April 23, 2014
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Overview of Design Patterns for Beginners

Bipin Joshi explores design patterns, what they are, their benefits and classification.

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Creating Data Centric Applications with JSP Servlet

JSP, Servlet and JDBC are a popular combination for creating dynamic web pages and applications with extensive data processing. Read on to learn more.

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M2M: “We Cannot Stop the Rise of Machines”

We are soon going to have a social networking of devices with M2M communication protocols and the Cloud is going to enable this huge setup. Read on to learn more.

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Start Using Java Lambda Expressions

Constantin Marian Alin explores the power of Lambda expressions and streams, from simple to complex examples.

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Ten New Things to Consider When Building Apps Today

It used to be that the big decisions centered on whether to do a web application or a desktop application. Today the decisions have gotten crazy. Not only do you have to consider web, desktop, or mobile, you are still left with a variety of devices and form factors your application should support. Here are ten different things that you should consider when building modern applications today. How many of these do you take into consideration?

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