October 31, 2014
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Google Denies Patent Infringement and Calls Oracle Hypocritical

  • October 5, 2010
  • By Developer.com Staff

On Tuesday, Google responded to Oracle's patent infringement Android case. Google denied they infringed on any of Oracle's patents and called Oracle hypocritical.

Wired's Ryan Singel has the story.

"Oracle claims that Android infringes on four Java patents it acquired when it bought Sun Microsystems earlier this year. Java software makes it possible to write software code that runs on multiple kinds of hardware via a Java interpreter. Sun had open-sourced most, but not all, parts of Java, but was considered by most other companies as unlikely to aggressively protect its patents," Singel said.

Google told the Northern California District Court that the patents are not valid, Android didn't infringe on them, the patents had been open-sourced, Oracle waited too long to sue and Oracle has no right to sue because they've not been damaged by Android.

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