April 20, 2014
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Google Schedules Modular Smartphone Developer Conferences

Will your next smartphone arrive in pieces?

Europe Takes Aim at In-App Purchases

EU leaders are meeting with mobile development companies to discuss problems with the "freemium" model.

Samsung Updates SDKs to Support New Hardware

Mobile development firms can start making apps for the Galaxy S5, Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

Which Cloud Computing Service Is the Fastest?

Google Compute Engine does well on Java benchmarks.

Intel Announces Integrated Native Developer Experience

The toolset will support both Windows and Android.

Some Markets Better Than Others for the Mobile Development Industry

Japan, South Korea and Australia are the most lucrative.

Report: 95% of Top Free Mobile Apps Exhibit Risky Behaviors

More malicious apps are making their way onto Google Play.

15 Non-Certified IT Skills Employers Want

Mobile development and big data skills are on the list.

Java and Scala Becoming More Alike

Scala's creator says similarity between the languages is good for Scala.

Free Class Teaches Developers to Use Google Drive API

The class is available through Code School.

Google I/O Scheduled for June 25-26

The annual developer conference will feature a new registration process.

Are Programming 'Laws' Valid?

A software engineering expert examines whether data supports popular maxims.

Why Write Apps for the Pebble Smartwatch?

The company has an app store, but no way to monetize apps.

DDOS Attack Leads to Stack Overflow Outage

The popular programming question-and-answer website is back online.

Survey: 60% of Mobile Developers Plan to Offer 5 or More Apps

A growing number of developers create apps for both iOS and Android.

Windows 8 Milestone: 200 Million Licenses Sold

The new OS doesn't seem to be selling as fast as Windows 7.

Affectiva SDK Adds Emotion Detection to Mobile Apps

The new technology can tell how people are feeling by looking at them.

Xamarin Launches Mobile Development Training Program

Xamarin University uses a just-in-time training model.

Nielsen: 65% of Americans Own Smartphones

People are spending more time with their phones and less time with TV.

Which Programming Languages Can Help You Land a Job?

Java is first on the list.

Developer Shuts Down Popular Flappy Bird App

Why would a developer pull an app that was making him rich?

Report: HTML5 Popularity Increasing

iOS and Android still dominate the mobile development industry.

Gingerbread Still Accounts for 20% of Android Devices

Less than 2 percent of Android devices run KitKat.

How Microsoft's Foursquare Deal Could Benefit Developers

Mobile developers might be able to build apps with better contextual awareness.

California Regulators Target Coding Schools

The fledgling schools could face fines or closure if they fail to register with authorities.

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