November 25, 2014
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More articles by Tyler Sperry Update: Nostradamus on Connectivity

While Nostradamus doesn't appear to have predicted such events, Microsoft states that Windows XP will not support USB 2.0. Nostradamus did predict fire, and coincidentally, Microsoft appears to be offering support for Apple's FireWire. Update: Creativity

Tyler Sperry discusses the art of software design and Robert Dilts' method of design (dream it, critique it, then reconcilse it). Second, he discusses checksums with AOL and Instant Messaging. Update: Remembering Heroes

When it comes to honoring our computing heroes, we in the programming community are remiss. And, will linux have a chance in the PDA market? Update: The State of the Wireless Market

Cellular phones, err, digital wireless companies have made a lot of promises and pushed a lot of hype. From Cellular Man to Bluetooth, it makes you wonder. Update: Copyrights in a Digital World

Copyrights are getting interesting in the digital world. From the copyright notice on photos of MIR to the potential copyrighting of a prime number by the DMCA. Ponder some of the critial issues with Tyler Sperry. Update: A HailStorm cometh

The storm is brewing. Does Microsoft's new HailStorm truly help empower .NET developers to do cross-platform development. Or, does it simply make .NET that much more proprietary? Update: Design and the ACM

Who's to blame for the stagnation of computer design? Tyler Sperry takes a look at the perspectives of the ACM and others on this issue. Update: Changing Markets, Technologies, and Software

Blame the Venture Capitalists! Plus, can Microsoft--the underdog--compete with the big boys? An who really needs an upgrade to Office? These topics and more in Tyler Sperry's Update! Update: Reruns and Scapegoats

Is the U.S. Department of Justice's decision against Microsoft the reason for the economic down turn? Were a billion of dollars really saved at Oracle? How many sites were used to steal a million credit card numbers?

What's in a Name?

The Napster saga continues. Now the issue is in the names of the artists and songs. One small typo and... Update: Diminishing Returns

Does Moore's Law apply to processors and processing power? Does the term, "Intel Developers" make sense? Find these answers and more in today's Developer.Com Update Update: Accountability

What is the key similarity between the Florida election and the Microsoft trial? Accountability. In both of these high-profile press topics it is accountability that brings them together. Update: Gold Rushes, Fools, Oracle, and more

Stocks are down, asteroids are up, Fools are prospecting, and big companies are speculating. Read all about it in Tyler Sperry's Update. Update: The Historical View

The more things change, the more they seem to remain the same. Update: Can We Talk?

Tyler Sperry talks about the O'Reilly conference on peer-to-peer software, Jini support, and Jxta. Update: Buck Rogers & Pareto Programming

Tyler Sperry discusses Buck Rogers in the 19th Century and Pareto programming. The split in this coverage is roughly 20/80... Update: Strings

In a news release that focuses on Gore's teaching at the Columbia School of Journalism, Tyler Sperry notes an error. This leads to a discussion on strings. Update: The Services War Begins

Sun has sounded the war trumpets. Microsoft may have announced Web Services first, but Sun has always been there. Get the details of this starting battle in todays update from Tyler Sperry. Update: Virtue and Sin

So how are we to know the good code from bad? Are there Platonic forms of software out there, awaiting your discovery? Or is software primarily a commercial enterprise, with artistry inevitably sacrificed on the Procrustean bed of deadlines and preexistin Update: Artists and Drones

From a 1994 Honda del Sol to servlets--Tyler Sperry relates these two distinctly different topics in this, the January 30th Update!

The Update: January 23, 2001

Tyler Sperry talks about the "Sins of Transmission" as well as questioning "Venal or Mortal?" Also find out what "programming sin causes Tyler to say, "Back, Spawn of Satan!"

The Update : January 19, 2001

The limitations imposed by the imagination, robot arms, K.I.S.S., and human interface design--Tyler Sperry provides a developer update for January 19th.

The Update : January 12, 2001

"Ginger", Interbase security holes, and more. Tyler Sperry provides a developer update for January 12th.

Enterprise Development Update

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