August 19, 2014
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New Features for Java 9

Several JEPS could deliver new APIs and features.

Forked Android Is Growing Fast

Alternate versions of Android are especially popular in Asia.

Microsoft Improves Internet Explorer's Development Features

The F12 tools received bug fixes and various updates.

Amazon Appstore Adds Live App Testing

A similar feature is available in Google Play.

Swift's Popularity Falls

C and Java are still at the top of the programming popularity charts.

Which Technologies and Languages Do Successful Startups Use?

The strongest new companies don't use Microsoft's products.

Bing Improves Code-Search Features

The search engine is getting better at handling technical queries.

15 Technologies That Are Transforming Application Development

Cloud computing, devops, containerization, open source tools, Agile software development and other trends have changed coding in important ways.

iOS Devs Code More, Earn More Than Android Devs

It certainly looks like it's more fun to be an iOS developer.

Researchers Unveil Wyvern Web Programming Language

Wyvern lets Web developers use a lot of different languages in a single program.

Six Award-Winning Utilities for Developers

These are the winners of this year's Jolt Awards for utilities.

Samsung, Apple, End Patent Lawsuits Outside U.S.

The two rivals haven't reached any licensing agreements.

Survey: Most Coding Boot Camp Graduates Find Good Jobs

On average, graduates make 44 percent more than they did at their old jobs.

Google Refreshes Its HTML5 Tools

Google Web Designer now has better support for online ads.

Microsoft Eliminates Some Azure Discounts

The move is unusual in the cloud computing industry, where prices have been declining rapidly.

Android Accounted for 85% of Q2 Worldwide Smartphone Sales

Smartphone sales growth is slowing.

Four Tips on Creating Apps for Developing Markets

In many parts of the world, users have smaller, less powerful devices.

Ford to Hold Developer Conference Sept. 8

The event will include a hackathon and coincides with Super Mobility Week.

The Best Places to Work as a Developer

Hint: Silicon Valley isn't on the list.

Report: Half of 50 Most Popular Android Apps Have Security Vulnerabilities

Researchers will present the findings at the Black Hat conference.

China Launches Investigation of Microsoft, Raids Offices

Officials say the company uses its software monopoly to enable U.S. espionage.

Judge OKs Class-Action Lawsuit Related to Android In-App Purchases

The court says Android users can sue Google to recover in-app purchase fees.

Samsung Delays Tizen Smartphone Launch

Things aren't looking good for the Tizen OS.

13 Web Development Tools That Run on Android

If you want to write code from your smartphone or tablet, these tools can help.

Why Is Chrome 36 So Popular With JavaScript Developers?

The latest version of Google's browser has a feature called Object.observe() that solves a common development headache.

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