December 20, 2014
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Libscore Tracks Which JavaScript Libraries Are the Most Popular

JQuery leads the pack by a wide margin.

Oracle Warns Java Changes Could Impact IDEs.

IDE vendors will need to update their tools if they want to remain compatible with Java as it becomes more modular.

The Best Coding Tools of 2015

A cloud development tool wins the top prize.

Permissive Open Source Licenses Becoming More Popular

GPL isn't as pervasive as it used to be.

Report: U.S. App Usage Climbed 30% on Cyber Monday

Black Friday saw increases of 25 percent.

Girls Who Code Expands Summer Program

1,200 girls will be able to participate this year—up from 375 last year.

The Top Android Apps of 2014

Health and fitness was the fastest growing category.

Google Updates Android Wear, Adds Watch Faces to Play Store

Android wearables will support custom watch faces.

The Leading iOS Apps of 2014

Facebook Messenger was at the top of the chart.

R, Swift Compete for 'Language of the Year' Status

PHP, Java, and C++ have seen the biggest declines in popularity this year.

Google Releases Android Studio 1.0

The mobile development IDE is based on JetBrains IntelliJ.

AppGyver Launches Supersonic, a Super-Fast Mobile HTML5 Framework

The company claims Supersonic crates hybrid apps that perform as well as native apps.

Hour of Code Events This Week

Groups have registered 70,000 events with Code.org.

California Inmates Learn to Code

Employers who are desperate to hire developers may want to look behind bars.

Rovio to Lay Off 110 Workers at Development Studio

The game developer's forays into animation and merchandising haven't paid off.

Report: 75% of Android Users Affected by Security Flaws

Trend Micro says the vulnerabilities are "a big challenge to developers."

Google's Cloud Platform Gains PCI Certification

Developers can now use the cloud computing service to store credit card data.

Parse Usage Skyrockets in Asia

Facebook's mobile app server is making inroads with Asian mobile development firms.

Software Testing and Autism—A Perfect Fit?

Many people with autism have exactly the right skills for careers in software testing.

Report: Microsoft May Unveil Consumer Version of Windows 10 in January

Rumors suggest the company is planning a press event late next month.

Romanian Developers Earn Five Times as Much as Average Workers

Salaries are low by U.S. standards, but so is the cost of living.

Top Technologies from the DEMO Conference

The event highlighted a number of up-and-coming mobile development firms.

Report: Only 8% of Users Would Pay for All Their Free Apps

Freemium apps and advertising appear to be the best routes for monetizing mobile apps.

Microsoft Exec: Minecraft Is a Development Tool

The company wants to get future developers hooked on its tools at a young age.

App Store Downloads Hit Record High in October

Last month was really good for the mobile development industry.

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