August 28, 2015
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Quality Assurance Failures and Solutions

Buggy software and other oversights can cause major problems, such as a significant and unexpected company expense. Here is a collection of high profile quality assurance issues that happened in the past 25 years along with information on some of the solutions that resolved them. Despite the severity of these errors, most of the companies and organizations were able to survive the issues and learn from the mistakes. It is likely that you heard about several of these. Learning from their issues might just be the thing that prevents your company from making the same mistake!

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Six Things Every Developer Should Know to Stay Current

Sometimes, trying to figure out what you need to do to stay relevant is difficult. This article will help you stay current.

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Go Web Programming: Defending against XSS attacks

Learn how to create an HTML form that allows you to submit data to your Web application and place it in a form.html file.

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RAD Application Development with Grails

Explore some of the features that make the Grails platform suitable for a rapid Web application development.

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Five Exciting Devices Where IoT Is Being Applied

The Internet of Things (sometimes known as the Internet of Everything) is a network of physical objects that have been embedded with electronics, software, and sensors allowing us the possibility of producing some stellar future devices. Some products on this list already exist, but that doesn't mean they can't be better.

By Hobbs Karg and Ilan Nass of Fueled

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