October 30, 2014
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More articles by Jeffrey Richter

Working with Delegates Made Easier with C# 2.0

See how the new delegate syntax conveniences in C# 2.0 take a lot of the tedium and drudgery out of working with delegates.

Thread Synchronization Fairness in the .NET CLR

Is it possible to have a fair thread synchronization mechanism in the managed world?

JIT Compilation and Performance

Many developers (especially C/C++ developers) are concerned about JIT (Just In Time) compilation because the end-user's machine is compiling code on the fly, hurting the application's overall performance. Jeffrey talks about how JIT compilers can actually create faster programs.

Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming

Jeffrey Richter provides chapter 6, 'Common Object Operations,' from his new book, Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming.

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