May 30, 2016
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Twitter Open Sources Heron Real-Time Processing Engine
Heron offers an alternative to Apache Storm.

Google Triumphs in Android Copyright Battle
Oracle may appeal.

Google Pressures Manufacturers, Carriers to Update Android
The move could address some of the fragmentation problems in the mobile development …

Report: 61% of Asia-Pacific Software Unlicensed
Developers lost $19.1 billion due to piracy in the region.

42 Is a Coding School with No Tuition and No Teachers
Only 1,000 out of the 80,000 who applied got in.

Bing Could Get a Bot
All the big technology companies are getting into the bot game.

Report: Android Apps Fail Nearly Twice as Often as iOS Apps
The mobile development industry is seeing a big discrepancy between the two major …

Android N and More from Google I/O
The company announced several new tools for the mobile development industry.

SAP HANA, Microsoft Azure, Office 365: Integration, Collaboration, and More
Microsoft and SAP are working together to provide better collaboration.

Gradle Adds Kotlin Support
Mobile development firms have a new language option for Android build automation.

Firefox Beats Microsoft Browsers, But Chrome Dominates
This is the first time Firefox has had greater market share than Internet Explorer.

Play Store 6.7 Improves Beta Testing Features
Mobile development firms should find it easier to get users involved in testing.

Report: Google Faces €3 Billion Fine
Additional fines related to Android could still be forthcoming.

Report: Apple Is Speeding Up the App Review Process
Faster reviews generate more revenue for Apple.

Facebook Open Sources Capture the Flag Hacking Platform
The tool can help run security education games.

IPDF, W3C Mull Merger
The groups have been collaborating for three years already.

Report: App Store Search Glitch Caused 10% Drop in Downloads
Some apps lost more than half of their daily downloads.

Report Highlights Importance of In-App Video Ad Length
Younger people like shorter ads.

Siri Creators Demo New AI Platform
Viv can interact with a lot of different Web and mobile services.

Oracle and Google Head Back to Court
This time the trial will decide whether Android's use of Java APIs count as "fair use."

App Store Suffers Major Search Glitch
The problem could impact downloads and revenues for the mobile development industry.

SkinTrack Turns Your Skin into a Touchscreen
The technology could provide a new user interface for smartwatches.

Who Takes Free Online Coding Classes?
A lot of self-taught developers are young men who want to start their own businesses.

IBM Launches Quantum Computing Cloud Service
For now, the service is intended for research purposes only.

10-Year-Old Earns $10,000 Bug Bounty
A Finnish boy hacked Instagram, despite not being old enough for an account.

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