient, but downright bothersome at times. These programs can power down the computer, in just one or two steps.

Visual Basic 10 Is One Step Closer to Being C#
By Bradley L. Jones - Visual Basic developers will be happy with the new simple feature coming to Visual Basic - a feature languages like C# have had all along....

KBSoft IP Locator
By Anton Zlobin - Explore various aspects of getting information by IP Address.

Changing Mouse Settings With VB.NET
By Hannes du Preez - Learn how to change all the mouse settings through the use of your Visual Basic program and the Registry.

Optimizing 64-Bit Programs
By Andrey Karpov - Discover some ways to increase the performance of 64-bit Windows applications.

The TaskBar and VB.NET
Hannes du Preez - 12/10/2008 Learn to create an application that can set and apply most TaskBar settings.

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