August 1, 2014
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Microsoft Joins Open Source IoT Group

The AllSeen Alliance was founded by the Linux Foundation.

Amazon Fights FTC on In-App Purchases

The company has declined a settlement offer.

A Guide to GitHub Etiquette

Look like a pro when submitting your first pull request.

Windows Phone Sales Slump

Sales of Windows Phone devices are down in the United States and China.

Wanted: 4.5 Million IoT Developers

If the Internet of Things is ever going to take off, it will need a lot of developers.

Report: Freemium Apps Account for 98% of Google Play Revenue

Google Play app downloads increased 50 percent year-over-year.

Android Revenue Per User Lags Far Behind iOS

An analyst calculates that the average Android user spends about a quarter as much on apps as the average iOS user.

Google Unveils Android L

Soon Android will be just about everywhere.

Kaplan Acquires Dev Bootcamp

It's another sign that learn-to-code schools are taking off.

Firefox Now Includes an IDE

WebIDE supports the creation of HTML5 Web apps.

Google's Nest Launches a Developer Program

A new API will make it easier to create gadgets and apps for a connected home.

Amazon Will Give Developers $15,000 in Amazon Coins to Give Away

The company wants mobile development firms to create apps that use Fire Phone features.

Report: Half of All Software Developers Are Mobile Developers

The number of developers worldwide has doubled since 2010.

RedMonk: Java, JavaScript Tie As Most Popular Programming Languages

The brand-new Swift is already number 68.

Google Invests $50 Million in Teaching Girls to Code

The Made with Code initiative hopes to interest young women in computer science.

What’s In the Fire Phone for Developers

Firefly and Dynamic Perspective could be game-changing.

Amazon Releases Developer Stats Ahead of Expected Smartphone Launch

Mobile development firms say they make as much from Kindle Fire as from other platforms.

Project Panana Aims to Join Java and C

The open source project would allow Java applications to access non-Java APIs.

Google Play Faces EU Antitrust Complaint

Aptiode says Google makes it difficult for alternative Android app stores to compete.

Can Learning to Code Help Break the Cycle of Poverty?

CodersTrust is helping people in Bangladesh learning programming skills.

Startups Help Developers Manage Reviews

Good reviews can help mobile development firms attract more users.

New iOS Policy Prevents Apps from Rewarding Sharing and Video Watching

Candy Crush and Tapjoy could be in trouble.

Google Releases Open Source PDF Tools

PDFium will be incorporated into the Chromium browser.

Swift is Slow

In benchmark tests, Apple's new programming language lagged behind Objective-C.

Report: Mobile User Acquisition Costs Rise 5%

It's getting more expensive for mobile development firms to find users.

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