July 26, 2017
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IEEE Spectrum Ranks Python as Top Programming Language
C and Java also received very high scores in the index.

Microsoft to Release AI-Based Bug Finder This Summer
The fuzzing service attempts to find security vulnerabilities that haven't been previously …

Zuckerberg, Musk Argue Over AI Threat
The two tech CEOs are polar opposites in their views on artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning, Data Science Offer Top Dev Pay, LinkedIn Says
Developers in these fields are also less experienced than other types of developers.

Beijing Lays Out Plan to Become AI Development Leader
Will our robot overlords be speaking Chinese?

Cloud Computing Helps Microsoft Double Its Quarterly Profits
The software giant's quarterly earnings easily beat analyst expectations.

Report Identifies Top Mobile Development Security Mistakes
Android and iOS apps have different types of vulnerabilities.

Open Container Initiative Releases 1.0 Specifications
The group now has industry standards for Linux-based containers.

Elon Musk Advocates for AI Regulation
The CEO painted doomsday pictures of killer robots roaming the streets.

Tiobe: Go Now a Top 10 Language
A year ago, the Google-backed language ranked 55th.

Dev Bootcamp Goes out of Business
Is this the beginning of a trend for learn-to-code schools?

IDC: Cloud Computing, Mobile Lead to Increases in IT Spending
Software spending will also be strong.

Amazon Plans Alexa Dev Days
Because 15,000 apps aren't enough.

Oracle Unveils Open Source Container Tools
The tools address security and performance issues.

Google's DeepMind Opens Canadian Office
The artificial intelligence unit is closely affiliated with the University of Alberta.

Samsung Announces Record-Setting Profits
The Korean firm had quarterly income of 14 trillion won.

Gartner Predicts Decline in Device Shipments
PC shipments will fall, but smartphone sales will increase slightly, the market …

Report: EU Considering Another Huge Fine for Google
This antitrust action concerns the Android operating system.

Baidu Buys AI Startup Kitt.ai
The Chinese search giant is building a chatbot development platform.

Intel Announces IoT Layoffs
One hundred forty workers in California and Ireland will need new jobs.

DeepMind's Use of Patient Data Ruled Illegal
The ruling could impact other developers using health data to train artificial …

Cloud Computing Leads to Layoffs at Microsoft
The sales team is getting a shakeup as the company delivers more software through the …

Microsoft Buys Cloudyn
The startup offers cloud computing monitoring and budgeting tools.

Eclipse Foundation Releases Oxygen Train
The open source IDE now has updated programming language support and better container …

Java Community Approves Modularity Proposal
Java 9 is back on track for delivery this fall.

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