October 21, 2014
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Developers Are Adopting Java 8 More Quickly Than Expected

Two-thirds of Java developers have either already upgraded to the latest release or plan to do so soon.

Report: Mobile Downloads of Health and Fitness Apps Surge

Downloads of the leading apps increased by a factor of 2.3 over the past year.

Intel Launches INDE Development Tools

The suite includes cross-platform tools for creating Java and C++ apps.

Apple WatchKit Coming in November

Mobile development firms will have plenty of time to create apps before the Apple Watch arrives next year.

What's New in Android 5.0 Lollipop?

The mobile OS has a new interface, better notifications and more.

Command Prompt Improvements in Windows 10

The interface is getting a little bit easier to use.

Square Begins Accepting Applications for This Year's College Code Camp

Interested women students can sign up for the weeklong bootcamp that will take place in January.

Supreme Court Could Hear Oracle v. Google Case

The nation's highest court will decide whether to accept the high-profile patent case by next month.

Google Releases 64-Bit Android L Testing Tool

Mobile development pros can start getting their apps ready for 64-bit Android.

GitHub Offers Free Development Tools to Students

The free services can save students hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Survey: Nearly Half of App Users Say They Would Pay Subscription Fees

Ten dollars appears to be the sweet spot.

Developers Sign Student Privacy Pledge

Microsoft and thirteen other companies are promising not to sell data on grade schoolers.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Development Firms Should Write Enterprise Apps

There is plenty of money to be made from business customers.

Report: About Half of Users Find Mobile Apps through App Store Search

A new study suggests that mobile development firms should pay more attention to where apps rank in search results.

Google Announces Physical Web Project

The project would eliminate the need for apps when interacting with smart devices.

Google Now Paying up to $15,000 for Bugs

The company has tripled its top bug bounty payout for finding vulnerabilities in Chrome.

Rovio Slashes 130 Jobs

Even the maker of Angry Birds isn't immune from the fierce competition in the mobile development industry.

Google Play Now Requires Developers to Reveal Their Physical Addresses

Some mobile development pros complain that the new policy violates their privacy.

Report: iOS App Developers Spend 85% More than Android Developers for Every App Install

Mobile development firms face an increasingly competitive market.

Eclipse Foundation Launches Java-Based IoT Stack

The project aims to develop free and open source Internet of Things standards.

A Roundup of Recently Released IoT Developer Kits

The Internet of Things could be a $7 trillion market by 2020.

The Best Open Source Application Development Tools of 2014

These languages, libraries and other tools have won BOSSIE awards.

Samsung Employs Twice as Many Software Engineers as Google

The Korean firm has more employees than Apple, Google and Microsoft combined.

Shell Shock Vulnerability Could Impact 500 Million Websites

Most flavors of Unix, Linux and OS X are vulnerable to a new security vulnerability.

Apple HealthKit Fix Breaks iPhone 6, 6 Plus

The company is working on a new patch for iOS 8.

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