September 4, 2015
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Android 6.0: M Is for Marshmallow
Google has released the last developer preview of its updated mobile development platform.

Oracle Claims Google Has 'Destroyed' the Java Market
The company wants to expand its copyright lawsuit.

Parse Open Sources Its SDKs
Mobile development firms can now see the code for Facebook's backend-as-a-service.

Android Faces More Security Woes
The Stagefright patch doesn't work the way it is supposed to.

Android Experiments Website Highlights Unusual Apps
Google's new site showcases mobile development with "new or unique uses of technology, …

Salesforce Partners Unveil Apple Watch Apps
The twenty apps were built on the Salesforce Wear developer platform.

Google Now Part of Alphabet; Android Still Part of Google
Google has a new parent company.

Report: People Aren't Buying Regular Watches Anymore
Smartwatches and fitness wearables are eroding the watch market.

Cyanogen Claims 'More Users Than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Combined'
The Android alternative has 50 million active users.

Google, Samsung, LG Plan Monthly Android Updates
The move comes in the wake of several zero-day security bug announcements.

Project Islandwood Bridges iOS and Windows 10 App Development
Microsoft has released the tool under an open source license.

Study Finds 24,093 Different Android Devices in Use
Android fragmentation continues to be a problem for the mobile development industry.

Female Developers Tweet #ilooklikeanengineer
The hashtag is raising awareness about women and minorities working in IT.

One Developer's Toughest Bugs
One error miscalculated oil trading figures by $800 million.

Smartphone Shipments Climb 16%
Apple and Microsoft shipments rose; Samsung shipments fell.

Hitchhiking Robot Decapitated in Philly
The Canadians and Europeans were much friendlier than the Americans.

Google Releases Android Studio 1.3
The updated version of the IDE offers better support for C++.

Buzz Language Controls Swarms of Robots
The programming language is designed to be used with self-organizing robots.

14 Million Devices Download Windows 10 in 24 Hours
Microsoft hopes to see its new operating system on a billion devices someday.

Security Tops List of IoT Developer Concerns
Internet of things developers are concentrating on business apps, not consumer apps, for …

The Most Popular Programming Languages at Hackathons
Web technologies top the list.

Tech Luminaries Call for Ban on AI Weapons
AI developers don't want to create Skynet.

Researchers Warn of Vulnerabilities in iOS, Android
The Apple bug generates fake invoices; the Android bug spreads via text.

IBM Acquires Cloud Database Provider Compose
Big Blue continues to expand its cloud computing offerings.

Report Ties Lack of Female Developers to Middle School Class Choices
The researchers say girls are avoiding difficult math classes, which prevents them from …

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