July 7, 2015
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Wearables Patents Growing 40% Per Year

Samsung holds more wearables patents than anyone else.

Casio to Build a Smartwatch

The company says it will create "a watch that tries to be smart."

Report: BlackBerry Venice Phone May Run Android

Will the struggling smartphone maker abandon BB10?

Chicago Begins Taxing Cloud Computing

The 9 percent tax applies to IaaS and PaaS, as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Sales Boost Android's U.S. Market Share

Fifty-five percent of U.S. Android buyers purchased Samsung devices.

MIT's CodePhage Fixes Bugs with Donor Code

The tool can correct programming errors in less than ten minutes.

Supreme Court Won't Hear Oracle v. Google Case

The lower court's ruling in favor of Oracle will stand.

What Is Mob Programming?

It's like pair programming but with more people.

Google Phasing Out Support for Android Developer Tools in Eclipse

Mobile development firms should transition to Android Studio.

Amazon Launches Alexa Skills Kit

The company is opening up the Echo speaker to third-party developers and is even providing $100 million in development funds.

New Deal Connects Yahoo Search to Java Updates

End users may be surprised to find that updating Java makes Yahoo their search engine.

Facebook Open Sources Nuclide IDE

The integrated development environment is based on GitHub's Atom.

Mobile Apps: U.S. User Retention Rises, Global Retention Falls

Forty-two percent of mobile users in the U.S. come back to an app eleven or more times.

Google AI Creates Art, Dreams

Just like humans, neural networks can see shapes in clouds.

Research: Devs Use Updates to Boost iOS App Downloads

Android developers release a lot more updates than iOS developers do.

Google Confirms Purchase of Agawi

The startup made technology for streaming apps over the Web.

Introducing WebAssembly, a New Binary Format for the Web

The tool will allow developers to write Web apps in languages other than JavaScript.

Report: 65% of IoT Apps Are Generating Revenue

Wearables, fitness and smart homes currently dominate the Internet of Things.

Node.js, Io.js Officially Reunite

The open source projects are one big happy family again.

Google Paying Bounties for Android Bugs

Last year the company paid more than $1.5 million to those who found vulnerabilities in its other products.

Study Finds Rise in Mobile Web Development

More than a quarter of organizations surveyed were shifting away from native mobile development.

Report: 32% of Top iPhone Developers Are Newcomers

It may seem like the top app charts never change, but a new report says that's not actually the case.

Oculus Rift Debuts VR Headset and Touch Controllers

The headset will go on sale early next year.

Report: BlackBerry May Build an Android Phone

If the rumors prove true, mobile development firms could find a new market for their Android apps.

iOS 9 Improves HomeKit Capabilities

Developers will have more ways to interact with the Internet of Things from Apple devices.

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