April 23, 2014
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GitHub Co-Founder Resigns Following Harassment Investigation

The report clears the executive of sexual discrimination but says he made errors in judgment.

App Stores Trade Promotions for Exclusivity

Apple and Google are competing for popular game titles.

Pew: Most Americans Fear Wearable Computing

They aren't that excited about driverless cars either.

Twitter Launches Mobile App Install Ads

The mobile development industry now has another way to help users find apps.

Google Development Conference Will Focus on Design

The company wants to help the mobile development industry create beautiful apps that meet user needs.

Hackers Compromise AWS Accounts to Mine Bitcoin

Developers need to be very careful about what they post on GitHub.

Report: Google Play Generates 45% More Downloads than App Store

But Apple's platform is still winning the revenue race.

Perl's Popularity Hits a New Low

C is still number one on the Tiobe Index.

Apple Formalizes Ad Identifier Rules

Mobile development firms that don't comply could have their apps rejected from the App Store.

Google Play, App Engine Get Heartbleed Patches

Some other Google cloud computing services are still vulnerable to the bug.

Android Gets Continual App Scanning

The new feature will find malicious apps that have been sideloaded onto devices.

Robin Seggelmann—The Developer Behind the Heartbleed Flaw

The German programmer says he did not introduce the vulnerability deliberately.

NASA Releases Catalog of Free Code for 1,000 Apps

The agency plans to set up an online repository sometime next year.

Number of Female Developers Hits All-Time High

Nearly one in five software developers are women.

Developers Rush to Handle Heartbleed

Most of the major Linux distributions have issued patches for the security vulnerability.

Google Delays I/O Conference Registration

You'll have to wait a week to sign up.

Finance App Revenue Climbs Sharply

Games remain the most lucrative app category overall.

Visual Studio Online Hits General Availability

The cloud-based IDE now promises 99.9 percent uptime.

Apple Announces Dates for WWDC: June 2-6

Like Google, the company will hold a lottery for tickets this year.

Microsoft Open Sources .NET

The former open source opponent has created a foundation to shepherd its development framework.

Microsoft Introduces Universal Windows Apps

The same code can run on Windows PCs, tablets and phones.

JavaFX—Analysts Express Doubts about Its Future

Is the open source RIA tool on its way out?

Flurry: Mobile App Usage Increases as Mobile Web Decreases

Games remain the most popular type of mobile app.

Study: Android Apps Crash Less Often than iOS Apps

Having the newest version of an OS can help prevent many crashes.

Google Play Revises Developer Policies

The new rules crack down on deceptive practices used by some in the mobile development industry.

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