July 3, 2015
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Amazon Launches Mobile App Ad Platform

The mobile development industry has a new tool for hawking its wares.

Java 9 General Release Scheduled for Sept. 22, 2016

The update will be feature complete by the end of the year.

What the Mobile Development Industry Is Learning From Casinos

Mobile apps are becoming more like slot machines.

Is It OK to Be an 'Average' Developer?

One well-known developer says the myth of the 10x programmer is harmful to the industry.

9 Programming Languages Invented by Women

COBOL, FORMAC and several other languages had female creators.

New Facebook Ads Combine In-App Purchases and App Installs

Now users can install an app and make a purchase with one tap.

What to Expect at Google I/O 2015

The schedule briefly mentioned something called "Android M."

GoDaddy Launches Pro Service for Web Developers

The new service includes monitoring and client management capabilities.

Singapore's Prime Minister Writes Code

The country's leader created his own Sudoku solver.

Pinterest Launches Beta Developers Platform

The popular social site has released some new APIs.

Google Experiments with Dart-Based Android Apps

The Dart on Android project is called "Sky."

Facebook's Internet.Org Now Open to All Developers

The initiative aims to provide Internet services to those in developing countries.

Building the Internet of Cows

Hooking cows up to health sensors monitored by cloud-based machine learning tools could help dairy farmers increase their productivity.

iOS Developers Testing Apple App Analytics

Apple has begun beta trials of the new service ahead of its WWDC event in June.

Google Releases Guide to UX Principles

The Android maker is offering tips for mobile development pros on how to make more successful apps.

Microsoft Opens Up Visual Studio to iOS and Android Developers

The company also unveiled its new Edge browser and a free coding tool.

Facebook App Developers Have Until April 30 to Update to Graph API 2.0

If developers haven't updated their apps by the deadline, Facebook will apply the update automatically.

Google Play Q1 Downloads 70% Higher Than iOS

The winner of the revenue battle in the mobile development industry is a little unclear.

Security Researchers Say 25,000 iOS Apps Contain Security Vulnerability

Mobile development firms are advised to update their apps immediately.

Report: Google Working on New Version of Glass

Luxottica is said to be partnering with Google on Glass 2.

3,000 Apps in Apple Watch Store at Launch

Some analysts think the store will have more than 100,000 apps by the end of next year.

PHP 7 to Offer 100% Performance Improvements

The update is scheduled for a production release in October.

Apple Rushing Developer Watch Orders

Developers who want to order the Apple Watch can skip to the front of the line.

DHS to Open Silicon Valley Office

The feds are hiring developers.

Mobile App Installs Climbed 70% in 2014

Entertainment apps and games continue to dominate in the mobile development industry.

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