October 25, 2014
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Samsung Employs Twice as Many Software Engineers as Google

The Korean firm has more employees than Apple, Google and Microsoft combined.

Shell Shock Vulnerability Could Impact 500 Million Websites

Most flavors of Unix, Linux and OS X are vulnerable to a new security vulnerability.

Apple HealthKit Fix Breaks iPhone 6, 6 Plus

The company is working on a new patch for iOS 8.

The Best Development Books of the Year

These books just won Jolt Awards.

iOS 8 Adoption Nears 50%

However, some people who have upgraded their iPhones and iPads are reporting high crash rates.

Apple Sold 10 Million iPhones Over the Weekend

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus set new sales records for the company.

Modern.IE Adds Support for Vagrant, Parallels

Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web development toolset is getting new support for virtualization tools.

Development Predictions for the Next Five Years

GPUs, JavaScript, IoT and WordPress apps could be hot trends.

HealthKit Bug Delays App Launches

Apple hopes to have the problem fixed by the end of September.

Facebook App Insights Provides More Visibility into App Usage

The tool can help the mobile development industry track how users are interacting with apps.

Report: Time Spent in Apps Increases 21%

Users are spending even more time with music, health and social networking apps.

Facebook Announces Open Source Organization Called TODO

The social network wants to help other companies get involved in open source development.

Nearly Half of iOS Apps Crash Regularly, Says Report

The iPad Mini crashes the most often.

Google Offers Startups $100K in Cloud Credits

To be eligible, companies must be less than five years old and generate less than half a million dollars per year.

Swift Programming Language Reaches 1.0 Status

Apps written with Swift can now be submitted to Apple's App Store.

Report: Android Remains Dominant Mobile OS in July

Apple was the top mobile manufacturer.

Apple Unveils WatchKit for Apple Watch

It isn't called "iWatch," but Apple did finally launch a wearable device.

Java, C++ Decline in Popularity

Domain-specific languages seem to be gaining users.

New Project Honors Female ENIAC Programmers

Six women helped create the ENIAC.

Report: Rumored iWatch Will Support Third-Party Apps

Sources say that Apple gave a wearable SDK to a few app developers.

Google Settles In-App Purchase Dispute for $19 Million

The company will send refunds to parents whose children racked up big charges on Android apps.

Google Plans Cloud Platform Live Event for Nov. 4.

This is the second time the company has held one of these cloud development events this year.

Big App 2014 Looks for European Mobile Development Talent

Facebook is promoting the competition.

DWNLD Converts Web Apps to Mobile Apps

A startup aims to make it easier for content publishers to create apps.

The Top 23 Technologies of 2022

Cloud computing, big data, IoT and 3D printing are on the list.

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