March 5, 2015
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Apache Foundation Will Sponsor Groovy

Pivotal is no longer funding Groovy and Grails.

Oracle Unveils JDK 8, Update 40

JavaFX also got an update.

IBM Buys Machine Learning Vendor AlchemyAPI

40,000 developers use AlchemyAPI's tools.

Report: Top 5 Apps Account for Two-Thirds of Mobile Traffic

A few big players dominate engagement, posing a challenge for small mobile development firms.

Gartner: Apple Overtook Samsung in Q4 Smartphone Sales

Manufacturers sold 1.2 billion smartphones last year.

Which Apps Drain Your Battery the Fastest?

A new report from AVG could spur mobile development firms to pay more attention to energy efficiency.

Report: Enterprise Mobile Apps More Lucrative Than Consumer Apps

A growing number of mobile development firms are building apps for organizations.

ARM, IBM Announce IoT Starter Kit

The kit links directly to the BlueMix cloud development platform.

Microsoft Launches OneDrive API

The new API supports all the major mobile operating systems, as well as Web apps.

Find Chrome Bugs, Win 'Infinity Million' Dollars

Google is extending Pwnium all year long.

Microsoft Releases Band SDK

Developers can now create apps for the fitness wearable.

Some Developers Are Hiring Agents

Agents work best for freelancers who change projects frequently.

Report: Mobile Developers Shouldn't Advertise After 8 p.m.

App usage peaks just after dinnertime.

Google Cloud Security Scanner Finds Vulnerabilities in Web Apps

The free tool makes it easier to find cross-site scripting and other security flaws.

Yahoo Launches Mobile Development Suite

The new set of tools enables advertising, analytics, app publishing and more.

Will Robots Take All the Development Jobs?

University researchers are warning that the high demand for developers could eventually backfire.

Formal Approval for HTTP 2.0 Standard

The new standard could result in faster page loads and better security for websites.

Google Will Give Developers 2 Extra Weeks to Fix Vulnerabilities

The company has been criticized for its Project Zero program.

Will Gamification Be a Big Opportunity for Mobile Development Firms?

As enterprise apps become more like games, mobile game developers find that many of their skills are transferable.

Mobile App Reviewers Get 20 Requests for Reviews Every Day

Requests generate a review less than 10 percent of the time.

Report: iOS 8 Crashes More Often than Android 5.0

The figures are based on crash reports from 20,000 apps.

Apple Adds 'Pay Once' Category to App Store

The iPhone maker is highlighting games without in-app purchases.

Lackluster Numbers for Android Wear

Manufacturers shipped only 720,000 Android smartwatches in the second half of 2014.

Apple, Pinterest Team Up for App Discovery

Will pinned apps lead to more downloads for the mobile development industry?

Joyent Gives Node.js to a Foundation

The cloud computing firm had recently come under criticism for its handling of the JavaScript framework.

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