July 6, 2015
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All San Francisco Students to Study Computer Science

Even preschoolers and kindergarteners will be learning programming skills.

Facebook to Build Apps with React Native

The social network says the development framework is a good compromise between mobile Web and native mobile development.

Apple Updates Developer Program

The company has paid $30 billion to mobile development firms.

Report: Apple Watch Apps Have Very Low Crash Rate

Crash rates for iOS and Android remain stable.

Amazon Is Hiring Game Developers

The company is working on its first PC game.

Airbnb Open Sources Airflow and Aerosolve

The tools relate to data management and machine learning.

IDC: Wearables Market Tripled in One Year

Manufacturers shipped 11.4 million wearable devices in the first quarter.

SourceForge Loses Credibility After GIMP Scandal

The open source hosting service stands accused of injecting malware and adware into projects.

Google Launches Mobile Offline SDK

The new tool supports iOS as well as Android.

Report Finds Growing Mobile Development 'Middle Class'

More mobile developers are making a decent living without striking it rich.

Atap Projects On Display at I/O

Google showed off smart fabrics, gesture-based controls and password-elimination technologies.

Report: Japan Leads in Google Play Revenue

Android downloads and profitability have climbed 30 percent since last year.

Google I/O News for Developers

Android M, new development tools and much, much more.

Google Mobile Search Linking Directly to iOS Apps

The change could increase usage for some iOS apps.

Developer Programs 55-Year-Old Mainframe to Mine Bitcoin

But it will be a long, long, long time before the system mines its first block.

Obama Administration Says APIs Should Be Subject to Copyright

The Supreme Court had asked for the government's views on the Oracle v. Google case.

Microsoft to Release Windows 10 App for iOS, Android

The company is also planning to bring Cortana to the competing mobile platforms.

Report: Google Is Creating an IoT OS Called Brillo

The Brillo project is said to be independent of Nest.

NSA, Allies Developed Android Attack

The man-in-the-middle attack could have installed spyware when users attempted to download legitimate apps from Google Play.

Developer Hiring: 5 Top Trends

Few surprises on this list.

Microsoft Open Sources WCF

The company continues to release pieces of .NET under open source licenses.

Code Fellows Offers Scholarships for Women, Minorities, Veterans

The program is intended to help improve diversity among developers.

Report: Google Play May Add Some A/B Testing Capabilities

The move would help mobile development firms better market their wares.

Report: Social and Communication Apps See Highest Usage

Games still generate the most revenue for mobile development firms.

Io.js to Reunite with Node.js

The two open source projects will converge under the governance of the Node Foundation.

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