October 25, 2014
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An introduction to XML

In the beginning, there was HTML. It was simple, easy to learn, and anyone with an editor could create files that were instantly publishable on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, users have continually demanded more sophistication and control over what they wish to publish and browser makers have responded by introducing a plethora of their own vendor-specific tags in order to satisfy these needs.

An introduction to the Java 2D API

The new Java Development Kit (JDK 1.2) is currently in wide-spread beta, and is available for download by members of the Java Developer Connection from JavaSoft's Web site. Among the new APIs introduced in this version of the Java platform is the java2d API (part of JFC, the Java Foundation Classes), which provides support for two-dimensional graphics from within Java. This API is quite extensive and covers such functional areas as color, shapes, transforms, advanced image manipulation and composition operations.

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