October 26, 2016
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Raspberry Pi Launches Starter Kit
The low-cost development board just passed 10 million in sales.

Apple Unveils iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
The App Store has served more than 140 billion app downloads.

Microsoft Open Sources Pieces of Bing
The newly released code includes a just-in-time compiler.

Intel Buys Movidius to Power VR, AI, IoT
Movidius's processors will be used to enhance Intel's RealSense computer vision technology.

OpenOffice Developers Consider Shuttering the Project
Too few developers are still working on the open source office productivity suite.

ComScore: Americans Spend Half Their Digital Media Time with Apps
Mobile devices account for 68 percent of online time.

Google Opens Early Access Program to All Developers
Mobile development firms can now submit their apps for consideration in the popular …

Apple to Clean Out the App Store
Apps that don't meet current guidelines will have thirty days to clean up their act.

Baidu Open Sources PaddlePaddle Machine Learning Framework
The tool is said to be easy to train because of its reliance on Python libraries.

HPE Launches Haven OnDemand Combinations
The new cloud computing service makes it easy to add artificial intelligence to apps.

Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Unveil AI Soon
The Facebook CEO has been working on an artificial intelligence assistant designed to …

Report: Chinese and Russian Devs Are the Most Talented
The U.S. and India have the most programmers.

Google Ignition Cuts JavaScript Code by 25-50%
The new JavaScript interpreter can reduce memory use and increase speed for the Chrome …

C# 7.0 Will Offer Tuples and Pattern Matching
The object-oriented language for the .NET framework is getting faster and simpler.

Survey: Mobile Development Pros Prefer Biometrics for Security
Encryption and NFC also ranked as important mobile security tools.

How Apple Quietly Embraced AI
Artificial intelligence is embedded in Apple's products, but the company hasn't been very …

iOS Mobile Web Debugging Comes to Visual Studio Code
Mobile development pros can now debug iOS mobile Web apps from PCs.

Report: Google to Release Daydream VR Service within Weeks
The company is said to be working on the project with Hulu and YouTube content creators.

Google Releases Android Nougat 7.0
The mobile development platform has more than 250 new features.

Qt Debuts Qt Lite
The cross-platform application development framework will support more devices, including …

Google to Discontinue Chrome Apps for Windows, Mac, Linux
The company plans to continue supporting Chrome OS.

Survey: 59% of Mobile Developers Have Created Fewer Than 5 Apps
The majority of mobile development pros haven't yet created a wearable app.

Study: People Ignore Up to 90% of Software Security Warnings
Developers need to time warnings so that they don't interrupt people in the middle of …

Android Captures 86.2% of Smartphone Market, Gartner Says
Sales of high-end Android smartphones are climbing.

Google Releases Go 1.7
The new version of the programming language is much faster than before.

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