October 24, 2014
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Developing Java-Based Mobile Games

With 1.2 billion cell phones in the world, mobile game development has become a lucrative industry. Use your existing Java knowledge to learn mobile development basics while building your first game!

Managing Your Configuration with JFig

Maintaining and organizing multiple configurations manually is a difficult task. JFig may be your solution. JFig is a tool for Java applications that brings OOP concepts of reusability and inheritance to configuration management.

Introducing HQL: The Object-Oriented Query Language from Hibernate

Extend the power of Hibernate with HQL. This query language, designed as 'minimal object-oriented extension to SQL', facilitates writing database-type independent queries that are converted to local SQL dialect of underlying database at runtime.

O/R Mapping with Hibernate

Hibernate, an Open Source project available for free, is a powerful, high-performance object/relational mapper for the Java environment. Hibernate helps create an efficient 'persistence layer' for an object-oriented application that handles storing application data to and retrieving data from a relational database. Hibernate achieves this by effectively mapping the data representation of an object to a relational database structure.

Logging with log4j-An Efficient Way to Log Java Applications

Learn about the need for logging and Log4j, the Open Source framework for logging Java applications for debugging and monitoring purposes.

Keel: The Meta-Framework

Learn about the concepts and components that will give you the freedom to customize a framework at any point of time to fulfill your changing application development needs. The Keel framework, based on the popular Apache Avalon project, is worth exploring.

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