October 31, 2014
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Working With Asynchronous .NET Web Service Clients

Having trouble using the asynchronous call mechanisms built into .NET? Let Kenn Scribner clarify it for you and make your programming tasks (at least as related to asynchronous processing) a little easier.

.NET/Java Interoperability: Apply the Proper Tool for the Job

As .NET versus Java debates continue to rage, the reality is that most enterprise IT shops are heterogeneous environments that employ aspects of both frameworks. Find out which is better suited to certain scenarios and learn how to make them work together.

Applications Licensing using the .NET Framework

We all have families to feed and bills to pay, so we must consider the financial aspects of writing software. To ensure compensation, many developers incorporate licensing into their products. Kenn shows how to add licensing to your .NET applications.

Building Keyboard Accelerators into .NET Windows Forms Applications

Accelerator tables aren't the sexiest thing to code in Microsoft .NET. But ask any professional user interface designer and you'll find that keyboard acceleration is usually considered a critical application feature.

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