September 28, 2016
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Google Play Store Now Uncoupled from Google+
Users no longer need a Google+ account to leave reviews for mobile development firms on …

Russia Fines Google $6.75 Million for Android App Bundling
The company is in trouble for requiring device makers to install Google apps as a …

Google App Engine Improves Its Python Support
The Google App Engine Flexible Environment now supports Python 3.4 and 2.7.

Forecast: App Store to Include 5 Million Apps by 2020
The mobile development industry is putting out a lot more games than other types of apps.

Oracle Unveils New Goals for JVM
The Java Virtual Machine will continue to support many languages and will offer better …

C Language Drops to Lowest Popularity Rating
SQL developers are the biggest complainers, while Objective-C devs are the least likely to …

Pokémon Go Generates $200 Million in Its First Month
The hit game is setting records in the mobile development industry.

Android Widens Its Lead over iOS in Developer Mindshare, Report Says
More mobile development pros are targeting Google's platform.

Apple Launches Bug Bounty Program with Top Payouts of $200K
You'll need an invitation if you want to participate in the program.

MIT Researchers Unveil Interactive Dynamic Video
The new technology lets viewers "touch" objects in videos.

App Store Developers Earned $50 Billion in July
Pokémon Go sales helped set a record.

Kaspersky to Offer Bug Bounties through HackerOne
The company has set aside $50,000 for the program.

HoloLens Sales Now Open to General Public
If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can buy five HoloLens devices from the Microsoft …

Computer Scientist Seymour Papert Dead at 88
Papert helped create the Logo programming language, One Laptop Per Child and Lego …

Study: Subscriptions Becoming Very Common for Mobile Apps
The mobile development industry also relies heavily on ads.

Report: Apple's App Store to Add Recommendations
The move could help mobile development firms increase their downloads.

Report: 29% of Americans to Own Wearables by 2021
Wearable sales are forecasted to climb to $9.8 billion.

Samsung Reports Highest Profits in 2 Years
The company sold a lot more smartphones than Apple did in the most recent quarter.

iPhone, iPad Sales Decline Sharply
Apple's revenue and profits dropped, but beat analyst expectations.

Cyanogen Lays Off Staff
Despite reports to the contrary, the mobile development company insists it isn't pivoting …

Wire Open Sources Secure Messaging App
Having access to the code will make it easier for developers to add secure messaging to …

Verizon to Buy Yahoo
The deal is worth about $4.83 billion.

Machine Learning Comes to Comic Books
Google is making it easier to read comics on smartphones.

RedMonk: JavaScript Remains Most Popular Programming Language
The top five on this list of programming languages have stayed the same since January 2015.

Windows 10 Update Will Include Developer Mode
Microsoft wants to make its operating system more developer-friendly.

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