October 31, 2014
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Report: Rumored iWatch Will Support Third-Party Apps

Sources say that Apple gave a wearable SDK to a few app developers.

Google Settles In-App Purchase Dispute for $19 Million

The company will send refunds to parents whose children racked up big charges on Android apps.

Google Plans Cloud Platform Live Event for Nov. 4.

This is the second time the company has held one of these cloud development events this year.

Big App 2014 Looks for European Mobile Development Talent

Facebook is promoting the competition.

DWNLD Converts Web Apps to Mobile Apps

A startup aims to make it easier for content publishers to create apps.

The Top 23 Technologies of 2022

Cloud computing, big data, IoT and 3D printing are on the list.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Apple Rejects Apps

Mobile development firms need to make sure they provide all the information Apple requests.

Report: Mobile App Ad Costs Rose in July

Fiksu's July iOS Cost Per Loyal Users was the second-highest ever.

Apple Tightens Privacy Rules for Health Data

Mobile development firms can't sell health data to ad networks.

Google, Twitter, Harvard, Others Publish Secure Development Best Practices

The organizations have created a group called the IEEE Computer Society Center for Secure Design.

Microsoft Removes 1,500 Bad Apps from Windows Store

The company is cracking down on misleading names and logos.

Who Was to Blame for the Google Image Search Problem?

The photo of a Russian car crash was all over Google search results.

Facebook Holds Hackathon Exclusively for Female Vets

The winner proposed an app to provide therapy to veterans.

Amazon Buys Twitch for $1.1 Billion

Previous rumors suggested Google wanted to buy the video game streaming service.

The Most Popular Mobile Apps in America

Facebook and Google Apps top the list.

Researchers Reveal Vulnerability in Popular Android Apps

They were able to use a separate app to steal data from Gmail as well as popular banking and shopping apps.

Advice for Young Programmers from an Experienced Developer

People skills are more important than you think they are.

Report: 31% of Smartphone Owners Haven't Downloaded an App This Month

Most have never paid for an app—ever.

What's New in C++14

The draft standard for the next version of the programming language has been approved.

New Features for Java 9

Several JEPS could deliver new APIs and features.

Forked Android Is Growing Fast

Alternate versions of Android are especially popular in Asia.

Microsoft Improves Internet Explorer's Development Features

The F12 tools received bug fixes and various updates.

Amazon Appstore Adds Live App Testing

A similar feature is available in Google Play.

Swift's Popularity Falls

C and Java are still at the top of the programming popularity charts.

Which Technologies and Languages Do Successful Startups Use?

The strongest new companies don't use Microsoft's products.

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