December 1, 2015
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Codeanywhere Increases Speed by 4x
The cloud development platform is now a lot faster.

Zuckerberg Predicts Slow Ramp for Virtual Reality
Facebook will be going after gamers with its Oculus Rift devices.

Intel Expands IoT Platform
The company is adding new hardware and software to support Internet of Things development.

Node.js Foundation Releases Node.js 5
It's only been a month since version 4 came out.

Windows 10 Growth Slows
More than half of PC owners still run Windows 7.

Google Play Gets a 'Go Live' Button
Mobile development firms can now control when users receive updates to Android apps.

Is Google Merging Chrome OS and Android?
The Wall Street Journal says Chrome OS is going away, but a Google exec says it isn't.

Verizon Unveils ThingSpace IoT Platform
The company wants to make it easier to get Internet of Things projects working.

Facebook Institutes 2G Tuesdays for Its Developers
The practice is meant to make the mobile development team more sensitive to users in the …

Developers Can Now Charge $400 for Android Apps
The change could be good for mobile development firms with enterprise-focused apps.

Mozilla to Give Away $1 Million to Open Source Projects
Up to ten projects could share funding from the Mozilla Open Source Support program.

Are Developers Losing Interest in Wearables?
The number of developers with immediate wearables plans has declined.

BlackBerry Priv Android Smartphone Goes on Sale
The device costs $699.

Samsung, Oracle Partner on Mobile, Wearables
The partnership mirrors a similar arrangement between IBM and Apple.

Magic Leap Shows Off Its Augmented Reality OS
Google and other tech firms have invested $542 million in the startup.

Facebook TechPrep Initiative Aims to Improve Developer Diversity
The social network wants to help parents encourage their kids to pursue careers in …

Zend Updates Tools for PHP 7
The latest update to PHP is said to improve performance by up to 70 percent.

MIT Claims Its AI Data Scientist Outperforms Most Humans
The AI was nearly as accurate as humans and a whole lot faster.

Apple Removes 256 iOS Apps from App Store for Privacy Violations
The apps, most of which were made by Chinese developers, used a third-party advertising …

Thousands of Magento Websites Infected by Malware
Web developers who use the Magento CMS should check their sites for malicious code.

Report: App Store Revenue Now 80% Higher than Google Play Revenue
The Android store still has 90 percent more downloads.

Developer Trends to Watch in 2016
Containerization and real-time big data analytics will likely be significant.

Google's Universal App Campaigns Goes Live
The tool makes it easier for Android developers to advertise their apps.

Mobile Development Firms Join Games for Change Movement
The movement encourages developers to create products that accomplish social good.

Samsung Launches Second Tizen-Based Phone
The smartphone manufacturer isn't giving up on its homegrown operating system despite lack …

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