October 25, 2014
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Succeeding With Struts: Dynamically Sized Forms

Discover the dirty details on how to implement dynamically sizable forms within Struts.

Succeeding With Struts: Indexed Properties and Beans as Properties

Implement master-detail records, something frequently key to web applications.

Succeeding With Struts: Dynaforms

With the Struts 1.1 release, developers have a new set of options to create their view objects, based around DynaBeans. See how DynaBeans (and the Struts implementation, Dynaforms) work.

Installing and Using the Torque Object Mapper

Do you still spend a lot of your time implementing the persistence layer in an application? Have you looked into the Apache Jakarta Torque project? It allows a developer to create one XML file, and have both a persistence layer and database schema automatically generated for them.

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