November 25, 2015
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Tor Project Seeks Donations to Fund Development
In the past, the U.S. government has funded the open source project.

Google Releases Android Studio 2.0 Preview
The updated IDE offers an Instant Run feature.

Forrester: 'Great' Apps Earn Five Times More than Others
Apps that almost never crash generate a lot more revenue for mobile development firms.

Report: Google Play Coming to China in 2016
Google pulled out of the market in 2010.

Chinese Developer Apologizes for Copyright Violations
ZWSoft says a rogue engineer stole code from AutoCAD.

Google Releases Android Studio 1.5
The update features an improved memory profiler.

Google Updates Android Development Guide
A video series on mobile development topics goes along with the new guide.

Google Lowers Minimum Prices for Google Play Apps in Some Countries
Mobile development firms can now charge less for their Android apps in emerging markets.

Report: Apple Boosting Its Own Apps in App Store Charts
Something fishy appears to be going on with the App Store.

Code.org Event Will Use Minecraft to Teach Kids Coding Skills
Past event participants had requested the Minecraft tie-in.

Microsoft Backpedals on Plan to Bring Android Apps to Windows
Project Astoria is "not ready yet."

More than 2,000 Websites Infected with Linux Ransomware
Experts say Web developers do not need to pay the ransom in order to regain control of …

Expired Apple Security Certificate Leads to Headaches for Mac App Devs
The certificate has been updated, but users are still reporting issues.

Strategy Analytics: Android Studio Isn't as Good as Xcode, Visual Studio
Apple received the best score, but Microsoft wasn't far behind.

Koding Hackathon Expected to Attract 100,000 Developers
The cloud development firm hopes the hackathon will set a new Guinness World Record.

Microsoft's Project Oxford Adds More AI Services
The artificial intelligence tool is getting emotion detection, motion detection, image …

Java Surges in Tiobe Popularity Index
The programming language is at its highest rating since July 2009.

Report: 1,887 Mobile Developers Make More Than $1 Million Per Year
The best-earning apps are mostly games.

Google Open Sources TensorFlow AI Engine
TensorFlow is the technology behind Google Photos search.

Students Will Be Allowed to Use Federal Loans for Coding Bootcamps
The EQUIP program could help fill the need for more developers.

Toyota to Invest $1 Billion in Artificial Intelligence Research
The Toyota Research Institute will be headquartered in Silicon Valley and will have …

Codeanywhere Increases Speed by 4x
The cloud development platform is now a lot faster.

Zuckerberg Predicts Slow Ramp for Virtual Reality
Facebook will be going after gamers with its Oculus Rift devices.

Intel Expands IoT Platform
The company is adding new hardware and software to support Internet of Things development.

Node.js Foundation Releases Node.js 5
It's only been a month since version 4 came out.

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