August 30, 2014
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WPF Barcode Software
By barcodesoftware - A Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) barcode software application

Outline Text, Part 1
By Wong Shao Voon - How to draw outlined text with GDI/GDI+.

[Updated] Pointer-to-Pointer and Reference-to-Pointer
By Wong Shao Voon - Learn the reason behind using pointer-to-pointer and reference-to-pointer to modify a pointer passed to a function, to understand their usage better.

Checking All in in SharePoint Using ASP.NET GridView
By ambati sreedhar - Discover the steps to create CheckAll and UncheckAll functionality using the ASP.NET GridView OnRowDataBound in Sharepoint Server 2007.

BLOG: Real Developers Don't Need No Designers
By Bradley L. Jones - "Desktop Developers don't have designers! Ask one of us who designed the application and we'll scratch our heads and mutter...."

FindWindow: Finding Window Handles
By Bausch - Creating an easy interface for finding window handles.

Creating an Agile Environment
By Gregory Smith - Sometimes you just can't go Agile.

A Fast Version of Conway's Game of Life with Thread and DirectX Draw
By Jerry Jiang - /strong>Sample code for a fast version of Conway's Game of Life with thread and DirectX draw.

How to Use a Font Without Installing It
By Wong Shao Voon - How to use a font without installing it first on user systems.

Install Dummy SSL certificate
By Aneezah - If you need an SSL certificate in a testing environment only for testing purposes and not actual verification and authentication, then this article will show you how to create a dummy cert

ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker
By ConnectCode - ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker creates realistic images of 3D boxes for your software using three image files. You can adjust the box orientation, box and camera position. Despite being opensource, the tool delivers professional results.

Learning from a Hotel Reservation System
By jaypabs - Learn a few suggestions for using listviews, comboboxes, and other controls from this code that you can incorporate into your own applications..

Tip: An Optimized Formula for Alpha Blending Pixels
By Wong Shao Voon - Discover how to optimize by simplifying the formula.

TIP: Convert GMT to Local Date/Time
By Ritesh Poojara - Enabled your applications to save the datetime columns in UTC/GMT time zones as well as convert datetime to local time zones based on users time zone preferences. (Java)

[Updated] Create an Eclipse Database Client with Hibernate
By Arseny - Discover how fast and easy it is to build an Eclipse client to a database.

Retrieving DevicePath Information
By Mufti Mohammed - Discover how to retrieve device path and device instance id for storage devices attached to the system.

AMD64 (EM64T) Architecture
By Andrey Karpov - Discover the AMD64 architecture and its implementation EM64T by Intel.

Part 1: Installing Features and Adding Breadcrumbs to Custom Pages in Sharepoint Central Administration
By ambati sreedhar - Follow step by step instructions on how to install features, how to add custom pages and how to add custom bread crumbs to Web pages in Sharepoint Central Administration 2007.

Tip: Lock Leveling
By Wong Shao Voon - Use Lock Leveling to Prevent Multi-threading Deadlocks

Raw Input Device informations
Discover how to retrieve information on your computer's devices including the mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals attached to the system.

[Updated] Combinations in C++, Part 2
Wong Shao Voon - Discover four new algorithms for finding combinations.

[Updated] Use STA COM Objects Asynchronously
By Wong Shao Voon - Learn how to use STA COM objects asynchronously without blocking your main thread.

By jusstujoo The Connect.NET is a C# component, that provides easy access to the TCP based network connections(Client/server).

TIP: Closing your WCF Connections properly
By mendhak - This tip looks at properly closing a WCF connection from your application - whether you're using the proxy classes or a ChannelFactory.

BLOG: Which Is More Mature: C++ or C#?
By Bradley L. Jones - C++ is older, but is it more mature?

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