January 25, 2015
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App Store Downloads Hit Record High in October

Last month was really good for the mobile development industry.

Chinese Developers Get Access to Google Play

Is a Chinese version of the Android app store for users coming soon?

What Happened to the App Store's Free Button?

The 'free' download button now says 'get.'

The 20 Worst Countries for Software Piracy

China is still number one.

App Suey Wants to Own 1% of the App Store

The startup is on a mobile development firm buying spree.

SourceLair Rolls Out Online IDE

The startup promises to get developers coding in just seconds.

Are Developers Losing Interest in Google Glass?

Even Sergey Brin is no longer always wearing the high-tech specs.

Report: 6% of Mobile Gamers Generate 51% of Revenue

And mobile gamers are getting younger.

Google to Shut Down Google Wallet API

Websites that use the API will need to find a new payment solution, but it will continue working for mobile apps on Google Play.

Win the Turing Award, Get $1 Million

Thanks to Google, computer science's top award now pays out four times as much as it used to.

Microsoft Debuts Community Version of Visual Studio

Now individuals and small teams can access more of the IDE's features for free.

10 Open Source Apps Built with Go

The programming language is young but powers some fairly impressive projects.

Amazon Cloud Drive Releases an API

The new tool provides developers with easy access to storage.

Gartner Predicts 25 Billion Connected Devices by 2020

Experts agree that IoT will be big, but they disagree on how big.

Statistical Programming Languages Becoming More Popular

Big data is bringing big attention to R, MatLab, LabView and S.

Does the Mobile Development Industry Need a Standard for Cards?

Cards are becoming a common design feature for new mobile apps.

EFF Petitions to Repeal API Copyright Decision

Dozens of computer scientists are asking the Supreme Court to overturn an appeals court decision in the Oracle v. Google case.

Coding Schools Band Together for ReskillUSA Project

The new effort wants to "close the gap between technical education and employment."

Google Releases Android App Success Guide

The guide aims to help mobile development firms make more money on Google Play.

Study: Language Choice Has Only a Small Impact on Code Quality

Clojure, Haskell, Ruby, Scala and TypeScript are less likely to result in coding errors.

Farmville Creators Launch Toro App Marketing Tool

The tool helps mobile development firms acquire users through Facebook.

Google Begins Rolling Out Android 5.0 Lollipop

What do mobile development pros need to know about the update?

8 Mobile Development Predictions for 2015

Just when developers think they're beginning to understand mobile, the market may be about to shift.

Microsoft Ends Some Windows 7 Sales

There are now nearly as many people running Windows 8 as Windows XP.

Mozilla to Launch Developer Browser Nov. 10

The open source company wants to help developers "debug the whole Web."

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