November 1, 2014
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Easy Concurrency with Stackless Python

Learn to write easy to understand concurrent programs with Stackless Python, an alternative version of Python that avoids the C call stack and simplifies writing concurrent code.

Jython Reborn

Jython is back! With recent investment from Sun Microsystems, Jython is poised to take the JVM by storm. Create apps with the agility of Python and the speed of Java with Jython.

Building a Photo Gallery with Python and WSGI

Python's Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) provides a standard interface for Python web applications to communicate with web servers. Find out how WSGI works by building a photo gallery application that can run in any WSGI enabled web server, including FastCGI, scgi, AJP, and Apache.

Creating Excel Files with Python and Django

Dumping data to Excel through a web interface saves everyone a lot of time. Find out how to do this quickly with Python and the Django web framework.

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