July 1, 2016
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Report: Apple Is Speeding Up the App Review Process
Faster reviews generate more revenue for Apple.

Facebook Open Sources Capture the Flag Hacking Platform
The tool can help run security education games.

IPDF, W3C Mull Merger
The groups have been collaborating for three years already.

Report: App Store Search Glitch Caused 10% Drop in Downloads
Some apps lost more than half of their daily downloads.

Report Highlights Importance of In-App Video Ad Length
Younger people like shorter ads.

Siri Creators Demo New AI Platform
Viv can interact with a lot of different Web and mobile services.

Oracle and Google Head Back to Court
This time the trial will decide whether Android's use of Java APIs count as "fair use."

App Store Suffers Major Search Glitch
The problem could impact downloads and revenues for the mobile development industry.

SkinTrack Turns Your Skin into a Touchscreen
The technology could provide a new user interface for smartwatches.

Who Takes Free Online Coding Classes?
A lot of self-taught developers are young men who want to start their own businesses.

IBM Launches Quantum Computing Cloud Service
For now, the service is intended for research purposes only.

10-Year-Old Earns $10,000 Bug Bounty
A Finnish boy hacked Instagram, despite not being old enough for an account.

Qualcomm Unveils Deep Learning SDK
Mobile development firms will be able to use the Neural Processing Engine SDK to create …

Report Finds High Revenue Potential for In-App Video Ads
Mobile gamers are very willing to watch video ads in exchange for in-game rewards.

Craig Wright Claims to be Bitcoin Inventor
Plenty of doubt remains.

Google Play Now Warning Users About Apps with Ads
Will the change impact downloads?

FTC Extends Android Antitrust Probe
Google faces a similar investigation in Europe.

IEEE Computer Society Names Grady Booch as Computer Pioneer
The IBM researcher was one of the creators of the UML.

Apple Reports First Sales Decline in 13 Years
The slowdown in iPhone sales could be significant for the mobile development industry.

Microsoft Unveils More Azure IoT Tools
The company has released previews of its Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Gateway SDK.

U.S. Launches Cyberattacks on ISIS
“We are dropping cyberbombs,” said one official.

Rumor: Is Google Play Coming to Chromebooks?
The mobile development industry could soon have a larger market for Android apps.

U.S. Internet Ad Revenue Climbs 20%
The mobile development industry is responsible for an increasing share of those ad dollars.

What's on the Schedule for Google I/O 2016?
An early look at the agenda for the development conference reveals a lot of focus on VR.

Meteor Unveils Apollo GraphQL-Based Data Stack
The new tool is based on Facebook's GraphQL language.

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