January 23, 2017
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FitBit Acquires Pebble's Software, Devs
The smartwatch maker is closing its doors.

iOS Developers Must Improve App Security by Dec. 31 — Or Else
Only 3 percent of apps currently meet Apple's security requirements.

Supreme Court Rules in Samsung's Favor in iPhone Patent Lawsuit
The lower court will have to reconsider its $399 million damage award.

Gartner: One Third of Users Abandon Their Wearables
Consumers quickly tire of their shiny new toys.

Python Rises, C Falls in Popularity Rankings
Artificial intelligence could be contributing to Python's popularity.

Alphabet to Open Source DeepMind AI
The company hopes to further research into artificial intelligence.

Code.org Kicks Off Third Annual Hour of Code Initiative
This year's event has a sports theme.

Google Unveils OSS-Fuzz Continuous Testing for Open Source
For now, only large open source projects can use the service.

AWS Adds More Services for Developers
The cloud computing services is adding more DevOps support.

Google Releases App Maker Low-Code Development Tool
The tool can help create basic apps to meet enterprise needs.

AWS Adds 3 AI Services
The cloud computing giant will add more artificial intelligence capabilities next year.

AWS Expands Partner Program
The cloud computing service has new programs related to VMware, Amazon Echo and IoT.

Facebook Adds Instant Games to Messenger
Interested developers can apply to be part of the program.

Google Offers 10,000 Scholarships for EU Android Devs
The scholarships will pay for Udacity classes.

Obama Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Computer Scientists
Margaret H. Hamilton and Rear Admiral Grace Hopper both received the award.

Red Hat Releases Developer Toolset 6, Software Collections 2.3
The two packages give Linux developers all the tools they need to create great …

Startup Connects West African Developers with US Companies
Andela has connected more than 100 developers with jobs.

AWS Slashes Storage Prices
The cloud computing vendor also announced it is using the MXNet deep learning framework.

IBM Rolls Out Watson IoT Consulting Solutions
The company has specific offerings for the automotive, electronics and insurance …

DoD, HackerOne Launch 'Hack the Army' Program
The Department of Defense is now offering bug bounties.

Microsoft to Shut Down Azure DataMarket
The cloud computing service also made several other announcements.

Alibaba's Cloud Computing Unit Expands Global Reach
The Chinese firm is opening four new data centers.

Apple Offers Free Coding Classes for a Week
Free development instruction is coming to an Apple Store near you.

Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation
And Google has joined the .NET Foundation.

Eclipse Che IDE Expands Support for Docker, Language Server Protocol, OpenShift
The open source cloud development tool is also getting better support for PHP.

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