December 3, 2016
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Google to Release Assistant SDK Next Month
The tool will allow mobile development firms to connect Google Assistant to their apps.

Survey: APIs Increase Profits 13.5%
Research shows that enterprises creating APIs experience a number of benefits.

Java, C Still Most Popular Programming Languages
Haskell, Objective-C and Swift are all increasing in popularity.

Survey: Half of Developers Creating Mobile Apps
The mobile development industry now includes 12 million app builders.

Fake Apps Flood the App Store
Counterfeit retail apps are trying to attract holiday shoppers.

Microsoft Teams Offers Features for Developers
The Slack competitor supports DevOps and Agile software development.

98% of Developers Use Open Source Tools
Developers don't want to work for employers unless they use updated tools.

Survey: 1 in 5 Enterprises Release Software More than Once Per Day
DevOps and agile software development practices are speeding enterprise application …

More Mobile Internet Users than Desktop Users, Report Says
Web developers have more reasons than ever to design their sites and Web apps for …

Report: Only 20% of Enterprises Integrate Security Testing in App Development Processes
Firms hope that agile software development methodologies will improve security.

Tablet Shipments Drop Nearly 15%
The mobile development industry could see fewer app users with large screens.

Apple Adds Touch Bar Support to Xcode IDE
The company's development tools now support its new MacBook Pro hardware.

Google AIs Create Their Own Encryption
Neural nets were able to create novel encryption methods that other neural nets weren't …

Mozilla Is Working on a New Browser Engine Called Quantum
The open source project builds on Gecko, Servo and Rust.

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus Building Windows VR Headsets
The manufacturers are working on low-cost tethered headsets with advanced motion tracking …

Microsoft Announces Surface Studio, Windows 10 Creators Update
The software giant is targeting creative professionals with a Windows update and new …

Google Hosts Dart Developer Conference
The company uses the JavaScript variant for a lot of internal projects.

Apple Reports First Profit Decline in 15 Years
Sales of iPhones and other gear fell 8 percent.

Report Outlines Steps for Increasing the Number of Women Developers
Change needs to start in schools.

Microsoft Updates CNTK Artificial Intelligence Tools
The deep learning toolkit makes it easier for developers to harness the power of AI.

AI Correctly Predicts 79% of Human Rights Verdicts
The artificial intelligence technology is unlikely to replace human judges.

DoD Expands Hack the Pentagon Program
The pilot program identified more than a hundred serious bugs.

Microsoft's Cloud Reaches $13 Billion Annual Run Rate
The company's Q1 earnings beat expectations.

LeEco Launches in the U.S.
The Chinese company makes smartphones, smart TVs, VR headsets and even Android bikes.

Disney Launches an Open Source Program
Developers can now use and contribute to Disney's computer animation technology.

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