August 16, 2017
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IBM Debuts Microservices Builder
The tool simplifies the process of building apps based on microservices application …

DHS Contest Seeks AI for Identifying Weapons in Airports
First place wins $500,000.

Apple Reportedly Cleaning Clone Apps out of App Store
Hundreds of thousands of iOS apps have been removed.

Mobile Gaming Sessions Decline, Revenue Increases
Time spent with games remains about the same.

Survey: Python Now Most Popular Development Tool
Git, Visual Studio and Eclipse are next on the list.

The NSA Launches a Public Github Page
The intelligence agency is letting the open source community in on some of its secrets.

Google Releases 2 More Computer Vision Tools
The company’s machine learning tools are getting better at object recognition.

Coders Who Use Spaces Instead of Tabs Make More Money
The strange effect holds true across countries and development platforms.

AWS, Azure Top Magic Quadrant for IaaS
Google, Alibaba, IBM and Oracle all trail the cloud computing leaders.

IBM Bluemix to Connect with BMW CarData
The cloud development platform will soon have access to data from connected cars.

Report: Amazon Wants to Buy Slack
The rumored price tag is $9 billion.

Android Excellence Program Spotlights Top Apps and Games
The curated collection will update quarterly.

Open Source Community Brings Visual Studio Code to Chromebook, Raspberry Pi
The IDE now runs on ARM hardware.

Atlassian Rolls Out DevOps Bundle
DevOps and agile software development teams can now easily adopt all of Atlassian's team …

Google Finalizes Android O APIs
Mobile development firms can start updating their apps for the new OS.

Junior Data Scientist Glut Leads to Dip in Pay
Data scientist salaries are still among the highest in IT.

Google Play May Penalize Incentivized Installs, Ratings, Reviews
The company doesn't want mobile development firms to attempt to manipulate app placement …

Cisco: IoT Will Account for Half of All Connected Devices by 2021
Connected homes will likely drive much of that growth.

Azure Thwarts 1.5 Million Cyberattacks Per Day
Keeping Microsoft's cloud computing service secure is a costly endeavor.

Google Announces Spinnaker 1.0 Continuous Delivery Tool
The open source project supports multiple cloud computing services.

Google Increases Top Android Bug Bounty to $200,000
The company wants to focus more attention on finding TrustZone, Verified Boot and Android …

WWDC 2017: Apple's Announcements for Developers
The company is revamping the App Store and making incremental improvements to its …

Microsoft Updates Cognitive Toolkit
The open source artificial intelligence (AI) tools were formerly known as the …

GitHub Survey Highlights Gender Imbalance in Open Source
The report also revealed that poor documentation plagues the open source community.

Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Vim in a Keyboard Overlay
Helpful tool makes it easier to get to know the complicated text editor.

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