February 11, 2016
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Apple Releases Swift Benchmarking Tools Under an Open Source License
The Swift Benchmarking Suite includes 75 tools for testing the mobile development language.

Amazon Releases Lumberyard Gaming Engine
There's a hidden reference to zombies in the service terms.

Android Studio Gets New Features for 2.0 Release
The mobile development tool is getting Instant Run and a variety of other enhancements.

Windows 10 Boosts Windows Store Sales
This year's holiday transactions were double last year's.

MIT Processor Will Enable Local AI on Smartphones
Hardware is getting better at enabling machine learning.

Report: Google Working on a New VR Headset
Like Cardboard, the new device will require a smartphone to work.

Firefox OS Is Dead
Mozilla will stop supporting its smartphone operating system.

Python Shines in Popularity Indexes
Java's popularity has declined slightly.

GoodFirms Ranks Top Mobile Development Firms
Fueled is at the top of the list.

Machine Learning Comes to Debugging
MIT's Prophet can fix ten times as many bugs as earlier debuggers.

Citrine Language Combines Elements of PHP, Smalltalk, JavaScript, C
The easy-to-learn programming language aims to simplify object-oriented programming.

Obama Launches Computer Science for All Initiative
The president wants $4 billion for K-12 computer science education.

Facebook to Shut Down Parse
The mobile development service will cease operations Jan. 28, 2017.

IDC: Manufacturers Shipped 1.4 Billion Smartphones in 2015
Last year set a record for smartphone shipments.

Eclipse Che Achieves Beta Status
Che is an open source IDE for the cloud computing era.

Apple Reports Record Revenues, Stagnant iPhone Sales
The company now has 1 billion mobile devices in use.

Microsoft Open Sources CNTK Deep Learning Engine
CNTK powers Cortana and Skype Translate.

Is It Possible to Make a Living as a 'Pro' Hacker?
A few developers are living off their hackathon earnings.

Donald Rumsfeld Has Become an App Developer
The former secretary of defense has built an app based on Winston Churchill's favorite …

How Agile Methodologies Accelerated Bing Development
Agile software development helped Microsoft's search engine challenge Google.

Apple Announces European iOS App Development Center
The company wants to boost mobile development in Italy and the rest of Europe.

Google Play Had 100% More Downloads than the App Store in 2015
But App Store developers made 75 percent more money.

JFrog Raises $50 Million in Funding
The company makes open source software distribution tools.

American Game Developer Among Hostages Released by Iran
Amir Mizra Hekmati had been imprisoned for four years.

Developers Sign Open Letter Expressing Frustration with GitHub
Prominent members of the open source community are unhappy with the way the service is …

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