August 2, 2015
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Buzz Language Controls Swarms of Robots
The programming language is designed to be used with self-organizing robots.

14 Million Devices Download Windows 10 in 24 Hours
Microsoft hopes to see its new operating system on a billion devices someday.

Security Tops List of IoT Developer Concerns
Internet of things developers are concentrating on business apps, not consumer apps, for …

The Most Popular Programming Languages at Hackathons
Web technologies top the list.

Tech Luminaries Call for Ban on AI Weapons
AI developers don't want to create Skynet.

Researchers Warn of Vulnerabilities in iOS, Android
The Apple bug generates fake invoices; the Android bug spreads via text.

IBM Acquires Cloud Database Provider Compose
Big Blue continues to expand its cloud computing offerings.

Report Ties Lack of Female Developers to Middle School Class Choices
The researchers say girls are avoiding difficult math classes, which prevents them from …

Number of 'Mobile Addicts' Has Risen 59% This Year, Says Flurry
If mobile addicts had their own country, it would be the fourth most populous in the world.

Report Reveals Ad Fraud on Nearly 15% of Apps
The fraudulent apps also eat up smartphone battery life and network data.

Twitter Schedules Flight Developer Conference for October
The event will take place in San Francisco.

iPhone, App Store Revenues Climb But Fail to Meet Expectations
Apple isn't saying how many watches it has sold.

Where Have All the Software Startups Gone?
There are fewer developers working at startups than there were in 2009.

Is the Apple Watch a Flop?
Sales of the wearable device are lackluster, but customer satisfaction is high.

Report: Dozens of Very Popular Mobile Apps Vulnerable to Password Cracking
CNN, ESPN, Expedia and Walmart apps are among those that don't limit password attempts.

SourceForge Experiences Lengthy Outage
The open source code repository still isn't completely functional.

Who Is Making the Biggest IoT Investments?
IBM leads the way.

App Annie: Android Still Has More Downloads; iOS Still Has More Revenue
The second quarter stats show more of the same for the mobile development industry.

Top Things Intel Has for Developers (Not Just Hardware)
When someone mentions Intel, most developers think about the processors that are in many …

C++ Makes Big Gains in Popularity
Java is still at the top of the programming language popularity indexes.

The Fallout from 'Mobilegeddon'
Traffic to websites that aren't mobile friendly has fallen 12 percent.

MasterCard Global Hackathon to Award $100,000 Prize
The Masters of Code series will hold events in eleven different countries.

Firefox, Chrome Disable Support for Flash
Many in the tech industry are saying it is time for Flash to die.

Report: Apple Earns 92% of Smartphone Profits
A year ago, Apple had 65 percent of industry profits.

60% of App Developers Make Less than $500 Per Month, Says Vision Mobile
Only one in nine mobile development pros make more than $10,000 per month.

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