August 31, 2015
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Hack: an Open Source Typeface Designed for Coding
The typeface makes it easier to see the differences between commonly confused characters.

The Downside of Selling Your Software for $2.5 Billion
Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson tweeted about his loneliness.

Could Your Next Search Land You a Job at Google?
The company may be secretly recruiting developers who search for certain terms.

FitBit, Apple Top Wearables Market
Thanks to the Apple Watch, Apple debuts at number two on IDC's list.

Yahoo Expands Mobile Developer Suite
The company says developers should focus on apps, not mobile websites.

Amazon Underground Pays Developers by the Minute
The new app store promises apps that are "actually free."

GitHub Fights Off Another DDoS Attack
Some believe the Chinese government may have been behind the attack.

Report: 57% of Developers Have Never Built a Mobile App
Many programmers say they don't have enough time to build mobile apps.

Alibaba Launches Cloud-Based Big Data Service
It is said to be China's first artificial intelligence platform.

Survey Highlights Reasons for Lack of Computer Science Education in U.S.
An emphasis on testing and a lack of communication seem to be part of the problem.

Intel to Invest $100 Million in OpenStack, Mirantis
The chip maker is pouring money into cloud computing initiatives.

Lightning Strikes Cloud, Zaps Data
A very small amount of data stored in Google's cloud computing service was lost after a …

JavaScript Is the Most Popular Language on GitHub
Java, which is the second most popular, has made big gains in the last few years.

Gartner: Android, iOS Dominate Smartphone Sales
Chinese smartphone sales declined for the first time ever.

Google Releases Go 1.5
The programming language has become popular for cloud computing projects.

Eve Project Wants to Bring Development to the Masses
The project's founders want to change the way we think about coding.

Intel Developer Forum Showcases IoT Technology
Dancing robot spiders took the stage.

Study: Slow Load Times Cause Users to Abandon Mobile Transactions
More than a third of people who abandon a transaction won't try again.

Android 6.0: M Is for Marshmallow
Google has released the last developer preview of its updated mobile development platform.

Oracle Claims Google Has 'Destroyed' the Java Market
The company wants to expand its copyright lawsuit.

Parse Open Sources Its SDKs
Mobile development firms can now see the code for Facebook's backend-as-a-service.

Android Faces More Security Woes
The Stagefright patch doesn't work the way it is supposed to.

Android Experiments Website Highlights Unusual Apps
Google's new site showcases mobile development with "new or unique uses of technology, …

Salesforce Partners Unveil Apple Watch Apps
The twenty apps were built on the Salesforce Wear developer platform.

Google Now Part of Alphabet; Android Still Part of Google
Google has a new parent company.

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