April 19, 2014
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Cisco's $1 Billion Cloud Plan

The networking giant wants to build a "global intercloud" that could power the Internet of Things.

Report: 79% of iOS App Revenue Comes from In-App Purchases

The percentage is even higher in China and Japan.

Facebook Releases Programming Language Called 'Hack'

Hack is a lot like PHP but adds better security and productivity enhancements.

Report: Female Developers Are Paid as Much as Men

While the development industry is still dominated by men, some say it has become more welcoming to women.

10 Quick and Easy Mobile Development Tools

You don't even need to know how to code to use many of these tools.

Google Adds Features to Cloud Development Platform

The company released an APIs Client Library for .NET, as well as tools for working with Puppet, Chef, Salt and Ansible.

Microsoft's Leslie Lamport Wins Turing Award

The technology he developed underlies cloud computing, online security systems, modern databases, and even World of Warcraft and BitTorrent.

Oracle Releases Java 8

The updated version of the popular programming language supports lambda expressions.

Prominent Female Developer Leaves GitHub Amid Harassment Allegations

GitHub appears to be taking the charges seriously.

Google Play In-App Purchases Now Have Password Protection

The latest version of the Android app store has several other improvements as well.

Portrait of First-Time Programmer

A college freshman teaches himself to code in three days.

Report: More Than 700 Million Smartphone Users in China

The largest market for the mobile development industry continues to grow.

Chrome Web Store Adds Paid Extensions, Free Trials for Packaged Apps

Google has also added a developer dashboard.

New Tools Speed Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile development firms can find out if their apps have vulnerabilities in just milliseconds.

Google Now Accepting Summer of Code Applications

Student developers can get paid to work on open source projects.

Facebook to Hold Developer Conference April 20

F8 is returning after a three-year hiatus.

Google to Release SDK for Wearables

The new tools could help mobile development firms create apps for Android smartwatches and other devices.

GitHub Launches Developer Program

The program provides tools for using the GitHub API.

Wolfram Claims New Language Completely Changes Programming

The Wolfram language is said to be the largest programming language ever.

The Best Mobile Development Tools of 2014

Dr. Dobb's is handing out its annual Jolt Awards.

Yahoo Tests Mobile App-Install Ads

Marissa Mayer wants to help mobile development firms make money.

iOS Coming to a Car Near You

Apple shows off CarPlay at the Geneva Auto Show.

Survey: Mobile Developers Say Distribution, Monetization Are Key Challenges

A majority of developers with 20 or fewer apps make less than $1000 per month.

GSS Aims to Improve CSS

Grid Style Sheets are an alternative to the Famo.us JavaScript framework.

Report: Half of In-App Purchase Revenue Comes from 0.15% of Users

Less than 2 percent of users spend any money on free apps.

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