June 30, 2015
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A Look Inside Azure's Next Gen Computer Platform

Learn about Resource groups—a new feature in Windows Azure Resource Manager—that powers the next generation computer platform from Microsoft.

Addressing Internal Apache Storm Buffers Overflowing

Learn the four options for addressing internal Apache Storm buffer overflow.

A Look Inside the Windows 10 App Model: What Does It Mean for Developers?

This article walks developers through the new Universal Windows Platform App model coming as part of Windows 10 that will power mobile, desktop, and Xbox devices.

Three Questions to Answer When Reporting an Error

Instead of being a helpful experience, most error messages produce anxiety, confusion, and annoyance. Learn to create better error messages and make your users happier.

Building Your First Wearable Android App

Follow along and go through the necessary setup on mobile and wearable devices as well as configurations on Android Studio.

Elasticsearch: Analyzing Text with the Analyze API

Using the analyze API to test an analysis process can be extremely helpful when tracking down how information is being stored in your Elasticsearch indices. Learn how to do this.

Introduction to Apiary: Overview of Apiary and How to Create APIs

With Apiary, the "design API first" approach can be implemented where the input/output parameters can be finalized and the mock up can be tested even before it is implemented.

Programming to Geocode Addresses and Getting the Current Location

In this article, we learn how to build an Android application that uses Google Maps.

From Data Models to Relational Design

Database design needn't be daunting. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to create a basic database.

The Impact of Choosing Non-Reactive Tools

In this article, you learn about the extra work and extra costs of choosing a non-reactive tool.

Lessons Learned: A Craftsman's Approach to Software Development

Software architect Bob Reselman shares unexpected lessons he's learned during the last three years he's dedicated to mastering the craft of lutherie: The rules for making a great musical instrument are amazingly similar to the rules for making great software.

RESTful Services - Best Practices on Consuming APIs

In this article, author Vipul Patel walks the readers through the best practices for consuming RESTful services.

A Guide to Docker Image Optimization

With a few tricks and tips, taught here, you can drastically reduce file size in your Dockerfile files.

Creating a Reproducible and Portable Development Environment

Discover a solution to overcome issues like nested virtualization and the need for bare metal machines. Learn to create Vagrant .box files for AWS.

Using Hive in HDInsight to Analyze Data

Learn to use Hive in HDInsight to analyze data.

Implementing Generalization and Specialization in Java

Become proficient with specialization and generalization, which is the subclass and superclass hierarchy mechanism in a relational database.

Working with Dependency Injection in Java

Take advantage of dependency injection to eliminate hard dependencies and make your classes easier to test and maintain.

The API Field of Dreams: Build It [Correctly] and They Will Come

You want to build an API that will make people come BACK to it again and again. Collect all the necessary pieces to do that here.

How to "Platformize" Your Product: a Guide to Building APIs

Gain insight about product owners and how they can platformize their products by building great APIs.

Internet of Things Developers Will Need a Bigger Bag of Tricks for Enterprise-Scale Apps

Consumer IoT often involves one person and one sensor, but the enterprise requires IoT apps that work with hundreds of thousands of sensors.

Machine Learning Has Big Implications for Coders

Programs should strive to incorporate machine learning into their development efforts and start to realize the benefits and robustness that machine learning can bring to most any coding project.

Five Tips for Advancing Your Development Career

Advancing your career is hard work. Learn more about career development and leverage these five tips for moving ahead in your career.

The Value of QA for Mobile

Mobile app developers and internal development teams alike need to completely rethink Quality Assurance (QA) to improve mobile app development.

Top Five Best Practices for Writing Unit Test Scripts

Learn to implement the best practices to be remembered and followed when writing unit tests.

Customize SharePoint 2013 Searches

Customize your SharePoint use in a search by using REST and a client-side object model that uses JavaScript.

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