May 30, 2016
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Twitter Open Sources Heron Real-Time Processing Engine

Heron offers an alternative to Apache Storm.

Google Triumphs in Android Copyright Battle

Oracle may appeal.

Google Pressures Manufacturers, Carriers to Update Android

The move could address some of the fragmentation problems in the mobile development industry.

Report: 61% of Asia-Pacific Software Unlicensed

Developers lost $19.1 billion due to piracy in the region.

42 Is a Coding School with No Tuition and No Teachers

Only 1,000 out of the 80,000 who applied got in.

Bing Could Get a Bot

All the big technology companies are getting into the bot game.

Report: Android Apps Fail Nearly Twice as Often as iOS Apps

The mobile development industry is seeing a big discrepancy between the two major platforms when it comes to crashes.

Android N and More from Google I/O

The company announced several new tools for the mobile development industry.

Gradle Adds Kotlin Support

Mobile development firms have a new language option for Android build automation.

Firefox Beats Microsoft Browsers, But Chrome Dominates

This is the first time Firefox has had greater market share than Internet Explorer.

Play Store 6.7 Improves Beta Testing Features

Mobile development firms should find it easier to get users involved in testing.

Report: Google Faces €3 Billion Fine

Additional fines related to Android could still be forthcoming.

Report: Apple Is Speeding Up the App Review Process

Faster reviews generate more revenue for Apple.

Facebook Open Sources Capture the Flag Hacking Platform

The tool can help run security education games.

IPDF, W3C Mull Merger

The groups have been collaborating for three years already.

Report: App Store Search Glitch Caused 10% Drop in Downloads

Some apps lost more than half of their daily downloads.

Report Highlights Importance of In-App Video Ad Length

Younger people like shorter ads.

Siri Creators Demo New AI Platform

Viv can interact with a lot of different Web and mobile services.

Oracle and Google Head Back to Court

This time the trial will decide whether Android's use of Java APIs count as "fair use."

App Store Suffers Major Search Glitch

The problem could impact downloads and revenues for the mobile development industry.

SkinTrack Turns Your Skin into a Touchscreen

The technology could provide a new user interface for smartwatches.

Who Takes Free Online Coding Classes?

A lot of self-taught developers are young men who want to start their own businesses.

IBM Launches Quantum Computing Cloud Service

For now, the service is intended for research purposes only.

10-Year-Old Earns $10,000 Bug Bounty

A Finnish boy hacked Instagram, despite not being old enough for an account.

Qualcomm Unveils Deep Learning SDK

Mobile development firms will be able to use the Neural Processing Engine SDK to create applications with machine learning capabilities.

Report Finds High Revenue Potential for In-App Video Ads

Mobile gamers are very willing to watch video ads in exchange for in-game rewards.

Craig Wright Claims to be Bitcoin Inventor

Plenty of doubt remains.

FTC Extends Android Antitrust Probe

Google faces a similar investigation in Europe.

IEEE Computer Society Names Grady Booch as Computer Pioneer

The IBM researcher was one of the creators of the UML.

Apple Reports First Sales Decline in 13 Years

The slowdown in iPhone sales could be significant for the mobile development industry.

Microsoft Unveils More Azure IoT Tools

The company has released previews of its Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Gateway SDK.

U.S. Launches Cyberattacks on ISIS

“We are dropping cyberbombs,” said one official.

Rumor: Is Google Play Coming to Chromebooks?

The mobile development industry could soon have a larger market for Android apps.

U.S. Internet Ad Revenue Climbs 20%

The mobile development industry is responsible for an increasing share of those ad dollars.

What's on the Schedule for Google I/O 2016?

An early look at the agenda for the development conference reveals a lot of focus on VR.

Meteor Unveils Apollo GraphQL-Based Data Stack

The new tool is based on Facebook's GraphQL language.

Atom Text Editor Gets New Windows Features

GitHub's text editor also has better tab switching and crash recovery.

Europe Charges Google with Antitrust Violations

Regulators say Android unfairly favors Google services.

Apple WWDC 2016 to Take Place June 13-17

Siri was the first to break the news.

IBM to Offer IoT Development Class on Coursera

Students need to have a basic understanding of Python and JavaScript, and they need to have a Raspberry Pi.

Android N Could Support VR

The latest developer preview includes some references to virtual reality features.

Report: Apple Considering Paid Search for App Store

Paid search could have a huge impact on the mobile development industry.

What's New in Android N Developer Preview 2

The update includes the Vulkan API.

Study: 1.9% of Mobile Gamers Made a Purchase in February

The mobile development industry makes most of its money from a very small group of customers.

Highlights from F8 2016, Day One

Chatbots, a 360-degree VR camera, development tools and more.

Work Begins on HTML5.1

The new Web specifications are being developed on GitHub.

Facebook to Fund Dev Bootcamp Scholarships

The scholarships will be available to women and minorities.

Visual Basic Popularity Plummets

The Microsoft language could soon be out of the top ten.

Bing Gets Code Search, IDE Features

The new feature lets developers edit and run code without first opening an IDE.

Chatbot and Live Chat APIs Coming to Facebook

The social network will announce both development tools at its upcoming F8 conference.

Warning: Check Your RubyGems

RubyGems.org detected a security vulnerability that could have led to file tampering.

Windows 10 Preview with Bash Support Now Available

Developers can now use the Ubuntu Linux on Windows feature announced at the Build conference.

Report: Average iPhone User Spent $35 on Apps Last Year

They spent most of that money on games.

SAP Runs Hackathons for Soccer-Playing Refugees

Young participants had the opportunity to work alongside SAP developers.

The Taliban Made an Android App

The app was available on Google Play for two days.

DoD Invites Researchers to 'Hack the Pentagon'

The U.S. Dept. of Defense will now pay bug bounties.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss Starts a Coding Camp for Girls

The world-famous model has been learning Ruby on Rails.

Microsoft Shifts Focus Away from Windows Phone

The company insists that it isn't abandoning its mobile development platform.

Report: Ubuntu Coming to Windows

Microsoft is expected to announce the news during its Build development conference.

Git 2.8 Adds Security, Productivity Features

The update also fixes a number of bugs from the last version.

Oculus Rift VR Headsets Begin Shipping

So far, developers have released 30 pieces of software for the device.

U.S. Justice Dept. Breaks iPhone Encryption Without Apple's Help

The feds dropped their lawsuit against the smartphone maker.

What's Planned for Microsoft Build 2016

The annual development conference kicks off later this week.

Google Announces Android Experiments I/O Challenge

Winners of the coding contest will get a trip to the annual I/O conference.

Microsoft Shuts Down AI Chatbot After Offensive Tweets

The artificial intelligence experiment lasted less than 24 hours.

Node.js Comes to Google App Engine

Google has a new partnership with NodeSource.

Survey: JavaScript Named Most Popular Development Technology

The React framework made big gains in popularity as well.

Developers Create Algorithm to Identify Drunk Tweets

Machine learning is tackling the question of when and where people drink too much.

Report: Desktop Development Still More Popular Than Cloud, Mobile Development

Developers who target cloud computing environments make the most money.

App Annie Buys AppScotch

This is App Annie's third major acquisition in two years.

Google Offers $100,000 for Successful Chromebook Hack

The company has never paid a bug bounty for persistent compromise of a Chromebook in guest mode.

Google Launches Mobile Development Design Portal

The company wants mobile development firms to create better user experiences for mobile.

Microsoft Testing Minecraft-Based AI Platform

The company plans to open source Project AIX this summer.

LinkedIn Recruits Developers with a Programming Puzzle

Solving the puzzle doesn't guarantee you a job.

Google Unexpectedly Releases Developer Preview of Android N

Multi-window support is one of the most anticipated features of the update.

Researchers: New Framework Reduces Page Load Times up to 34%

The framework tracks dependencies and schedules when objects load.

Cisco Invests $150 Million in App Development for Spark Communications Platform

The cloud-based tool delivers unified communications (UC) capabilities.

Mobile Development Firm Supercell Reports $2.326 Billion in Revenue

All that money came from just three games.

Ruby, Assembly, Groovy, Python Make Popularity Gains

Java and C are still at the top of the chart.

WSO2 Releases Microservices Framework for Java

The tool supports container-ready application deployments.

E-mail Inventor Ray Tomlinson Dies at 74

He also came up with the idea to use of the @ symbol in e-mail addresses.

Survey: Globally 55% of Developers Make $1,000 Per Month

On average, apps bring in less than $6,000 per month.

IDC Predicts Slower Growth for the Smartphone Market

2015 could be the last year of double-digit growth.

Turing Award Goes to Public-Key Cryptography Inventors

Whitfield Diffie and Martin E. Hellman have received the "Nobel Prize of Computing."

Google Play Refreshes Developer Program Policy Center

The Android app store has updated and expanded some rules.

Demand for Swift Developers Climbs 600%

Web development skills are also in high demand.

Remembering Development Pioneer Jerry Lawson

One of the earliest black computer engineers, Lawson invented a lot of video game features that are standard today.

Raspberry Pi 3 Offers 50% Faster Performance

The IoT development board has a better processor plus support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Austin, San Francisco Top Developer Salary Survey

When you factor in the cost of living, software engineers earn the most in Austin, Texas.

Microsoft Cancels Project Astoria

It is no longer building a bridge to port Android apps to Windows.

Microsoft Buys Xamarin

Xamarin makes cross-platform mobile development tools.

App Users Who Make One In-App Purchase 6X More Likely to Make Another

Quick purchasers are nine times more likely to make another purchase.

JavaScript, Java Top RedMonk Ratings

The analyst firm's programming language list hasn't changed a lot since last time.

Linux Foundation Launches Zephyr IoT OS

The open source operating system could become standard for the Internet of Things.

Report: Mobile App Revenue to hit $51 Billion This Year

By 2020, the mobile development industry could be worth $101 billion.

W3C Launches Web Authentication Working Group

The standards group is tackling cybersecurity.

Survey: Android Is Most Popular Mobile Development Platform

Java and HTML5 top list of popular programming languages.

Palantir Buys, Shuts Down Kimono Labs

125,000 developers and data scientists used Kimono's cloud computing services.

Facebook Has Paid $4.3 Million in Bug Bounties

Researchers from India, Egypt, and Trinidad and Tobago find the most bugs with the social networking service.

Adobe Creative Cloud Bug Deletes Files

Only Mac users are affected by the problem with the cloud computing service.

Pwn2Own Hacking Contest to Be Held March 16-17

There was some concern that the annual event might be canceled.

Autodesk Moves to Subscription Pricing

Yet another software developer is embracing cloud computing.

Port iOS Apps to Windows in 5 Minutes

A Microsoft MVP shows how it's done.

Apple Releases Swift Benchmarking Tools Under an Open Source License

The Swift Benchmarking Suite includes 75 tools for testing the mobile development language.

Amazon Releases Lumberyard Gaming Engine

There's a hidden reference to zombies in the service terms.

Android Studio Gets New Features for 2.0 Release

The mobile development tool is getting Instant Run and a variety of other enhancements.

Windows 10 Boosts Windows Store Sales

This year's holiday transactions were double last year's.

MIT Processor Will Enable Local AI on Smartphones

Hardware is getting better at enabling machine learning.

Report: Google Working on a New VR Headset

Like Cardboard, the new device will require a smartphone to work.

Firefox OS Is Dead

Mozilla will stop supporting its smartphone operating system.

Python Shines in Popularity Indexes

Java's popularity has declined slightly.

GoodFirms Ranks Top Mobile Development Firms

Fueled is at the top of the list.

Machine Learning Comes to Debugging

MIT's Prophet can fix ten times as many bugs as earlier debuggers.

Citrine Language Combines Elements of PHP, Smalltalk, JavaScript, C

The easy-to-learn programming language aims to simplify object-oriented programming.

Obama Launches Computer Science for All Initiative

The president wants $4 billion for K-12 computer science education.

Facebook to Shut Down Parse

The mobile development service will cease operations Jan. 28, 2017.

IDC: Manufacturers Shipped 1.4 Billion Smartphones in 2015

Last year set a record for smartphone shipments.

Eclipse Che Achieves Beta Status

Che is an open source IDE for the cloud computing era.

Apple Reports Record Revenues, Stagnant iPhone Sales

The company now has 1 billion mobile devices in use.

Microsoft Open Sources CNTK Deep Learning Engine

CNTK powers Cortana and Skype Translate.

Is It Possible to Make a Living as a 'Pro' Hacker?

A few developers are living off their hackathon earnings.

Donald Rumsfeld Has Become an App Developer

The former secretary of defense has built an app based on Winston Churchill's favorite card game.

How Agile Methodologies Accelerated Bing Development

Agile software development helped Microsoft's search engine challenge Google.

Apple Announces European iOS App Development Center

The company wants to boost mobile development in Italy and the rest of Europe.

Google Play Had 100% More Downloads than the App Store in 2015

But App Store developers made 75 percent more money.

JFrog Raises $50 Million in Funding

The company makes open source software distribution tools.

American Game Developer Among Hostages Released by Iran

Amir Mizra Hekmati had been imprisoned for four years.

Developers Sign Open Letter Expressing Frustration with GitHub

Prominent members of the open source community are unhappy with the way the service is handling requests.

Imba Language Claims to Be 10X Faster Than React

The creator of the new JavaScript-based language describes it as a lovechild born of Ruby and React.

Report: 57% of Mobile Developers Follow Mandated Security Protocols

In North America 67 percent of mobile development firms are complying with regulations.

Uber Asks Developers to Build 'Trip Experiences'

The new initiative could give Uber riders something to do while they're in the car.

Google Announces Date, Venue for I/O 2016

The development conference is moving outdoors.

Twitter Releases Playbook for Mobile Apps

The social media company is offering advice on prototyping and testing.

Google Solicits Ideas for Project Tango Apps

Winning ideas for the computer vision technology will get funding and development support.

Apple Buys AI Firm Emotient

Soon your iPhone could feel your pain.

Oculus Rift Begins Pre-Orders with a $599 Price Tag

The virtual reality headset will begin shipping in March.

Report: Facebook Secretly Gives Some Developers Access to New Chat SDK

Developers can use the tool to build chat bots for Messenger.

Apple Reports $1.1 Billion in Holiday App Store Sales

The mobile development industry saw $144 million in revenue on New Year's Day.

Ford, DJI Launch $100,000 Development Contest

The companies want tools that help trucks talk to drones.

Why Bad Reviews Could Be Good for Mobile Developers

People don't trust five-star ratings.

Well-Known Open Source Developer Ian Murdock Dies

The Debian founder died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 42.

Refugee Calls on Developers to Help Migrants

An African woman delivered a keynote address at one of Europe's largest technology conferences.

The Next Version of Android Will Use OpenJDK APIs

Google will no longer be using Oracle's proprietary Java APIs.

Report: Apple Accounted for 49% of Devices Sold at Christmas

Phablets, including the iPhone 6 Plus, are becoming increasingly popular.

How to Create a $350 Million Software Company

An entrepreneur tells his story.

Report: Manufacturers Shipped 72.5 Million Wearables in 2015

The market could climb to 228.3 million units by 2020.

Programming Error Leads to Early Release for Thousands of Prisoners

A developer's mistake is having big consequences in Washington state.

Independent Developers Collaborate on App Santa Promotion

Some popular paid apps are up to 80 percent off.

Report: Most Chinese Mobile Users Stop Using Apps after Less Than a Week

The app market in China poses some challenges for the mobile development industry.

Oculus Begins Shipping Rift VR Headsets to Developers

The 1.0 version of its SDK is also complete.

Report: Apple Watch Apps Top 15,000

Games aren't very popular on Apple's wearable device.

Facebook Abandons Flash in Favor of HTML5

All videos on the social networking site now run in HTML5 by default.

Apple's Phil Schiller Now in Charge of App Store

The company has revamped its executive team.

IBM Announces New Watson IoT APIs, Headquarters

Big Blue will employ 1,000 developers and scientists in Munich, Germany.

Wolfram Research Launches Free Cloud Development Tools

The company wants to make development accessible to more people.

Elon Musk, AWS, Others Back OpenAI Non-Profit

The organization hopes to benefit humanity through artificial intelligence research.

IDC: IoT Spending Will Reach $1.3 Trillion in 2019

The research firm says the Internet of Things market will double over the next four years.

Apple TV Now Has More than 2500 Apps

Appfigures predicts that the platform will have more than 10,000 apps early in 2016.

Periscope Named iPhone App of the Year

Lara Croft GO, Prune, Workflow, Robot Factory and LiquidText were also winners.

Mozilla Kills Firefox OS for Smartphones

The open source company is shifting its focus to the Internet of Things.

Python Climbs to 4th in Tiobe Popularity Rankings

Objective-C is becoming much less popular as the mobile development industry switches to Swift.

Report: Holiday Sales Will Lead to Temporary Growth in Tablet Sales

ABI Research says tablet shipments will continue to decline after the holiday season.

Microsoft to Open Source Chakra JavaScript Engine

The code will be available on GitHub next month.

Google Adds App Streaming to Mobile Ads

Android users will be able to try out apps before they download them.

Apple Makes Good on Promise to Open Source Swift

The language can run on OS X and Linux as well as iOS.

Google Unveils Cloud Vision API

The tool allows developers to create apps that can classify the content of photos.

Steve Ballmer Criticizes Microsoft's App Plans

The former CEO also called out the company for the way it reports cloud computing numbers.

Autodesk Launches Forge PaaS

The company is also investing $100 million in development firms.

Microsoft Solicits App Ideas for HoloLens

Microsoft will build and open source the winning ideas.

Report: Global Mobile App Sessions Climb 64%

App session growth in the U.S. was a little slower.

Adobe Drops Flash Name from Creative Cloud

Flash Professional CC is now called Adobe Animate CC

Perk.com Buys Mobile Development Platform Vendor Corona Labs

The company plans to integrate the mobile development platform with its rewards platform.

The 10 'Unicorn' Companies that Pay Developers the Most

All of these startups pay software engineers more than $125,000 per year on average.

Tor Project Seeks Donations to Fund Development

In the past, the U.S. government has funded the open source project.

Google Releases Android Studio 2.0 Preview

The updated IDE offers an Instant Run feature.

Forrester: 'Great' Apps Earn Five Times More than Others

Apps that almost never crash generate a lot more revenue for mobile development firms.

Report: Google Play Coming to China in 2016

Google pulled out of the market in 2010.

Chinese Developer Apologizes for Copyright Violations

ZWSoft says a rogue engineer stole code from AutoCAD.

Google Releases Android Studio 1.5

The update features an improved memory profiler.

Google Updates Android Development Guide

A video series on mobile development topics goes along with the new guide.

Google Lowers Minimum Prices for Google Play Apps in Some Countries

Mobile development firms can now charge less for their Android apps in emerging markets.

Report: Apple Boosting Its Own Apps in App Store Charts

Something fishy appears to be going on with the App Store.

Code.org Event Will Use Minecraft to Teach Kids Coding Skills

Past event participants had requested the Minecraft tie-in.

Microsoft Backpedals on Plan to Bring Android Apps to Windows

Project Astoria is "not ready yet."

More than 2,000 Websites Infected with Linux Ransomware

Experts say Web developers do not need to pay the ransom in order to regain control of their websites.

Expired Apple Security Certificate Leads to Headaches for Mac App Devs

The certificate has been updated, but users are still reporting issues.

Strategy Analytics: Android Studio Isn't as Good as Xcode, Visual Studio

Apple received the best score, but Microsoft wasn't far behind.

Koding Hackathon Expected to Attract 100,000 Developers

The cloud development firm hopes the hackathon will set a new Guinness World Record.

Microsoft's Project Oxford Adds More AI Services

The artificial intelligence tool is getting emotion detection, motion detection, image stabilization and voice recognition.

Java Surges in Tiobe Popularity Index

The programming language is at its highest rating since July 2009.

Report: 1,887 Mobile Developers Make More Than $1 Million Per Year

The best-earning apps are mostly games.

Google Open Sources TensorFlow AI Engine

TensorFlow is the technology behind Google Photos search.

Students Will Be Allowed to Use Federal Loans for Coding Bootcamps

The EQUIP program could help fill the need for more developers.

Toyota to Invest $1 Billion in Artificial Intelligence Research

The Toyota Research Institute will be headquartered in Silicon Valley and will have another facility near MIT.

Codeanywhere Increases Speed by 4x

The cloud development platform is now a lot faster.

Zuckerberg Predicts Slow Ramp for Virtual Reality

Facebook will be going after gamers with its Oculus Rift devices.

Intel Expands IoT Platform

The company is adding new hardware and software to support Internet of Things development.

Node.js Foundation Releases Node.js 5

It's only been a month since version 4 came out.

Windows 10 Growth Slows

More than half of PC owners still run Windows 7.

Google Play Gets a 'Go Live' Button

Mobile development firms can now control when users receive updates to Android apps.

Is Google Merging Chrome OS and Android?

The Wall Street Journal says Chrome OS is going away, but a Google exec says it isn't.

Verizon Unveils ThingSpace IoT Platform

The company wants to make it easier to get Internet of Things projects working.

Facebook Institutes 2G Tuesdays for Its Developers

The practice is meant to make the mobile development team more sensitive to users in the developing world.

Developers Can Now Charge $400 for Android Apps

The change could be good for mobile development firms with enterprise-focused apps.

Mozilla to Give Away $1 Million to Open Source Projects

Up to ten projects could share funding from the Mozilla Open Source Support program.

Are Developers Losing Interest in Wearables?

The number of developers with immediate wearables plans has declined.

BlackBerry Priv Android Smartphone Goes on Sale

The device costs $699.

Samsung, Oracle Partner on Mobile, Wearables

The partnership mirrors a similar arrangement between IBM and Apple.

Magic Leap Shows Off Its Augmented Reality OS

Google and other tech firms have invested $542 million in the startup.

Facebook TechPrep Initiative Aims to Improve Developer Diversity

The social network wants to help parents encourage their kids to pursue careers in computer programming.

Zend Updates Tools for PHP 7

The latest update to PHP is said to improve performance by up to 70 percent.

MIT Claims Its AI Data Scientist Outperforms Most Humans

The AI was nearly as accurate as humans and a whole lot faster.

Apple Removes 256 iOS Apps from App Store for Privacy Violations

The apps, most of which were made by Chinese developers, used a third-party advertising SDK.

Thousands of Magento Websites Infected by Malware

Web developers who use the Magento CMS should check their sites for malicious code.

Report: App Store Revenue Now 80% Higher than Google Play Revenue

The Android store still has 90 percent more downloads.

Developer Trends to Watch in 2016

Containerization and real-time big data analytics will likely be significant.

Google's Universal App Campaigns Goes Live

The tool makes it easier for Android developers to advertise their apps.

Mobile Development Firms Join Games for Change Movement

The movement encourages developers to create products that accomplish social good.

Samsung Launches Second Tizen-Based Phone

The smartphone manufacturer isn't giving up on its homegrown operating system despite lack of developer interest.

Hiroshi Lockheimer Named SVP for Android

Sundar Pichai is reshaping Google's executive team.

Report: Mobile App Advertising Costs Hit All-Time High

According to Fiksu, it now costs more than $4 to attract a loyal app user.

AWS Launches Mobile Hub

The new back-end as a service aims to streamline mobile development and monitoring.

Mark Zuckerberg Discusses Facebook's VR, AR Plans

The social networking company continues to develop Oculus Rift technology.

Report: Average Mobile App Ships with 1 to 10 Bugs

Most developers find a few bugs after their apps ship.

110 Million Installs for Windows 10

The new OS obtained 35 million new users in September.

Apple Buys AI Startup Perceptio

Perceptio makes technology that brings artificial intelligence to smartphones.

Russia Orders Google to Stop Bundling Apps with Android

A Russian search engine called Yandex was successful in its suit against Google.

Docker Founders Help Establish Holberton School for Coding Education

The new school is modeled on the European Institute of Technology.

Report: Millennials Spend 90 Hours Per Month on Smartphone Apps

27 percent of apps have reached 20 million people or more.

Linux.Wifatch IoT Malware Puzzles Researchers

The malware appears to infect Internet of Things devices and then harden their security.

Microsoft, Google End Patent War

The two companies have settled their disputes related to Android and other technologies.

Google Android Marshmallow to Begin Rollouts Next Week

Nexus devices will be the first to get the update.

Google Play Doubles File Size Warning Limits

However, Google cautions mobile development firms against making their apps too big.

Apple Sold 13 Million New iPhones During Opening Weekend

That's 3,000 phones every minute.

Microsoft Partners with Adafruit on IoT Starter Kit

The new internet of things (IoT) product bundle is based on Windows and Raspberry Pi 2.

Report: 75% of New App Users Become Inactive Within 3 Months

Mobile development firms should aim for getting new users to use their apps three times in the first three days.

Apple Disables iOS 9 App Slicing Feature

The company plans to restore the capability in a future update.

Report: Google Faces U.S. Antitrust Investigation Over Android

The FTC is said to be looking into complaints that the company's Android platform unfairly favors its services over others.

Nginx Launches NginScript Configuration Language

The new tool is based on JavaScript.

WakaTime Aims to Track Developer Productivity

The service has been likened to a Fitbit for developers.

Apple (Finally) Releases WatchOS 2

The update was delayed five days while developers fixed bugs.

The Software Behind the VW Scandal

The automaker is in trouble for cheating on emissions tests.

Malware Infects App Store

Microsoft to Invest $75 Million in Computer Science Education

The company will donate cash and goods to TEALS and other non-profits.

Ad Blockers Top App Store Best-Seller List

iOS 9 is the first version of Apple's mobile operating system to support ad blocking.

Report: Google Resurrecting Glass with Project Aura

The company is said to be hiring engineers from Amazon.

41% of Adults Express Interest in Virtual Reality, Survey Says

Only 11 percent have already tried VR.

Facebook Launches React Native for Android

The JavaScript framework allows developers to create native mobile apps with Web technologies.

Russia Says Google Is Abusing Android's Dominant Market Position

Officials say the company should not be bundling Google apps with the Android operating system.

Revenue, Hiring Soar at Software Firms

Job prospects continue to look good for developers.

Report: App Use Sessions Climb 51%

However, apps have a very short life span.

App Tracked Developer Heart Rates at Apple Event

Tim Cook's appearance and the Apple Pencil got their hearts racing.

Report: Average Smartphone Owner Upgrades after 22 Months

People keep BlackBerry devices the longest; Microsoft Lumias have the shortest life span.

How the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro Will Affect Developers

Apple unveiled tons of new hardware this week.

Antivirus Software Mogul John McAfee Is Running for President

Really, this doesn't appear to be a joke.

Go, Clojure, Scala Rise in Popularity

Java remains at the top of the Tiobe rankings.

Report: Apple to Hire 86 AI Experts

The company is said to be increasing its machine learning expertise in order to challenge Google.

Netflix Open Sources Sleepy Puppy

The framework helps developers deal with cross-site scripting problems.

Windows 10 Captures 5% Market Share

It took the new operating system only a month to surpass OS X.

Report: 88% of Developers Are Multilingual

The number of female developers is increasing.

The Top iOS Apps of All Time

Facebook has the most downloads; Pandora the most money.

Microsoft, Netflix, Mozilla, Amazon, Others Partner on Open Source Video Format

The Alliance for Open Media plans to make a royalty-free video format that could encourage more websites to drop Adobe Flash.

Google to Start Downranking Mobile Web Sites with Large Pop-Ups

Web developers should start modifying their sites.

Android Wear Devices Can Now Be Paired with iPhones

Analysts say the move could give the Apple Watch some competition.

Hack: an Open Source Typeface Designed for Coding

The typeface makes it easier to see the differences between commonly confused characters.

The Downside of Selling Your Software for $2.5 Billion

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson tweeted about his loneliness.

Could Your Next Search Land You a Job at Google?

The company may be secretly recruiting developers who search for certain terms.

FitBit, Apple Top Wearables Market

Thanks to the Apple Watch, Apple debuts at number two on IDC's list.

Yahoo Expands Mobile Developer Suite

The company says developers should focus on apps, not mobile websites.

Amazon Underground Pays Developers by the Minute

The new app store promises apps that are "actually free."

GitHub Fights Off Another DDoS Attack

Some believe the Chinese government may have been behind the attack.

Report: 57% of Developers Have Never Built a Mobile App

Many programmers say they don't have enough time to build mobile apps.

Alibaba Launches Cloud-Based Big Data Service

It is said to be China's first artificial intelligence platform.

Survey Highlights Reasons for Lack of Computer Science Education in U.S.

An emphasis on testing and a lack of communication seem to be part of the problem.

Intel to Invest $100 Million in OpenStack, Mirantis

The chip maker is pouring money into cloud computing initiatives.

Lightning Strikes Cloud, Zaps Data

A very small amount of data stored in Google's cloud computing service was lost after a thunderstorm.

JavaScript Is the Most Popular Language on GitHub

Java, which is the second most popular, has made big gains in the last few years.

Gartner: Android, iOS Dominate Smartphone Sales

Chinese smartphone sales declined for the first time ever.

Google Releases Go 1.5

The programming language has become popular for cloud computing projects.

Eve Project Wants to Bring Development to the Masses

The project's founders want to change the way we think about coding.

Intel Developer Forum Showcases IoT Technology

Dancing robot spiders took the stage.

Study: Slow Load Times Cause Users to Abandon Mobile Transactions

More than a third of people who abandon a transaction won't try again.

Android 6.0: M Is for Marshmallow

Google has released the last developer preview of its updated mobile development platform.

Oracle Claims Google Has 'Destroyed' the Java Market

The company wants to expand its copyright lawsuit.

Parse Open Sources Its SDKs

Mobile development firms can now see the code for Facebook's backend-as-a-service.

Android Faces More Security Woes

The Stagefright patch doesn't work the way it is supposed to.

Android Experiments Website Highlights Unusual Apps

Google's new site showcases mobile development with "new or unique uses of technology, aesthetics and interface."

Salesforce Partners Unveil Apple Watch Apps

The twenty apps were built on the Salesforce Wear developer platform.

Google Now Part of Alphabet; Android Still Part of Google

Google has a new parent company.

Report: People Aren't Buying Regular Watches Anymore

Smartwatches and fitness wearables are eroding the watch market.

Cyanogen Claims 'More Users Than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Combined'

The Android alternative has 50 million active users.

Google, Samsung, LG Plan Monthly Android Updates

The move comes in the wake of several zero-day security bug announcements.

Project Islandwood Bridges iOS and Windows 10 App Development

Microsoft has released the tool under an open source license.

Study Finds 24,093 Different Android Devices in Use

Android fragmentation continues to be a problem for the mobile development industry.

Female Developers Tweet #ilooklikeanengineer

The hashtag is raising awareness about women and minorities working in IT.

One Developer's Toughest Bugs

One error miscalculated oil trading figures by $800 million.

Smartphone Shipments Climb 16%

Apple and Microsoft shipments rose; Samsung shipments fell.

Hitchhiking Robot Decapitated in Philly

The Canadians and Europeans were much friendlier than the Americans.

Google Releases Android Studio 1.3

The updated version of the IDE offers better support for C++.

Buzz Language Controls Swarms of Robots

The programming language is designed to be used with self-organizing robots.

14 Million Devices Download Windows 10 in 24 Hours

Microsoft hopes to see its new operating system on a billion devices someday.

Security Tops List of IoT Developer Concerns

Internet of things developers are concentrating on business apps, not consumer apps, for now.

The Most Popular Programming Languages at Hackathons

Web technologies top the list.

Tech Luminaries Call for Ban on AI Weapons

AI developers don't want to create Skynet.

Researchers Warn of Vulnerabilities in iOS, Android

The Apple bug generates fake invoices; the Android bug spreads via text.

Report Ties Lack of Female Developers to Middle School Class Choices

The researchers say girls are avoiding difficult math classes, which prevents them from obtaining STEM jobs.

Number of 'Mobile Addicts' Has Risen 59% This Year, Says Flurry

If mobile addicts had their own country, it would be the fourth most populous in the world.

Report Reveals Ad Fraud on Nearly 15% of Apps

The fraudulent apps also eat up smartphone battery life and network data.

Twitter Schedules Flight Developer Conference for October

The event will take place in San Francisco.

iPhone, App Store Revenues Climb But Fail to Meet Expectations

Apple isn't saying how many watches it has sold.

Where Have All the Software Startups Gone?

There are fewer developers working at startups than there were in 2009.

Is the Apple Watch a Flop?

Sales of the wearable device are lackluster, but customer satisfaction is high.

Report: Dozens of Very Popular Mobile Apps Vulnerable to Password Cracking

CNN, ESPN, Expedia and Walmart apps are among those that don't limit password attempts.

SourceForge Experiences Lengthy Outage

The open source code repository still isn't completely functional.

Who Is Making the Biggest IoT Investments?

IBM leads the way.

App Annie: Android Still Has More Downloads; iOS Still Has More Revenue

The second quarter stats show more of the same for the mobile development industry.

C++ Makes Big Gains in Popularity

Java is still at the top of the programming language popularity indexes.

The Fallout from 'Mobilegeddon'

Traffic to websites that aren't mobile friendly has fallen 12 percent.

MasterCard Global Hackathon to Award $100,000 Prize

The Masters of Code series will hold events in eleven different countries.

Firefox, Chrome Disable Support for Flash

Many in the tech industry are saying it is time for Flash to die.

Report: Apple Earns 92% of Smartphone Profits

A year ago, Apple had 65 percent of industry profits.

60% of App Developers Make Less than $500 Per Month, Says Vision Mobile

Only one in nine mobile development pros make more than $10,000 per month.

Researchers Receive $7 Million in Grants to Protect Humanity from Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk provided the funds for the awards from the Future of Life Institute.

Will Rust Make Mozilla Cool Again?

The open source programming language is attractive to many different kinds of developers.

Wearables Patents Growing 40% Per Year

Samsung holds more wearables patents than anyone else.

Casio to Build a Smartwatch

The company says it will create "a watch that tries to be smart."

Report: BlackBerry Venice Phone May Run Android

Will the struggling smartphone maker abandon BB10?

Chicago Begins Taxing Cloud Computing

The 9 percent tax applies to IaaS and PaaS, as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Sales Boost Android's U.S. Market Share

Fifty-five percent of U.S. Android buyers purchased Samsung devices.

MIT's CodePhage Fixes Bugs with Donor Code

The tool can correct programming errors in less than ten minutes.

Supreme Court Won't Hear Oracle v. Google Case

The lower court's ruling in favor of Oracle will stand.

What Is Mob Programming?

It's like pair programming but with more people.

Google Phasing Out Support for Android Developer Tools in Eclipse

Mobile development firms should transition to Android Studio.

Amazon Launches Alexa Skills Kit

The company is opening up the Echo speaker to third-party developers and is even providing $100 million in development funds.

New Deal Connects Yahoo Search to Java Updates

End users may be surprised to find that updating Java makes Yahoo their search engine.

Facebook Open Sources Nuclide IDE

The integrated development environment is based on GitHub's Atom.

Mobile Apps: U.S. User Retention Rises, Global Retention Falls

Forty-two percent of mobile users in the U.S. come back to an app eleven or more times.

Google AI Creates Art, Dreams

Just like humans, neural networks can see shapes in clouds.

Research: Devs Use Updates to Boost iOS App Downloads

Android developers release a lot more updates than iOS developers do.

Google Confirms Purchase of Agawi

The startup made technology for streaming apps over the Web.

Introducing WebAssembly, a New Binary Format for the Web

The tool will allow developers to write Web apps in languages other than JavaScript.

Report: 65% of IoT Apps Are Generating Revenue

Wearables, fitness and smart homes currently dominate the Internet of Things.

Node.js, Io.js Officially Reunite

The open source projects are one big happy family again.

Google Paying Bounties for Android Bugs

Last year the company paid more than $1.5 million to those who found vulnerabilities in its other products.

Study Finds Rise in Mobile Web Development

More than a quarter of organizations surveyed were shifting away from native mobile development.

Report: 32% of Top iPhone Developers Are Newcomers

It may seem like the top app charts never change, but a new report says that's not actually the case.

Oculus Rift Debuts VR Headset and Touch Controllers

The headset will go on sale early next year.

Report: BlackBerry May Build an Android Phone

If the rumors prove true, mobile development firms could find a new market for their Android apps.

iOS 9 Improves HomeKit Capabilities

Developers will have more ways to interact with the Internet of Things from Apple devices.

All San Francisco Students to Study Computer Science

Even preschoolers and kindergarteners will be learning programming skills.

Facebook to Build Apps with React Native

The social network says the development framework is a good compromise between mobile Web and native mobile development.

Apple Updates Developer Program

The company has paid $30 billion to mobile development firms.

Report: Apple Watch Apps Have Very Low Crash Rate

Crash rates for iOS and Android remain stable.

Amazon Is Hiring Game Developers

The company is working on its first PC game.

Airbnb Open Sources Airflow and Aerosolve

The tools relate to data management and machine learning.

IDC: Wearables Market Tripled in One Year

Manufacturers shipped 11.4 million wearable devices in the first quarter.

SourceForge Loses Credibility After GIMP Scandal

The open source hosting service stands accused of injecting malware and adware into projects.

Google Launches Mobile Offline SDK

The new tool supports iOS as well as Android.

Report Finds Growing Mobile Development 'Middle Class'

More mobile developers are making a decent living without striking it rich.

Atap Projects On Display at I/O

Google showed off smart fabrics, gesture-based controls and password-elimination technologies.

Report: Japan Leads in Google Play Revenue

Android downloads and profitability have climbed 30 percent since last year.

Google I/O News for Developers

Android M, new development tools and much, much more.

Google Mobile Search Linking Directly to iOS Apps

The change could increase usage for some iOS apps.

Developer Programs 55-Year-Old Mainframe to Mine Bitcoin

But it will be a long, long, long time before the system mines its first block.

Obama Administration Says APIs Should Be Subject to Copyright

The Supreme Court had asked for the government's views on the Oracle v. Google case.

Microsoft to Release Windows 10 App for iOS, Android

The company is also planning to bring Cortana to the competing mobile platforms.

Report: Google Is Creating an IoT OS Called Brillo

The Brillo project is said to be independent of Nest.

NSA, Allies Developed Android Attack

The man-in-the-middle attack could have installed spyware when users attempted to download legitimate apps from Google Play.

Developer Hiring: 5 Top Trends

Few surprises on this list.

Microsoft Open Sources WCF

The company continues to release pieces of .NET under open source licenses.

Code Fellows Offers Scholarships for Women, Minorities, Veterans

The program is intended to help improve diversity among developers.

Report: Google Play May Add Some A/B Testing Capabilities

The move would help mobile development firms better market their wares.

Report: Social and Communication Apps See Highest Usage

Games still generate the most revenue for mobile development firms.

Io.js to Reunite with Node.js

The two open source projects will converge under the governance of the Node Foundation.

Java Turns 20

The programming language was first called "Oak."

Microsoft Languages Becoming More Popular

C++, C# and Visual Basic.NET made big gains on the Tiobe index.

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Editions

Even though the company is moving toward a universal app development model, there will still be a lot of versions of Windows 10.

Amazon Launches Mobile App Ad Platform

The mobile development industry has a new tool for hawking its wares.

Java 9 General Release Scheduled for Sept. 22, 2016

The update will be feature complete by the end of the year.

What the Mobile Development Industry Is Learning From Casinos

Mobile apps are becoming more like slot machines.

Is It OK to Be an 'Average' Developer?

One well-known developer says the myth of the 10x programmer is harmful to the industry.

9 Programming Languages Invented by Women

COBOL, FORMAC and several other languages had female creators.

New Facebook Ads Combine In-App Purchases and App Installs

Now users can install an app and make a purchase with one tap.

What to Expect at Google I/O 2015

The schedule briefly mentioned something called "Android M."

GoDaddy Launches Pro Service for Web Developers

The new service includes monitoring and client management capabilities.

Singapore's Prime Minister Writes Code

The country's leader created his own Sudoku solver.

Pinterest Launches Beta Developers Platform

The popular social site has released some new APIs.

Google Experiments with Dart-Based Android Apps

The Dart on Android project is called "Sky."

Facebook's Internet.Org Now Open to All Developers

The initiative aims to provide Internet services to those in developing countries.

Building the Internet of Cows

Hooking cows up to health sensors monitored by cloud-based machine learning tools could help dairy farmers increase their productivity.

iOS Developers Testing Apple App Analytics

Apple has begun beta trials of the new service ahead of its WWDC event in June.

Google Releases Guide to UX Principles

The Android maker is offering tips for mobile development pros on how to make more successful apps.

Microsoft Opens Up Visual Studio to iOS and Android Developers

The company also unveiled its new Edge browser and a free coding tool.

Facebook App Developers Have Until April 30 to Update to Graph API 2.0

If developers haven't updated their apps by the deadline, Facebook will apply the update automatically.

Google Play Q1 Downloads 70% Higher Than iOS

The winner of the revenue battle in the mobile development industry is a little unclear.

Security Researchers Say 25,000 iOS Apps Contain Security Vulnerability

Mobile development firms are advised to update their apps immediately.

Report: Google Working on New Version of Glass

Luxottica is said to be partnering with Google on Glass 2.

3,000 Apps in Apple Watch Store at Launch

Some analysts think the store will have more than 100,000 apps by the end of next year.

PHP 7 to Offer 100% Performance Improvements

The update is scheduled for a production release in October.

Apple Rushing Developer Watch Orders

Developers who want to order the Apple Watch can skip to the front of the line.

DHS to Open Silicon Valley Office

The feds are hiring developers.

Mobile App Installs Climbed 70% in 2014

Entertainment apps and games continue to dominate in the mobile development industry.

Researchers: Bug Bounties Don't Work

Paying for security vulnerabilities only finds the easy-to-spot bugs.

Documentary Highlights Lack of Women Coders

Filmmaker says, "This is a Rosie the Riveter moment."

MS Open Tech Rejoins Microsoft

The company is shutting down its open source subsidiary.

Mobile Google Search Feature Could Lead to More App Installs

Google will now ask users if they want to install apps.

Object Computing Will Take Over Grails

Apache will handle Groovy.

Apple to Hold WWDC 2015 June 8-12

Tickets to the developer conference will be distributed by a lottery.

EU Files Antitrust Charges Against Google, Investigates Android

The search giant is accused of anti-competitive practices.

App Store Revenue Now 70% Higher Than Google Play's, Says Report

The iPhone's popularity in China is a big reason for the increase in App Store revenue.

Report: More than Half of Mobile Developers Working on IoT Projects

But they aren't necessarily getting paid for their Internet of Things work.

The Secret to Mobile App Success: 3 In-App Purchases

Repeat in-app purchases can help apps achieve at least $1 million in revenue.

Should You Live-Stream Your Coding Sessions?

The practice not only helps newbies hone their skills, it also changes the way developers approach their projects.

'Whales' Still Dominate Mobile Game Revenue

Just 0.23 percent of users generate two-thirds of sales.

Survey: Half of Developers Don't Have a CS Degree

Programmers say coding is a "labor of love."

IBM, NASA to Hold International Space Apps Challenge

The three-day coding competition invites developers to build space exploration apps using IBM's tools and cloud computing services.

Report: International Mobile Users Want More Native-Language Apps

Outside the U.S., many smartphone and tablet owners have apps that aren't in their native languages.

Report: In-App Purchases to Be Top Mobile App Monetization Method by 2018

In-app advertising and freemium models also remain important.

Microsoft Halts Production on Kinect for Windows v2

Developers are encouraged to use the Xbox One version of the Kinect sensor.

Chrome Web Store Now Accepting More Android Apps

Will having more apps increase interest in Chromebooks and Chromeboxes?

CodeFights Startup Turns Coding into a Social Game

The company has just secured $2.4 million in funding.

App Store Begins Accepting Watch Submissions

Mobile development firms can begin uploading their Apple Watch apps.

Report: Consumers Less Interested in Trying New Apps

It's getting harder for mobile development firms to attract new users.

Microsoft Offers Free Cloud Computing for Student Developers

Azure has a new program designed to get students involved in cloud development—and to get them hooked on Microsoft tools.

Deadline Looms for Mobile-Friendly Websites

Web developers need to optimize their sites for mobile devices by April 21.

Google: Dart Will Not Be Integrated Into Chrome

The future isn't looking quite as bright for Google's alternative to JavaScript.

Facebook Announces Plans for Messenger, Analytics, Parse

The first day of the social network's F8 developer conference was full of big news.

Microsoft Launches Azure App Service

The cloud computing service aims to simplify Web and mobile development.

Adobe Contributes to Rendering Engine in Microsoft's Project Spartan Browser

Microsoft has been much more open with its next-gen browser.

Report: Facebook Wants to Host Other Sites' Content

Will the social network become a platform that hosts a lot of other websites?

Standards Group Releases Front-End Modeling Language

IFML expresses what is going on with application interfaces.

Google, Intel, TAG Heuer Partner on Android Smartwatch

The new wearable appears to be a response to Apple Watch.

Report: Facebook Messenger to Become an App Platform

Unnamed sources say the social network will make the announcement at F8 next week.

Google Says Glass Hype Was a Mistake

One of the project's developers says it went public too soon.

Report: Hundreds of Mobile Apps Still Contain FREAK Flaw

More than 1,200 popular Android apps and nearly 800 popular iOS apps still need to be patched.

Google Implements New Android App Review Process

Apps still show up on Google Play within hours of being submitted.

Microsoft Unveils Azure IoT Suite

Windows 10 will also come in an IoT version.

Google Now API Will Be Open to Developers

Experts say this could be the first step towards a post-app world.

Report: Phablets Drove 78% Increase in App Usage

Flurry says phablets are "the ultimate mobile form factor."

Google Code Is Shutting Down

Open source projects hosted on the site will need to find a new home by January 2016.

App Store Back Online After Lengthy Outage

Apple says the problems were caused by a DNS error.

Report: Force Touch Technology Is Coming to iPhones

Mobile development firms may want to start thinking about how apps could support sensors that react to the amount of pressure applied.

Study: App Engagement 40% Greater on High-End Android Phones Than on iPhone 6

People with expensive Android phones use a lot more apps than other types of smartphone owners.

Apple Releases More Watch Details

Device preorders will begin April 10.

Report: Google Adapting Android for Virtual Reality

"People familiar with the project" say that Google has a fairly large team working on an Android version for VR headsets.

Microsoft, Google Partner on TypeScript, AngularJS

The next version of AngularJS will be built on TypeScript.

Apple's Secret Watch App Development Lab

It's so secret that you can't even bring in a pad of paper.

Apache Foundation Will Sponsor Groovy

Pivotal is no longer funding Groovy and Grails.

Oracle Unveils JDK 8, Update 40

JavaFX also got an update.

IBM Buys Machine Learning Vendor AlchemyAPI

40,000 developers use AlchemyAPI's tools.

Report: Top 5 Apps Account for Two-Thirds of Mobile Traffic

A few big players dominate engagement, posing a challenge for small mobile development firms.

Gartner: Apple Overtook Samsung in Q4 Smartphone Sales

Manufacturers sold 1.2 billion smartphones last year.

Which Apps Drain Your Battery the Fastest?

A new report from AVG could spur mobile development firms to pay more attention to energy efficiency.

Report: Enterprise Mobile Apps More Lucrative Than Consumer Apps

A growing number of mobile development firms are building apps for organizations.

ARM, IBM Announce IoT Starter Kit

The kit links directly to the BlueMix cloud development platform.

Microsoft Launches OneDrive API

The new API supports all the major mobile operating systems, as well as Web apps.

Find Chrome Bugs, Win 'Infinity Million' Dollars

Google is extending Pwnium all year long.

Microsoft Releases Band SDK

Developers can now create apps for the fitness wearable.

Some Developers Are Hiring Agents

Agents work best for freelancers who change projects frequently.

Report: Mobile Developers Shouldn't Advertise After 8 p.m.

App usage peaks just after dinnertime.

Google Cloud Security Scanner Finds Vulnerabilities in Web Apps

The free tool makes it easier to find cross-site scripting and other security flaws.

Yahoo Launches Mobile Development Suite

The new set of tools enables advertising, analytics, app publishing and more.

Will Robots Take All the Development Jobs?

University researchers are warning that the high demand for developers could eventually backfire.

Formal Approval for HTTP 2.0 Standard

The new standard could result in faster page loads and better security for websites.

Google Will Give Developers 2 Extra Weeks to Fix Vulnerabilities

The company has been criticized for its Project Zero program.

Will Gamification Be a Big Opportunity for Mobile Development Firms?

As enterprise apps become more like games, mobile game developers find that many of their skills are transferable.

Mobile App Reviewers Get 20 Requests for Reviews Every Day

Requests generate a review less than 10 percent of the time.

Report: iOS 8 Crashes More Often than Android 5.0

The figures are based on crash reports from 20,000 apps.

Apple Adds 'Pay Once' Category to App Store

The iPhone maker is highlighting games without in-app purchases.

Lackluster Numbers for Android Wear

Manufacturers shipped only 720,000 Android smartwatches in the second half of 2014.

Apple, Pinterest Team Up for App Discovery

Will pinned apps lead to more downloads for the mobile development industry?

Joyent Gives Node.js to a Foundation

The cloud computing firm had recently come under criticism for its handling of the JavaScript framework.

Silver Compiles Swift Code for .NET and Java

The new compiler allows developers to write Swift applications for more platforms.

Doctor Who Game Tricks Kids into Learning to Code

Players must write code into order to unlock new levels in the game.

Report: More than 1 Million 'Zombie' Apps in App Store

Most mobile apps never make it to the top of any chart.

Ubuntu Phone Goes on Sale Next Week

Be warned: the specs are mediocre, and the device will only be available in Europe.

Google Releases Android 5.1 "Lollipop"

It will take some time before most Android users can upgrade to the new OS.

U.S. iOS Sales Top Android for Q4 2014

This is the first time Apple has won the market share battle since 2012

Joyent Launches Node.js Incubator Program

The company is trying to prevent startups from defecting to the IO.js fork.

Report: More Dangerous Apps Come from the U.S. than from Any Other Country

If you thought most malicious mobile apps came from Asia, think again.

Cisco Predicts Half a Billion Wearables by 2019

Mobile development firms might want to start thinking about apps for wearable devices.

Report: App Monetization Increases 12%

More mobile development firms are turning to advertising as a way to make money.

Google Launches Vulnerability Research Grant Program

Bug hunters can get money upfront for researching suspected software vulnerabilities.

Criticism Rises for Google's 90-Day Bug Disclosure Policy

Software vendors say the policy puts their customers at risk.

Report: Microsoft Backs Company That Wants to Take Android Away from Google

The Windows maker has invested in a startup called Cynogen.

1 Billion Android Phones Shipped Last Year

81 percent of the smartphones sold in 2014 ran Android.

The Most Downloaded Mobile Apps and Games of 2014

Facebook properties did really, really well last year.

YouTube Switches to HTML5

It appears that Flash's days are numbered.

Microsoft Buys R Tool Vendor Revolution Analytics

The company is beefing up its big data portfolio.

iOS Apps Are Bigger than Hollywood

However, not every mobile development firm is making a lot of money.

Microsoft Provides More Details on the Spartan Browser

A blog post offers some technical detail and screenshots of the new browser.

Microsoft Demos HoloLens and More at Windows 10 Event

The augmented reality technology is getting rave reviews.

Report: Java Security Risk Declines

Cyberattackers have moved on from Java, but Heartbleed continues to be a problem.

Researchers Add AI Technology to Mario

Everyone's favorite plumber can now learn, experience emotions and act autonomously.

New VAT Law Impacts Developers

Developers who sell apps or games in Europe without going through Google Play or the App Store need to collect tax and retain records.

Facebook to Hire 1,200

The social network is adding more software developers and experts in drones, satellites and VR technology.

Report: NSA Hacked N. Korea Before the Cyberattack on Sony

The agency failed to spot the warning signs and issue a warning before the attack, but it was able to quickly trace the attack back to its source.

RedMonk: JavaScript, Java Are the Most Popular Programming Languages

Go and R are making significant gains.

Report: Google Play Now Has More Apps Than the App Store

In addition, more mobile development firms are using Google's platform than Apple's platform.

Java Tops List of In-Demand IT Skills

.NET skills are also highly sought after.

Report: Nearly Half of North American Mobile Gamers Spend Money on Games

A new study suggests mobile development firms might want to target Amazon's platform.

Record-Breaking App Store Sales on New Year's Day

The mobile development industry brought in $500 million worth of revenue from iOS users in the first week of January.

Moonpig Suspends Services Due to Code Security Problems

The incident highlights the importance of writing secure API code.

Samsung Will Invest $100 Million in IoT Developer Program

All of the company's hardware will be IoT-enabled within five years.

Report: App Usage Climbed 76% in 2014

Lifestyle and shopping apps saw the biggest increase.

Facebook Buys Speech Recognition Vendor Wit.ai

More than 6,000 developers user Wit.ai's API to add voice features to their apps.

Gartner: Global Tablet Sales Growth Will Slow in 2015

Slowing device sales may impact the mobile development industry.

Codementor Launches Makers Year Initiative

The organization wants to help more startups get their projects going in 2015

Internet of Things Dominates CES

Manufacturers are showing a lot of smart devices for the home.

Flurry: Apple Made 51% of Devices Activated Over Christmas

It seems a lot of people found an iPhone 6 under the tree this year.

Apple Implements an App-Refund Policy in Europe

Refunds could be bad news for mobile development firms with paid apps.

Ruby 2.2 Released Christmas Day

Santa brought Ruby developers better garbage collection and some other minor improvements for the programming language.

Microsoft: Windows Phone Devs Should Target Low-Memory Devices

New stats about the platform offer guidance for mobile development firms.

Facebook Adds a Mobile Install Ad Feed

Will the tool help address the mobile development industry's app discovery woes?

The FBI Is Hiring Developers

Do you have what it takes to be a cyber-agent?

Report: Android to be Built Directly into Cars

Mobile development firms might want to start thinking about apps for vehicles.

Libscore Tracks Which JavaScript Libraries Are the Most Popular

JQuery leads the pack by a wide margin.

Oracle Warns Java Changes Could Impact IDEs.

IDE vendors will need to update their tools if they want to remain compatible with Java as it becomes more modular.

The Best Coding Tools of 2015

A cloud development tool wins the top prize.

Permissive Open Source Licenses Becoming More Popular

GPL isn't as pervasive as it used to be.

Report: U.S. App Usage Climbed 30% on Cyber Monday

Black Friday saw increases of 25 percent.

Girls Who Code Expands Summer Program

1,200 girls will be able to participate this year—up from 375 last year.

The Top Android Apps of 2014

Health and fitness was the fastest growing category.

Google Updates Android Wear, Adds Watch Faces to Play Store

Android wearables will support custom watch faces.

The Leading iOS Apps of 2014

Facebook Messenger was at the top of the chart.

R, Swift Compete for 'Language of the Year' Status

PHP, Java, and C++ have seen the biggest declines in popularity this year.

Google Releases Android Studio 1.0

The mobile development IDE is based on JetBrains IntelliJ.

AppGyver Launches Supersonic, a Super-Fast Mobile HTML5 Framework

The company claims Supersonic crates hybrid apps that perform as well as native apps.

Hour of Code Events This Week

Groups have registered 70,000 events with Code.org.

California Inmates Learn to Code

Employers who are desperate to hire developers may want to look behind bars.

Rovio to Lay Off 110 Workers at Development Studio

The game developer's forays into animation and merchandising haven't paid off.

Report: 75% of Android Users Affected by Security Flaws

Trend Micro says the vulnerabilities are "a big challenge to developers."

Google's Cloud Platform Gains PCI Certification

Developers can now use the cloud computing service to store credit card data.

Parse Usage Skyrockets in Asia

Facebook's mobile app server is making inroads with Asian mobile development firms.

Software Testing and Autism—A Perfect Fit?

Many people with autism have exactly the right skills for careers in software testing.

Report: Microsoft May Unveil Consumer Version of Windows 10 in January

Rumors suggest the company is planning a press event late next month.

Romanian Developers Earn Five Times as Much as Average Workers

Salaries are low by U.S. standards, but so is the cost of living.

Top Technologies from the DEMO Conference

The event highlighted a number of up-and-coming mobile development firms.

Report: Only 8% of Users Would Pay for All Their Free Apps

Freemium apps and advertising appear to be the best routes for monetizing mobile apps.

Microsoft Exec: Minecraft Is a Development Tool

The company wants to get future developers hooked on its tools at a young age.

App Store Downloads Hit Record High in October

Last month was really good for the mobile development industry.

Chinese Developers Get Access to Google Play

Is a Chinese version of the Android app store for users coming soon?

What Happened to the App Store's Free Button?

The 'free' download button now says 'get.'

The 20 Worst Countries for Software Piracy

China is still number one.

App Suey Wants to Own 1% of the App Store

The startup is on a mobile development firm buying spree.

SourceLair Rolls Out Online IDE

The startup promises to get developers coding in just seconds.

Are Developers Losing Interest in Google Glass?

Even Sergey Brin is no longer always wearing the high-tech specs.

Report: 6% of Mobile Gamers Generate 51% of Revenue

And mobile gamers are getting younger.

Google to Shut Down Google Wallet API

Websites that use the API will need to find a new payment solution, but it will continue working for mobile apps on Google Play.

Win the Turing Award, Get $1 Million

Thanks to Google, computer science's top award now pays out four times as much as it used to.

Microsoft Debuts Community Version of Visual Studio

Now individuals and small teams can access more of the IDE's features for free.

10 Open Source Apps Built with Go

The programming language is young but powers some fairly impressive projects.

Amazon Cloud Drive Releases an API

The new tool provides developers with easy access to storage.

Gartner Predicts 25 Billion Connected Devices by 2020

Experts agree that IoT will be big, but they disagree on how big.

Statistical Programming Languages Becoming More Popular

Big data is bringing big attention to R, MatLab, LabView and S.

Does the Mobile Development Industry Need a Standard for Cards?

Cards are becoming a common design feature for new mobile apps.

EFF Petitions to Repeal API Copyright Decision

Dozens of computer scientists are asking the Supreme Court to overturn an appeals court decision in the Oracle v. Google case.

Coding Schools Band Together for ReskillUSA Project

The new effort wants to "close the gap between technical education and employment."

Google Releases Android App Success Guide

The guide aims to help mobile development firms make more money on Google Play.

Study: Language Choice Has Only a Small Impact on Code Quality

Clojure, Haskell, Ruby, Scala and TypeScript are less likely to result in coding errors.

Farmville Creators Launch Toro App Marketing Tool

The tool helps mobile development firms acquire users through Facebook.

Google Begins Rolling Out Android 5.0 Lollipop

What do mobile development pros need to know about the update?

8 Mobile Development Predictions for 2015

Just when developers think they're beginning to understand mobile, the market may be about to shift.

Microsoft Ends Some Windows 7 Sales

There are now nearly as many people running Windows 8 as Windows XP.

Mozilla to Launch Developer Browser Nov. 10

The open source company wants to help developers "debug the whole Web."

MIT's Chisel Allows Developers to Write Applications That Can Handle Errors

The system can result in significant power savings.

Android 'OK, Google' Function Adds In-App Search

Mobile development pros can enable the new feature in their apps with just a few lines of code.

Three Universities Add Online Data Science Programs

All three cover programming with R and MapReduce.

Hour of Code Project Gets a Cash Infusion

Mark Zuckerberg and John Doerr are each chipping in half a million dollars.

Microsoft Releases Azure Data Factory Preview

The cloud computing service helps developers integrate data from various sources.

HTML5 Officially Becomes a Standard

The W3C has elevated HTML5 to "recommendation" status.

Amazon App for Android Now Includes Appstore Capabilities

Mobile development firms have an easier way to distribute their apps to Amazon customers.

Kinect Apps Come to the Windows Store

Microsoft is also offering an adaptor that makes Xbox Kinect hardware compatible with Windows.

iOS TestFlight Goes Live

The service makes it easier for mobile development firms to beta test iPhone and iPad apps.

Twitter Launches Fabric Mobile Development Platform

Fabric includes Twitter integration, analytics, crash reporting, beta distribution and advertising services.

Google Buys Firebase Cloud Sync Service

Firebase makes it easier for mobile development firms to sync app data.

Developers Are Adopting Java 8 More Quickly Than Expected

Two-thirds of Java developers have either already upgraded to the latest release or plan to do so soon.

Report: Mobile Downloads of Health and Fitness Apps Surge

Downloads of the leading apps increased by a factor of 2.3 over the past year.

Intel Launches INDE Development Tools

The suite includes cross-platform tools for creating Java and C++ apps.

Apple WatchKit Coming in November

Mobile development firms will have plenty of time to create apps before the Apple Watch arrives next year.

What's New in Android 5.0 Lollipop?

The mobile OS has a new interface, better notifications and more.

Command Prompt Improvements in Windows 10

The interface is getting a little bit easier to use.

Square Begins Accepting Applications for This Year's College Code Camp

Interested women students can sign up for the weeklong bootcamp that will take place in January.

Supreme Court Could Hear Oracle v. Google Case

The nation's highest court will decide whether to accept the high-profile patent case by next month.

Google Releases 64-Bit Android L Testing Tool

Mobile development pros can start getting their apps ready for 64-bit Android.

GitHub Offers Free Development Tools to Students

The free services can save students hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Survey: Nearly Half of App Users Say They Would Pay Subscription Fees

Ten dollars appears to be the sweet spot.

Developers Sign Student Privacy Pledge

Microsoft and thirteen other companies are promising not to sell data on grade schoolers.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Development Firms Should Write Enterprise Apps

There is plenty of money to be made from business customers.

Report: About Half of Users Find Mobile Apps through App Store Search

A new study suggests that mobile development firms should pay more attention to where apps rank in search results.

Google Announces Physical Web Project

The project would eliminate the need for apps when interacting with smart devices.

Google Now Paying up to $15,000 for Bugs

The company has tripled its top bug bounty payout for finding vulnerabilities in Chrome.

Rovio Slashes 130 Jobs

Even the maker of Angry Birds isn't immune from the fierce competition in the mobile development industry.

Google Play Now Requires Developers to Reveal Their Physical Addresses

Some mobile development pros complain that the new policy violates their privacy.

Report: iOS App Developers Spend 85% More than Android Developers for Every App Install

Mobile development firms face an increasingly competitive market.

Eclipse Foundation Launches Java-Based IoT Stack

The project aims to develop free and open source Internet of Things standards.

A Roundup of Recently Released IoT Developer Kits

The Internet of Things could be a $7 trillion market by 2020.

The Best Open Source Application Development Tools of 2014

These languages, libraries and other tools have won BOSSIE awards.

Samsung Employs Twice as Many Software Engineers as Google

The Korean firm has more employees than Apple, Google and Microsoft combined.

Shell Shock Vulnerability Could Impact 500 Million Websites

Most flavors of Unix, Linux and OS X are vulnerable to a new security vulnerability.

Apple HealthKit Fix Breaks iPhone 6, 6 Plus

The company is working on a new patch for iOS 8.

The Best Development Books of the Year

These books just won Jolt Awards.

iOS 8 Adoption Nears 50%

However, some people who have upgraded their iPhones and iPads are reporting high crash rates.

Apple Sold 10 Million iPhones Over the Weekend

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus set new sales records for the company.

Modern.IE Adds Support for Vagrant, Parallels

Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web development toolset is getting new support for virtualization tools.

Development Predictions for the Next Five Years

GPUs, JavaScript, IoT and WordPress apps could be hot trends.

HealthKit Bug Delays App Launches

Apple hopes to have the problem fixed by the end of September.

Facebook App Insights Provides More Visibility into App Usage

The tool can help the mobile development industry track how users are interacting with apps.

Report: Time Spent in Apps Increases 21%

Users are spending even more time with music, health and social networking apps.

Facebook Announces Open Source Organization Called TODO

The social network wants to help other companies get involved in open source development.

Nearly Half of iOS Apps Crash Regularly, Says Report

The iPad Mini crashes the most often.

Google Offers Startups $100K in Cloud Credits

To be eligible, companies must be less than five years old and generate less than half a million dollars per year.

Swift Programming Language Reaches 1.0 Status

Apps written with Swift can now be submitted to Apple's App Store.

Report: Android Remains Dominant Mobile OS in July

Apple was the top mobile manufacturer.

Apple Unveils WatchKit for Apple Watch

It isn't called "iWatch," but Apple did finally launch a wearable device.

Java, C++ Decline in Popularity

Domain-specific languages seem to be gaining users.

New Project Honors Female ENIAC Programmers

Six women helped create the ENIAC.

Report: Rumored iWatch Will Support Third-Party Apps

Sources say that Apple gave a wearable SDK to a few app developers.

Google Settles In-App Purchase Dispute for $19 Million

The company will send refunds to parents whose children racked up big charges on Android apps.

Google Plans Cloud Platform Live Event for Nov. 4.

This is the second time the company has held one of these cloud development events this year.

Big App 2014 Looks for European Mobile Development Talent

Facebook is promoting the competition.

DWNLD Converts Web Apps to Mobile Apps

A startup aims to make it easier for content publishers to create apps.

The Top 23 Technologies of 2022

Cloud computing, big data, IoT and 3D printing are on the list.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Apple Rejects Apps

Mobile development firms need to make sure they provide all the information Apple requests.

Report: Mobile App Ad Costs Rose in July

Fiksu's July iOS Cost Per Loyal Users was the second-highest ever.

Apple Tightens Privacy Rules for Health Data

Mobile development firms can't sell health data to ad networks.

Google, Twitter, Harvard, Others Publish Secure Development Best Practices

The organizations have created a group called the IEEE Computer Society Center for Secure Design.

Microsoft Removes 1,500 Bad Apps from Windows Store

The company is cracking down on misleading names and logos.

Who Was to Blame for the Google Image Search Problem?

The photo of a Russian car crash was all over Google search results.

Facebook Holds Hackathon Exclusively for Female Vets

The winner proposed an app to provide therapy to veterans.

Amazon Buys Twitch for $1.1 Billion

Previous rumors suggested Google wanted to buy the video game streaming service.

The Most Popular Mobile Apps in America

Facebook and Google Apps top the list.

Researchers Reveal Vulnerability in Popular Android Apps

They were able to use a separate app to steal data from Gmail as well as popular banking and shopping apps.

Advice for Young Programmers from an Experienced Developer

People skills are more important than you think they are.

Report: 31% of Smartphone Owners Haven't Downloaded an App This Month

Most have never paid for an app—ever.

What's New in C++14

The draft standard for the next version of the programming language has been approved.

New Features for Java 9

Several JEPS could deliver new APIs and features.

Forked Android Is Growing Fast

Alternate versions of Android are especially popular in Asia.

Microsoft Improves Internet Explorer's Development Features

The F12 tools received bug fixes and various updates.

Amazon Appstore Adds Live App Testing

A similar feature is available in Google Play.

Swift's Popularity Falls

C and Java are still at the top of the programming popularity charts.

Which Technologies and Languages Do Successful Startups Use?

The strongest new companies don't use Microsoft's products.

Bing Improves Code-Search Features

The search engine is getting better at handling technical queries.

15 Technologies That Are Transforming Application Development

Cloud computing, devops, containerization, open source tools, Agile software development and other trends have changed coding in important ways.

iOS Devs Code More, Earn More Than Android Devs

It certainly looks like it's more fun to be an iOS developer.

Researchers Unveil Wyvern Web Programming Language

Wyvern lets Web developers use a lot of different languages in a single program.

Six Award-Winning Utilities for Developers

These are the winners of this year's Jolt Awards for utilities.

Samsung, Apple, End Patent Lawsuits Outside U.S.

The two rivals haven't reached any licensing agreements.

Survey: Most Coding Boot Camp Graduates Find Good Jobs

On average, graduates make 44 percent more than they did at their old jobs.

Google Refreshes Its HTML5 Tools

Google Web Designer now has better support for online ads.

Microsoft Eliminates Some Azure Discounts

The move is unusual in the cloud computing industry, where prices have been declining rapidly.

Android Accounted for 85% of Q2 Worldwide Smartphone Sales

Smartphone sales growth is slowing.

Four Tips on Creating Apps for Developing Markets

In many parts of the world, users have smaller, less powerful devices.

Ford to Hold Developer Conference Sept. 8

The event will include a hackathon and coincides with Super Mobility Week.

The Best Places to Work as a Developer

Hint: Silicon Valley isn't on the list.

Report: Half of 50 Most Popular Android Apps Have Security Vulnerabilities

Researchers will present the findings at the Black Hat conference.

China Launches Investigation of Microsoft, Raids Offices

Officials say the company uses its software monopoly to enable U.S. espionage.

Judge OKs Class-Action Lawsuit Related to Android In-App Purchases

The court says Android users can sue Google to recover in-app purchase fees.

Samsung Delays Tizen Smartphone Launch

Things aren't looking good for the Tizen OS.

13 Web Development Tools That Run on Android

If you want to write code from your smartphone or tablet, these tools can help.

Why Is Chrome 36 So Popular With JavaScript Developers?

The latest version of Google's browser has a feature called Object.observe() that solves a common development headache.

Should Computer Science Programs Require Students to Participate in Open Source Projects?

Open source development experience could help students gain real world experience and land jobs.

iPad Sales Drop, Mac Sales Rise

Maybe tablets aren't replacing desktop PCs after all.

Microsoft to Unify Its Windows Development Platforms

What does "one Windows" really mean?

Yahoo Buys App Analytics Firm Flurry

More than 170,000 mobile developers use Flurry's services.

The Source Code Behind the Moon Missions

The code that controlled the Apollo spacecraft features an unusual syntax and plenty of humorous comments.

Report: Chromebook Sales Surge 250%

Is Windows dominance coming to an end?

Edward Snowden: Developers Should Pay More Attention to Privacy

The whistleblower said technology should help defend freedom.

EU Regulators Praise Google, Scold Apple on In-App Purchases

Preventing children from making unauthorized in-app purchases remains a big issue for the mobile development industry.

Amazon Ad Network Adds iOS Support

Now mobile development firms have another option for monetizing apps.

Hackathon at 35,000 Feet

The airlines are looking to the mobile development industry for ways to improve air travel for their customers.

Report: Google Play Had 60% More Downloads than the App Store in Q2

But iOS is still creating more revenue for mobile development firms.

Google Offers Free Android Development Course

The course is available through Udacity.

Samsung Launches Its Own App Store

Galaxy Apps offers an alternative to Google Play.

Amazon Launches Mobile Development Tools, Services

The company has an improved Mobile SDK, plus data management and analytics services.

Summer Reading for Developers

Great books on agile software development, C, Python and more.

IRS Denies Tax Exempt Status to Non-Profit Group

Yorba couldn't get 501(c)(3) status.

Microsoft Buys SyntaxTree

SyntaxTree makes a Visual Studio plug-in for game developers who use the Unity engine.

Microsoft Joins Open Source IoT Group

The AllSeen Alliance was founded by the Linux Foundation.

Amazon Fights FTC on In-App Purchases

The company has declined a settlement offer.

A Guide to GitHub Etiquette

Look like a pro when submitting your first pull request.

Windows Phone Sales Slump

Sales of Windows Phone devices are down in the United States and China.

Wanted: 4.5 Million IoT Developers

If the Internet of Things is ever going to take off, it will need a lot of developers.

Report: Freemium Apps Account for 98% of Google Play Revenue

Google Play app downloads increased 50 percent year-over-year.

Android Revenue Per User Lags Far Behind iOS

An analyst calculates that the average Android user spends about a quarter as much on apps as the average iOS user.

Google Unveils Android L

Soon Android will be just about everywhere.

Kaplan Acquires Dev Bootcamp

It's another sign that learn-to-code schools are taking off.

Firefox Now Includes an IDE

WebIDE supports the creation of HTML5 Web apps.

Google's Nest Launches a Developer Program

A new API will make it easier to create gadgets and apps for a connected home.

Amazon Will Give Developers $15,000 in Amazon Coins to Give Away

The company wants mobile development firms to create apps that use Fire Phone features.

Report: Half of All Software Developers Are Mobile Developers

The number of developers worldwide has doubled since 2010.

RedMonk: Java, JavaScript Tie As Most Popular Programming Languages

The brand-new Swift is already number 68.

Google Invests $50 Million in Teaching Girls to Code

The Made with Code initiative hopes to interest young women in computer science.

What’s In the Fire Phone for Developers

Firefly and Dynamic Perspective could be game-changing.

Amazon Releases Developer Stats Ahead of Expected Smartphone Launch

Mobile development firms say they make as much from Kindle Fire as from other platforms.

Project Panana Aims to Join Java and C

The open source project would allow Java applications to access non-Java APIs.

Google Play Faces EU Antitrust Complaint

Aptiode says Google makes it difficult for alternative Android app stores to compete.

Can Learning to Code Help Break the Cycle of Poverty?

CodersTrust is helping people in Bangladesh learning programming skills.

Startups Help Developers Manage Reviews

Good reviews can help mobile development firms attract more users.

New iOS Policy Prevents Apps from Rewarding Sharing and Video Watching

Candy Crush and Tapjoy could be in trouble.

Google Releases Open Source PDF Tools

PDFium will be incorporated into the Chromium browser.

Swift is Slow

In benchmark tests, Apple's new programming language lagged behind Objective-C.

Report: Mobile User Acquisition Costs Rise 5%

It's getting more expensive for mobile development firms to find users.

Eugene Goostman Software Beats the Turing Test

The program successfully convinced more than 30 percent of human questioners that it was a human.

Chrome Usage Tops Internet Explorer for the First Time

Safari comes in third.

Kinect for Windows 2 Pre-Orders Now Open to Developers

If you order today, you'll get your device in July.

Android KitKat Usage Grows

Jelly Bean is still the most popular flavor of Google's mobile platform.

More Details about Apple's Swift Programming Language

Apple's new language has been in the works for four years.

Three Teams Win Watson Mobile Developer Challenge

The winning submissions related to healthcare, retail analytics and—believe it or not—cuddly stuffed toys.

Could You Write an Algorithm that Detects Sarcasm?

The Secret Service wants some new software.

App Store Tops 1.2 Million Apps, 75 Billion Downloads

Registered iOS developers have increased 47 percent since last year.

Samsung to Release World's First Tizen-Based Smartphone

Should mobile development firms consider building apps for the new platform?

What Developers Should Know from Mary Meekers' Internet Report

Mobile continues to grow at an astounding pace.

National Day of Civic Hacking This Weekend

Time to code for a good cause.

Is Facebook the Best Platform for Mobile Developers?

An analyst argues that the social network does a better job than Apple or Google at helping mobile development firms earn money.

Apple's App Store Has More Fake Reviews Than Google Play Does

Mobile development firms are turning to pay-to-review services to boost their rankings and discoverability.

Report: iOS Users Make More Purchases Than Android Users Do

But Android owners have more app sessions per month.

Should the Mobile Development Industry Be Writing Apps for Low-Income Households?

Many poor families use a smartphone as their primary telephone and Internet access device.

Google Videos Teach Developers about Compression Algorithms

The technology could help build smaller, faster websites and apps.

Google Lets Developers Try Quantum Computing

In the future, computers may require an entirely different kind of programming.

How Hispanic Americans Use Their Smartphones

The fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population represents a big market for the mobile development industry.

Java Developers' Favorite Tools

JUnit, Jenkins and Git top the list.

Silverlight Attacks Are on the Rise

As Web developers shift from Java to Silverlight, hackers are also shifting their tactics.

European Developers Target U.S. Cities One at a Time

Going local is helping some mobile development firms succeed.

Study: Tablet App Use Peaks During Prime Time

People also use their tablets quite a bit during working hours.

Low-Brow Apps Dominate the App Store

The proliferation of smartphones has changed which apps are the most popular.

Apple, Google End Patent War

Apple's litigation with Samsung is still going strong, however.

Windows Phone Usage Overtakes BlackBerry

But there still aren't very many people using Microsoft's mobile platform.

Facebook Expands FbStart

The program provides services to mobile development firms.

FCC to Allow Open Debate on Net Neutrality

In a 3-to-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission has decided to allow public comment on the issue of Net Neutrality.

Yahoo Buys Blink for Mobile Development Talent

The Blink app will soon be discontinued.

Developers Begin to Focus on App Store Optimization

The right strategies can help mobile development firms move their apps to the top of the charts.

Best Entry-Level Job: Web Application Designer

Web designer, programmer and software engineer are also on the list.

Appeals Court Says Java APIs Are Protected by Copyright

A lower court will decide if Google owes Oracle any monetary damages.

GitHub Releases Atom Text Editor

For now, the open source tool is only available for OS X.

Google Updates Play Services

The company has updated its Maps API, Location API, Mobile Ads and Instant Buy API.

The Most Popular Programming Languages on GitHub

A RedMonk report shows the rise and fall of popular languages over the last five years.

More Developers Interested in Oculus Rift After Facebook Purchase, Says CEO

The company says sales of its second development kit are way up.

Should Apple Be Doing More to Court Developers?

A prominent venture capitalist says the firm won't be that important in ten years.

App Annie Launches App Optimization and Ad Tracking Tools

The new capabilities can help mobile development firms manage their app store search optimization and advertising efforts.

A Mixed Verdict in the Latest Apple v. Samsung Case

Experts say the decision probably won't have a big impact on the mobile development industry.

Security Flaw Discovered in OAuth, OpenID

This current security threat, deemed the "Covert Redirect" flaw, has made users of many high volume tech sites vulnerable, including those who use Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, any many more.

Internet Users Failing to Protect Themselves from Heartbleed

New data from Pew indicates that while many have heard of Heartbleed, less than half of those Internet users have taken steps to protect themselves.

Mobile Dominance is Facebook's New Target

Facebook is stepping up their mobile game with plans to offer cross-platform tools and services to make it easier to build and monetize applications for multiple mobile platforms.

Pro 3D-Printing Pen Exceeds Kickstarter Target in Two Hours

Targeted toward designers and architects, the Lix 3D printing pen is a sleek and new stylish tool that promises to open up the design market to anyone interested in 3D printing.

Report: Google to Assert Control Over Android with Silver Program

The program will offer manufacturers incentives for using Google-approved apps and hardware on their devices.

Heroku PaaS Adds PHP Support

The cloud development platform says the release of Facebook's HHVM led them to add support for PHP.

Report Highlights Importance of Second App Usage

Users drop apps if they don't use them for a second time fairly soon after using them for the first time.

What Was It Like to Build the First iPhone Apps?

The developer behind the first mobile Safari browser tells his story.

The Best Programmer Libraries of 2014

Most of the winners were Windows tools.

Report: Mobile Addiction Up 123%

Many of those addicts are moms.

Report: Android Developers Need to Patch Heartbleed Flaws

FireEye says 150 million downloads are at risk.

Nearly 800 Million Accounts for iTunes

iOS developers have a huge potential audience for their apps.

GNU Compiler Collection 4.9.0 Debuts

GCC 4.9.0 has a number of new features and support for newer versions of programming languages.

Google Announces Summer of Code Participant Selection

1,307 college students will get paid to work on open source projects this summer.

GitHub Co-Founder Resigns Following Harassment Investigation

The report clears the executive of sexual discrimination but says he made errors in judgment.

App Stores Trade Promotions for Exclusivity

Apple and Google are competing for popular game titles.

Pew: Most Americans Fear Wearable Computing

They aren't that excited about driverless cars either.

Twitter Launches Mobile App Install Ads

The mobile development industry now has another way to help users find apps.

Google Development Conference Will Focus on Design

The company wants to help the mobile development industry create beautiful apps that meet user needs.

Hackers Compromise AWS Accounts to Mine Bitcoin

Developers need to be very careful about what they post on GitHub.

Report: Google Play Generates 45% More Downloads than App Store

But Apple's platform is still winning the revenue race.

Perl's Popularity Hits a New Low

C is still number one on the Tiobe Index.

Apple Formalizes Ad Identifier Rules

Mobile development firms that don't comply could have their apps rejected from the App Store.

Google Play, App Engine Get Heartbleed Patches

Some other Google cloud computing services are still vulnerable to the bug.

Android Gets Continual App Scanning

The new feature will find malicious apps that have been sideloaded onto devices.

Robin Seggelmann—The Developer Behind the Heartbleed Flaw

The German programmer says he did not introduce the vulnerability deliberately.

NASA Releases Catalog of Free Code for 1,000 Apps

The agency plans to set up an online repository sometime next year.

Number of Female Developers Hits All-Time High

Nearly one in five software developers are women.

Developers Rush to Handle Heartbleed

Most of the major Linux distributions have issued patches for the security vulnerability.

Google Delays I/O Conference Registration

You'll have to wait a week to sign up.

Finance App Revenue Climbs Sharply

Games remain the most lucrative app category overall.

Visual Studio Online Hits General Availability

The cloud-based IDE now promises 99.9 percent uptime.

Apple Announces Dates for WWDC: June 2-6

Like Google, the company will hold a lottery for tickets this year.

Microsoft Open Sources .NET

The former open source opponent has created a foundation to shepherd its development framework.

Microsoft Introduces Universal Windows Apps

The same code can run on Windows PCs, tablets and phones.

JavaFX—Analysts Express Doubts about Its Future

Is the open source RIA tool on its way out?

Flurry: Mobile App Usage Increases as Mobile Web Decreases

Games remain the most popular type of mobile app.

Study: Android Apps Crash Less Often than iOS Apps

Having the newest version of an OS can help prevent many crashes.

Google Play Revises Developer Policies

The new rules crack down on deceptive practices used by some in the mobile development industry.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn Collaborate on WebScaleSQL

The Web firms are working on getting MySQL to scale up and out.

Oracle Releases NetBeans 8.0

The IDE offers a host of new features, as well as support for Java 8.

Facebook Buys Oculus for $2 Billion

The social network is betting that virtual reality will be the next big platform.

Cisco's $1 Billion Cloud Plan

The networking giant wants to build a "global intercloud" that could power the Internet of Things.

Report: 79% of iOS App Revenue Comes from In-App Purchases

The percentage is even higher in China and Japan.

Facebook Releases Programming Language Called 'Hack'

Hack is a lot like PHP but adds better security and productivity enhancements.

Report: Female Developers Are Paid as Much as Men

While the development industry is still dominated by men, some say it has become more welcoming to women.

10 Quick and Easy Mobile Development Tools

You don't even need to know how to code to use many of these tools.

Feedback Wanted: Android Development Issues

We're looking for your feedback and insights on issues around Android development!

Google Adds Features to Cloud Development Platform

The company released an APIs Client Library for .NET, as well as tools for working with Puppet, Chef, Salt and Ansible.

Microsoft's Leslie Lamport Wins Turing Award

The technology he developed underlies cloud computing, online security systems, modern databases, and even World of Warcraft and BitTorrent.

Oracle Releases Java 8

The updated version of the popular programming language supports lambda expressions.

Prominent Female Developer Leaves GitHub Amid Harassment Allegations

GitHub appears to be taking the charges seriously.

Google Play In-App Purchases Now Have Password Protection

The latest version of the Android app store has several other improvements as well.

Portrait of First-Time Programmer

A college freshman teaches himself to code in three days.

Report: More Than 700 Million Smartphone Users in China

The largest market for the mobile development industry continues to grow.

Chrome Web Store Adds Paid Extensions, Free Trials for Packaged Apps

Google has also added a developer dashboard.

New Tools Speed Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile development firms can find out if their apps have vulnerabilities in just milliseconds.

Google Now Accepting Summer of Code Applications

Student developers can get paid to work on open source projects.

Facebook to Hold Developer Conference April 20

F8 is returning after a three-year hiatus.

Google to Release SDK for Wearables

The new tools could help mobile development firms create apps for Android smartwatches and other devices.

GitHub Launches Developer Program

The program provides tools for using the GitHub API.

Wolfram Claims New Language Completely Changes Programming

The Wolfram language is said to be the largest programming language ever.

The Best Mobile Development Tools of 2014

Dr. Dobb's is handing out its annual Jolt Awards.

Yahoo Tests Mobile App-Install Ads

Marissa Mayer wants to help mobile development firms make money.

iOS Coming to a Car Near You

Apple shows off CarPlay at the Geneva Auto Show.

Survey: Mobile Developers Say Distribution, Monetization Are Key Challenges

A majority of developers with 20 or fewer apps make less than $1000 per month.

GSS Aims to Improve CSS

Grid Style Sheets are an alternative to the Famo.us JavaScript framework.

Report: Half of In-App Purchase Revenue Comes from 0.15% of Users

Less than 2 percent of users spend any money on free apps.

Google Schedules Modular Smartphone Developer Conferences

Will your next smartphone arrive in pieces?

Europe Takes Aim at In-App Purchases

EU leaders are meeting with mobile development companies to discuss problems with the "freemium" model.

Samsung Updates SDKs to Support New Hardware

Mobile development firms can start making apps for the Galaxy S5, Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

Which Cloud Computing Service Is the Fastest?

Google Compute Engine does well on Java benchmarks.

Intel Announces Integrated Native Developer Experience

The toolset will support both Windows and Android.

Some Markets Better Than Others for the Mobile Development Industry

Japan, South Korea and Australia are the most lucrative.

Report: 95% of Top Free Mobile Apps Exhibit Risky Behaviors

More malicious apps are making their way onto Google Play.

15 Non-Certified IT Skills Employers Want

Mobile development and big data skills are on the list.

Java and Scala Becoming More Alike

Scala's creator says similarity between the languages is good for Scala.

Free Class Teaches Developers to Use Google Drive API

The class is available through Code School.

Google I/O Scheduled for June 25-26

The annual developer conference will feature a new registration process.

Are Programming 'Laws' Valid?

A software engineering expert examines whether data supports popular maxims.

Why Write Apps for the Pebble Smartwatch?

The company has an app store, but no way to monetize apps.

DDOS Attack Leads to Stack Overflow Outage

The popular programming question-and-answer website is back online.

Survey: 60% of Mobile Developers Plan to Offer 5 or More Apps

A growing number of developers create apps for both iOS and Android.

Windows 8 Milestone: 200 Million Licenses Sold

The new OS doesn't seem to be selling as fast as Windows 7.

Affectiva SDK Adds Emotion Detection to Mobile Apps

The new technology can tell how people are feeling by looking at them.

Xamarin Launches Mobile Development Training Program

Xamarin University uses a just-in-time training model.

Nielsen: 65% of Americans Own Smartphones

People are spending more time with their phones and less time with TV.

Which Programming Languages Can Help You Land a Job?

Java is first on the list.

Developer Shuts Down Popular Flappy Bird App

Why would a developer pull an app that was making him rich?

Report: HTML5 Popularity Increasing

iOS and Android still dominate the mobile development industry.

Gingerbread Still Accounts for 20% of Android Devices

Less than 2 percent of Android devices run KitKat.

How Microsoft's Foursquare Deal Could Benefit Developers

Mobile developers might be able to build apps with better contextual awareness.

California Regulators Target Coding Schools

The fledgling schools could face fines or closure if they fail to register with authorities.

Report: Asia Is the Mobile Development Industry's Biggest Market

Android and in-app purchases are big money-makers in Asia.

Google Releases Chromecast SDK

Now anyone can create apps for Chromecast.

2013 Mobile Development by the Numbers

A new App Annie report takes a look back at last year's mobile development trends.

Programming Predictions for the Next Five Years

These trends look likely to continue.

In-App Payments Generate Only One-Third as Much Revenue as Paid Apps, Says Yankee Group

A new report says it's too early to count paid apps out.

Report: Android Apps More Popular Than iOS Apps

Android users are more likely to write reviews, and they post better reviews.

New Google Tool Ports Chrome Apps for Android, iOS

The toolchain is based on Apache Cordova.

Industry Group Says NSA Spying Hurts Developers

The Application Developers Alliance is speaking out against the spy agency's practice of harvesting data from apps.

The Best Coding Tools of the Year

Dr. Dobb's has announced the winners of its annual Jolt Awards.

Windows Store Update Gives Developers More Flexibility

Microsoft has relaxed some requirements and given developers more control over app releases.

Developers Can 'Write Their Own Ticket,' Says Dice

Unemployment continues to fall for tech workers.

Kantar: Android Dominated Global Smartphone Sales in Q4

Seven out of ten smartphones sold during the quarter ran Android.

RedMonk: JavaScript Is the Most Popular Programming Language

Java is number two.

Report: App Improvements Coming to Windows 8.1 Update

Users will soon be able to pin Metro apps to the desktop taskbar.

Eclipse Makes Its Bid for the Internet of Things

The Eclipse Foundation says the IoT should be based on open standards.

Windows 8 Developers Aren't Using WinJS

Support for JavaScript doesn't seem to be a big advantage for Windows.

Google Program Aims to Interest Kids in Coding

An after-school program is making headway on interesting girls and minorities in programming.

Google Updates Dart Programming Language

Dart 1.1 is said to be 25 percent faster than the original.

NPD: Apple Is Most Popular Smartphone Maker in the US

More than 40 percent of the smartphones in this country are iPhones.

Build Developer Conference Sells Out in One Day

The Microsoft event will take place in April.

Google Cloud Platform's GitHub Community Gets a Facelift

The company is making it easier for developers to find information related to its cloud computing services.

Katana Analytics Engine Determines the 'Social Value' of App Users

The tool could help mobile development firms keep the customers that are the most valuable.

Only 0.01% of Mobile Apps Are a Financial Success, Says Gartner

Ninety percent of paid mobile apps make less than $1,250 per day.

Google Rolls Out Google Play Services 4.1

The update adds support for turn-based multi-player games and improves battery life.

Ford to Hold Its First-Ever Developer Conference

The event will take place in June in Dearborn, Michigan.

Amazon Launches Developer Portal

The company is making it easier for mobile development firms to submit apps for the Amazon Appstore.

10 iPad Development Tools

These apps give "mobile development" a whole new meaning.

GitHub Adds Traffic Analytics Service

Developers will get more insight into where visitors are coming from.

CES 2014 Trends That Matter to Developers

Cars, smartwatches, toy robots and more.

App Store 2013 Sales Top $10 Billion

Mobile development firms have earned $15 billion from Apple's store.

Developers Embrace Bitcoin

Will developer adoption make the digital currency a hit?

Android--Coming to a Car Near You

The Open Auto Alliance will bring Google's mobile operating system to General Motors, Audi, Honda and Hyundai vehicles.

Google Releases Collection of 'Beautiful' Apps

The company points to Timely, Circa, Etsy and others as makers of outstanding Android apps.

Transact-SQL Named Programming Language of the Year

C remains the most popular language on the Tiobe Index.

Why Startups Need DevOps

DevOps isn't just for enterprises any more.

Christmas 2014 Sets New Records for App Downloads

Downloads rose 91 percent on December 25.

CTIA Website to Reveal App Data Usage

KnowMyApp.org will offer valuable information for consumers and the mobile development industry.

Report: Google Play Revenue Increases 51%

The Android app store is gaining market share at Apple's expense.

The Top Mobile Development Stories from 2013

Android and iOS both made headlines, as did BlackBerry, but for very different reasons.

IBM's 5 in 5 for 2014

Schools, stores, hospitals and cities could all be getting smarter.

Asm.js Offers Near Native Performance, Says Mozilla

The organization says recent technology improvements have made JavaScript a lot faster.

Mobile Development Firms Less Interested in HTML5, Survey Finds

The new Web technology doesn't seem to be living up to the initial hype.

Development Expertise Dominates List of Most In-Demand Job Skills

Mobile development, cloud computing and Web coding skills were all in the top five.

Google Joins Open Invention Network

The industry group helps protect open source software development.

2013—The Year Coding Went Mainstream

The past year has seen a surge in people signing up for learn-to-code initiatives.

Pebble to Launch Appstore Early Next Year

Developers won't be able to sell paid apps for the smartwatch though.

Japan Becomes the Top Country for App Store Revenue

The U.S. is now the mobile development industry's number two market.

The Top iOS Apps of 2013

Candy Crush and Minecraft were the big winners.

Report: iOS Dominates SMB Mobile Market

Windows device activations are rising sharply but are still a small group.

Android Adds Game Development Tools

The mobile development platform has a new open source physics library and a Unity plug-in.

Report: Microsoft Build Conference Scheduled for April

The developer event seems likely to return to San Francisco.

Google+ Sign-In Gets New Dev-Friendly Features

Users no longer need to have a Google+ account.

1 Million Apps for the App Store

Just under half of those apps are optimized for the iPad.

Little Change in Programming Language Popularity Charts

C remains number one on the Tiobe Index.

It's Computer Science Education Week

Tech companies are promoting the Hour of Code.

Is Node.js Replacing Rails?

The Rails founder doesn't appear to be worried about the trend.

Google Honors Grace Hopper, Inventor of COBOL

The computer scientist would have been 107 today.

Bloc Uses Mentors to Train Web Developers

The code training school recently raised $2 million in venture capital.

Microsoft Gives Away Windows Store Gift Cards

Buy a tablet or PC, get $25 to spend on apps.

Google Debuts 'Smartphone Errors' Tool

The tool will help web developers meet the needs of mobile site visitors.

Famo.us JavaScript Framework Goes Open Source

The tool helps mobile development teams create HTML 5 apps that perform like native apps.

Mobile Apps Offer Real-World Rewards

A growing number of mobile development firms are increasing engagement with prizes like hotel stays and gift cards.

Intel Buys Hacker League Hackathon Platform

The tool will be incorporated into Mashery.

The Next Version of Windows: Threshold

Microsoft's operating systems will soon share even more in common.

App Store Improves Search Capabilities

It's now easier to find apps with long or difficult to spell names.

$10,000 Bounty Available for Fixing Bitcoin Bug

Bitcoin and Litecoin need help figuring out why data is disappearing for some Mac users.

Report: Strong Growth in Active Users for Mobile Apps

More than twice as many mobile development firms have apps with more than 1 million users.

Microsoft Ships Updated Kinect Hardware to Developers

The final version of the gesture and voice recognition system will ship next summer.

Teaching a Homeless Person to Code

An effort to teach JavaScript to a man living on the street is generating interest and controversy.

Study Predicts Sharp Rise in Developers Targeting Windows Phone, Firefox OS

However, the majority of mobile development firms primarily write apps for Android and iOS.

Google Play Adds Tablet Apps Section

The move may inspire more mobile development firms to build Android tablet apps.

3 Billion Downloads for Windows Phone

The mobile development platform is adding 500 new apps every day.

GitHub Attacks Prompt Password Reset

If your GitHub password was weak, you'll need to pick a new one.

Google Releases New Glass GDK

The company also showed off several new Glass apps.

Report: 1% of Android Apps Are 'Aggressive Copycats'

A sizable number of apps in Google Play are designed to snoop on users.

Report Says Apple's App Store Is the Best

Amazon's Appstore received the lowest score.

Dart SDK 1.0 Now Available

The new programming language has been deemed "production-ready."

Microsoft Demonstrates New Compiler Technology

"Project N" compiles .NET code directly to native code.

Amazon Debuts AppStream Service for Mobile Developers

The cloud computing service will allow low-powered mobile devices to run intensive applications.

Three Developers Build a Better Healthcare Site in Three Days

The young programmers avoided many of the problems that plague HealthCare.gov.

Tizen OS Gains Momentum

More tech firms are signing up to support the alternative to Android.

Google Launches App Translation Service

The service makes it easier for mobile development firms to market their apps internationally.

Survey: Consumers Aren't Sure About Wearable Tech

The jury is still out on Google Glass, smartwatches and other wearable devices.

Organization Recruits Developers to Assist with Typhoon Relief

The Geeklist Corps of Developers is looking for IT workers to help in the Philippines.

Top Developer Features in Android 4.4 KitKat

The update means mobile development firms have some new tools to learn and new features to exploit.

Nvidia CEO Sings the Praises of Android

The executive called the mobile platform the "most disruptive operating system that we've seen in a few decades."

Microsoft Combines Desktop and Phone Developer Programs

The company also lowered registration costs.

API Commons to Provide Reusable Code

The site will aggregate APIs released with a Creative Commons license.

Google Cloud Platform Targets Mobile Development Firms

The company says its cloud computing services can help mobile games scale to meet demand.

The Rockstar Consortium Starts a Patent War with Google

Apple and Microsoft have teamed up to take on their rival.

Half of Android Users Now Run Jelly Bean

However, Android 2.3 Gingerbread still has a large number of users.

Google Provides Details About Android KitKat

The Nexus 5 will be the first smartphone to feature the updated operating system.

Samsung Doesn't Want Your Galaxy Gear Apps

For now the smartwatch platform has an invitation-only policy.

10 Reasons Why Developers Should Offer Mobile Apps for Free

The free app model makes good financial sense for developers.

Samsung Releases 5 New SDKs

The smartphone maker announced the tools at its first ever developers conference.

Vicarious AI Beats the Captcha Turing Test

The new machine gets Captcha tests right 90 percent of the time.

Salesforce.com to Hold $1 Million Hackathon

The big prize will go to the mobile development team that builds the best app using Salesforce technology.

Hackers Compromise PHP.net

The official website for the programming language has been serving up malicious code.

Court Seized Developer's Hard Drive Because He Called Himself a Hacker

A controversial decision may prompt some coders to reconsider the wording on their websites.

Distimo App Helps Mobile Development Firms Track Rankings, Competition

The app monitors downloads, purchases, revenue and more.

pCloudy Testing Platform Addresses Android Fragmentation Issues

Startup will allow mobile development firms to test their apps on a wide range of physical hardware via the Web.

A Developer's Take on Healthcare.gov

The problems with the government health insurance marketplace seem to be caused in part by coding mistakes and a lack of testing.

Why Is Java Still so Popular?

Industry observers love to predict Java's demise, but the 19-year-old language isn't dead yet.

Which Companies Pay Software Engineers the Highest Salaries?

The number one on the list will surprise you.

Facebook Using D Language in Production

The young programming language has scored a major win.

Microsoft Releases Windows 8.1

What does the update mean for developers?

Apple Asks for OS X Mavericks Apps

The updated operating system will likely become available in the next week or two.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg to Offer Coding Lessons

The two will appear in free lessons available through Code.org.

Famo.us Startup Pushes JavaScript to New Heights

The company is building a front-end framework to solve the performance problems with HTML 5.

C Extends Lead at Top of Programming Language Index

Groovy breaks into the top 20 for the first time.

Students Invited to Apply for Google Code-In, Summer of Code

The programs link high school and college students with open source projects.

Google to Pay Developers for Securing Open Source Apps

The company is extending its bug bounty program to applications it doesn't own.

Mruby to Bring Ruby to Embedded Applications

The founder of Ruby says the main version of the language doesn't need much improvement.

Nokia Gamifies Its Developer Program

If you want support, you can earn it by taking quizzes and taking part in contests.

Google App Engine Adds PHP Support

The cloud development platform also has a new Mobile Backend Starter for iOS.

10 Tips for Better Mobile Design

Mobile development firms could avoid some costly mistakes by following this advice.

Analytics Now Part of Google Play Developer Console

Mobile development firms can more easily track Google Play traffic.

Report: Microsoft Pushing HTC to Put Windows Phone on Android Handsets

Microsoft may be willing to waive its licensing fees.

Runnable Aims to be the "YouTube of Code"

The startup currently houses about 1,000 pieces of code.

Nearly Half of Android Devices on Jelly Bean

Is Android's fragmentation problem improving?

Reactive Programming Becoming More Popular

The programming technique offers benefits for multicore systems and Web development.

Profile of an Average Software Developer

He's married, 36, and has a couple of kids.

How Much Would It Cost to Buy Every App in the App Store?

$1.13 million.

Revenue Remains Elusive for Mobile App Developers

Forty percent of developers surveyed made nothing from their last app.

Facebook Ads Could Soon Appear in Mobile Apps and Sites

The company is testing a program that puts its ads on third-party apps and websites.

Microsoft Debuts JavaScript Testing Tool

BrowserSwarm is available under an open source license.

PyCharm Now Available in Free Version

The Python IDE from JetBrains now comes in professional and community editions.

Red Hat Debuts xPaaS Cloud Portfolio

The open source vendor is pre-configuring the OpenShift platform for various purposes.

Survey: Top App Categories Are Weather, Social Networking, Games

Smartphone owners use their devices to access data much more often than for talking.

Report: Unusual Behavior in App Store Rankings

Apple apparently froze its App Store Rankings for eight hours on Friday.

Google Challenges Developers to Make Apps for Gigabit Internet

The company will hold a hackathon and conference November 1–3.

Apple Opens Kids App Store

Some mobile development firms that make apps for children say they are seeing increased downloads.

Users Rush to Download iOS 7

Mobile development firms with apps built for iOS 7 are getting lots of business.

Apple Increases App Size Limits for Cellular Downloads

Many developers will be beefing up their aps to take advantage of the new rules.

LinuxCon Shines Light on Developer Diversity Issues

For the first time ever, you can buy a LinuxCon T-shirt in women's sizes.

Developers React to iOS 'App Resurrection'

The unannounced new feature could be good for consumers but bad for developers.

Visualizing Two Decades of Open Source Code

See how programming languages have risen and fallen in popularity.

The Top Open Source Application Development Tools of 2013

This year's winners include a lot of JavaScript tools.

Four Reasons to Update Apps for iOS 7

Many mobile development firms have updated their apps ahead of this week's release of iOS 7.

Google Coder Turns Raspberry Pi into a Web Platform

The open source project is aimed at teaching kids to create their own websites.

C Climbs Back to Top of Tiobe Index

Transact-SQL, Cobol and R made big gains in this month's popularity ratings.

Survey: Windows Developers Get Requests for Mobile Development

Transitioning from the desktop to mobile platforms poses challenges for programmers.

Developers Respond to iOS 7

The mobile operating system update is coming September 18.

Oracle Releases Java 8 Developer Preview

The biggest new feature is improved support for multiple processors.

Google to Sponsor Development Events, Cloud Development Contest

The company is organizing DevFests and the Google Cloud Platform Developer Challenge.

Sexism on Stage at Hackathon

TechCrunch apologized for allowing two inappropriate presentations at their development event.

Mark Zuckerberg Makes Surprise Appearance at Development Conference

His message: Facebook loves third-party developers.

Cook Systems Launches Java Training Effort

There just aren't enough Java developers to fill all the available jobs.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Turbo Pascal!

The Borland tool was one of the first true IDEs.

Android Tops 1 Billion Activations

A new version of Google's operating system is on the way.

Report: iOS Increases U.S. Market Share by 7.8%

Android still has the majority of the American mobile operating system market.

Google to Hold Chrome Development Summit

The event will take place November 20-21 in California.

Android App Revenue Expected to Double This Year

Google's mobile OS will also increase its market share.

Fewer Mobile Apps Are 'Made in the USA'

Users are spending more time than they used to with non-U.S. apps.

Gartner Adds Reactive Programming to Hype Cycle

RP is one of the most important new trends in Web development.

Google Play Updates Developer Policies

The company wants to hold the mobile development industry to a "high standard of app behavior."

Mobile Developers Can Now Join Amazon's Affiliate Program

End users could soon be buying physical goods through mobile apps.

HSA Plans Native Parallel Execution for JVM by 2015

Java developers could soon find it easier to tap into the parallel processing power of GPUs.

Samsung's Galaxy Gear Watch Arriving Next Week

The coming crop of swartwatches will give the mobile development industry a new venue for apps.

Registration Opens for Samsung Development Conference

The company's first-ever U.S. developer's conference will cost just $299.

Facebook Updates Third-Party App Login Features

End users will have more control over what shows up in their newsfeeds.

Jimdo Launches Mobile Website Editor

Now Web developers can easily work from their iPhones and iPads.

Report: Many Mobile Apps Still Don't Have Privacy Policies

If apps do have privacy policies, the policies are long and hard to read.

Consumers Will Spend $75 Billion on Apps by 2017, Says Juniper

Most of that $75 billion will come from in-app purchases.

Report: Top iOS Apps Aren't Optimized for Android Tablets

Nearly a third of top iPad apps aren't available in Google Play.

The Top GitHub Projects for Developers

Google's new Gumbo tops the list.

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